10 Boats Every Boater Wants to Own

There are various boat types manufactured by top-notch companies available for the boaters. From the fishing boats to Runabouts, Bowriders, and Pontoons, the big question is which one suits your desire and fulfills all the needs? Here’s the answer though…

10 Boats Every Boater Would Fall in Love With

10 Boats Every Boater Would Fall in Love With

In this article, Sailingyes is going to introduce the top 10 choices for boaters who are seeking the best! Read on to find out what type of boat suits your needs and vice versa.

Buying a boat is a huge step towards changing the lifestyle—especially if it’s your first time. There are three types of people when it comes to buying a boat: the first group is those who have always (or just recently) dreamed about having a boat and heading to the blueness. The second group is those who have a boat but want to renew their arsenal or add another piece to their collection. And the third group is those who have had a boat but feel like it’s time to change it—due to decay or change in needs.

Since buying a boat, like all other major purchases need to be done carefully and based on verifiable info, the following article is designed to be a guideline for any potential buyer.

Remember that all the information provided here is an attempt to describe different types of boats that might suit boaters’ desires. You will find dozens of vessels, built by various companies, that fall under each category. Thus, it’s just the first step to buy a boat.

Choosing the Right Watercraft

It's Not Easy to Choose the Right One!
Well, the good news is that there are dozens of different choices on each category of boats. And the bad news is, again, there are dozens of different choices on each category! The controversy pops up because seeing a vast array of choices is great (and ensures there will be enough options to choose among), but it’s also a bit confusing. Probably, you will not have enough time to examine each of these boats individually and that means you must have a B plan — right from the beginning.

Creating a B Plan Before Buying a Boat

What we suggest as a B plan is to create a list of needs and desires, which is a guideline to delete some of the options prior to detailed research. A checklist that reminds you of budget, size, maintenance prices, etc. is the best B plan when you are not able to survey every single watercraft in your wish list.

Write down all the expectations, desires, and needs. However, try to consider the most general stuff (i.e. size, price, capability, type, etc.). This would help you to omit some potential options rapidly. If a boat is bigger than what you are dreaming about or is enormously expensive, there’s no need to make a research about it, right?

Talk to a Broker

When you have a list of looked-for boats, it’s time to consult a professional boat seller. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to buy anything at this point — and it’s just another attempt to gather information. There are many brokers who are willing to give you some detailed info on the status of the market. You can discuss your needs with them, asking for some suggestions to add to your list.

But bear in mind that not all brokers are trustworthy. There might be some who’ll try to deceive you and give false data. Therefore, keep your eyes open and don’t fall for any words coming out from their mouth.

During the consultation, jot down Important parts to have a look at later. Be precise and ask direct questions. If the facts are not satisfying, ask them to expand on it. Remember the goal here is not buying a boat (at least for now). You must gather enough data to enrich your list and get closer to the best option possible. Thus, be ready to say “No” when the broker or consulter suggests you buy a boat right away.

Now; Here’s Our Top 10 Boat List

Now; Here's Our Top 10 Boat List

When creating a list that contains the best vessels for you, there’s one important factor to consider: what type of boat you want to have?

Having a list that contains different kinds of boats all together is not a good idea. It’s suggested to cut it short and make it a list that contains boats of a certain type. That said, you shouldn’t make a list that has two fishing boats and three bowriders! It wouldn’t make any sense, would it?

Below, however, is a list of 10 boats every boater wants to own.


Top 10 Boats for Boaters: Bowriders

They are a common type a boat that most boaters and waterborne activity lovers have experienced cruising with. So, it’s possible to say that bowriders are not such a big mystery! Almost everyone has some basic information about them—which is good in this case. However, since there are some advantages and disadvantages to this type of watercraft, you should be able to determine whether it’s a beneficial choice or not.

If you have a small family and looking for an affordable type of boat to spend some time on the water on a sunny day, bowriders are the best bet. They are cheap, easy-to-maintain and full of amenities.

The only negative side of having a bowrider would be the fact that it’s not reliable in unstable weather conditions.


