7 tips for Universal Orlando first timer family visitors

7 tips for Universal Orlando first timer
family visitors

Visiting Universal Orlando for the first time is one of
those journeys which will mean that the entire family has a truly enjoyable
experience. There is plenty around every corner for us to learn and experience.

Families from around the world plan vacations every year to
visit Universal
for days of traveling, biking and enjoying wonderful family

What is the secret for having a fantastic time and for
ensuring you enjoy what Universal Orlando has to deliver the rest of your time?
Be prepared for your visit normally before time.

All would be amazing on your visit to Universal Orlando, but
here’s just some fantastic tips to take your ride from nice to fantastic! Here
are our 7 best tips when you visit Universal Orlando.

1.   Take a visit from the off-season time of the year

When you’re looking to escape traffic, preferring off-season
time is a smart way to do so. Typically, the crowds are less crowded during the
months of September, as many people just get back into school swings and don’t
travel as much.

The next two months to remember that the crowds can be fewer
are January and October. Weekdays are much quieter, but if you can go for a
ride during the week, you’ll be able to stroll around the park very easily!


2.   Stay in at one of Orlando ‘s Universal Resorts

Universal Orlando has several hotels, both theme parks and
Universal CityWalk
are within walking distance. It is recommended that pack your things, grab your
suitcase and stay for a few days in one of the on-site hotel resorts in
Universal Orlando. The facilities you can use is much more than the other
hotels near universal Orlando.

You can get unique perks, such as early park access to Harry
Potter’s The Wizarding World, while you live in one of its resorts. Be sure to
add one of these resorts to your reservation so you can save ever more on your
Universal Orlando vacations!


3.   Map out the major sights and rides you want to see
in advance

It might seem a little stupid to be prepared to plan the
attractions and rides, but once you enter the theme parks of Universal
Hollywood Studios, Universal ‘s Adventure Islands, or Volcano Bay, you’ll want
to have a plan.

There’s so much to do and do and if you don’t keep on track,
you may not have enough time to do or do it all.

Universal Studios Florida

Orlando has a wide variety of interactive content, from
relaxing sports to the most entertaining games in the world. Family-oriented
attractions and special amusement parks are only a small aspect of Orlando’s
entertainment. It is highly recommended that short-term visitors tour Universal
Studio Orlando.

After you’ve spent some time in Harry Potter’s The Wizard
World, you’ll want to take the Hogwarts Express to Hollywood’s Universal

You will spend a whole day walking around, enjoying and
riding all the rides available at Universal Studios Hollywood. This section of
the theme park is perhaps one of the most exclusive and enjoyable and enjoyable
for all ages of the family.

From the moment you arrive at Universal Studios Hollywood,
you ‘re practically transported and feel like you’re really “inside”
the movie … it’s an experience you can’t afford to skip!

One thing that’s particularly cool about the Universal
Studios Hollywood attractions is that there’s a lot of 3D and motion
attractions instead of roller coasters.

It’s very fun and special to be able to walk into another
“country” and experience the rides that way! (Bear in mind that if
you get motion sickness quickly, 3D and motion enhancement rides won’t be the
ones you want to ride.)   Universal Studios Florida Attractions, Universal
Studios Ride

Transformers: The Ride 3-D

Jurassic Park: The Ride

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem

The Simpsons Ride

Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride


Universal’s Islands of Adventure

 islands of adventure are displayed for the visitors by the
tour of discovery. This means that attendances go on a tour in which they can visit
different islands of this park. At first, this park just has 6 islands but
after some time in the year 2010, they added The Wizarding World of Harry
Potter as a seventh island in the park but of course, this themed island added
as a franchise. 

As most of you know, Universal Orlando was found in the year
1990, and since then this project was the biggest investment of Universal
authorities. As a result of this expansion, the number of attendance was
increased considerably. So finally in the year 2013, this park (islands of
adventure) hosted almost 8.1 million visitors and as a result, it ranked 7th
domestically and 11th internationally. 

Adventures are just waiting for you and your family Here. Universal
Islands Of Adventure rides are fantastic and the attractions and sound are
electrifying. There’s so much anticipation and enthusiasm flowing through this
park area that you’re going to be surprised by how time just goes.

From superheroes to supernatural beasts, there’s always a
surprise dimension, or a fun ride waiting for you to explore! The Universal
Adventure Islands have been the number one theme park in the world for the past
four years, according to the vote of the visitors!

Make sure you don’t take a run on the:

The Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster

The Incredible Hulk Coaster in Universal Orlando Resort Florida

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

There are some rides that you will surely have on your plan!
Harry Potter’s Wizarding World is one of the newest parks in Universal Studios,
so it’s got some pretty impressive rides.

Join the Gringotts bank where you’ll see a fire-breaking
dragon