Top 10 Boats for Boaters: Cruisers

As the name simply reveals, cruisers are a great pick for cruising enthusiasts. Simply said, a cruiser is designed to enable seadogs to plan for long distance routes, giving them a chance to experience high (or semi-high) speeds. The most iconic feature of the cruisers is their indoor power engine and the capacity to let some guests in!

If you’re planning a long vacation on the water and want to spend the next several days traveling on a boat, buying a cruiser would be pretty much a rational move. The downside to this kind of boat, however, is that they may require time- and money-consuming maintenance processes.

3.Freshwater Fishing Boats

Freshwater Fishing Boats

Well, you all know what a fishing boat is, right? Sure, you do. But for any who may be unfamiliar, a freshwater fishing boat is used for fishing on the freshwaters. Its hull is not capable of holding out in saltwater and that’s why you must know the geographic details of the area prior to sailing.

If you’re not certain about the water type, it’s better to don’t head out on it. However, if you know that it’s going to be freshwater where you fish, then nothing is a better choice than a freshwater fishing boat.


Top 10 Boats for Boaters- Runabouts

Boaters divide into two groups when it comes to runabouts. One group would insist that having an open boat capable of being a fishing boat, bowrider and cruiser at the same time is great. But others would see the whole idea as an unreliable idea. The first group (i.e. runabouts’ lovers) claims that it’s a good pick when you don’t have a specific task on the water and are looking to have some fun on the day time. But the second group believes that being open and having no night-time efficiency, makes it an inappropriate choice.

But at the end of the day, it’s you who would determine whether it’s a beneficial idea to buy a runabout or not.


Top 10 Boats for Boaters-Sailboats

The most important feature of these vessels is their sail. There are various options such as Blue Water and production sailboats. The distance you’ll travel and the time you spend on the water can determine the right type of sailboat. For instance, if you’ll span the oceans and travel for several months, a blue-water sailboat is a must-have. However, if you’re more of a recreational boater using the vessel for Inland performances, buying a production sailboat would be the most rational move.


Plus, bear in mind that it’s not easy to sail with such boats and they are also hard-to-maintain.

6.Saltwater Fishing Boats

Top 10 Boats for Boaters- Saltwater Fishing Boats

These have a lot in common with the freshwater fishing boats. However, let us add that the only main difference here is that these boats are saltwater performers—as a surprise to no one.

7.Speed Boats

Top 10 Boats for Boaters: Speed Boats

Speed lovers and those who see a need to go faster while cruising on the water would only be satisfied if there’s a speed boat involved. As the name simply implies, a speed boat can give you more power and enable you to enjoy high speeds while on the water. That’s why most of the watersports’ enthusiasts opt to buy these vessels. They provide the appropriate current for surfing, etc.

The only disadvantage to this type of boat is that they may require expensive engine maintaining processes.

8.Pontoon Boats

Top 10 Boats for Boaters: Pontoon Boats

You can determine a pontoon boat by its tubes. There are two large tubes attached to its underside, acting as its hull. Due to the thermodynamics of this hull, the ride is so smooth and you face no unbearable movements on the board. That’s why many recreational boaters offer customized luxury pontoons to spend their weekends on the water. Thanks to the extra stability you get on the board, there are more amenities and additional options available for these vessels.


Top 10 Boats for Boaters: Trawlers

The trawler is a great choice for boaters who are planning to have a long-distance journey. They are cheap, easy-to-maintain and stable for unpredictable weather conditions. You can have your next long-distance family-fun trip on a Trawler without being worried about possible risks — because it’s a trustworthy boat! It’s a great performer when it comes down to staying on the water with the least motion and the highest functionality.


The main customers of this watercraft are boaters who want to sail for several months, spanning various ports, and probably reach other coastal regions with the least budget.

10.Watersports Boats

Top 10 Boats for Boaters-Watersports Boats

As a surprise to absolutely no one, this boat is designed to be used as the main vessel in watersports. So… Obviously, if your main draw to buy a boat is enjoying watersports, it’s the best bet. These vessels are fast, efficient, and easy-to-control.

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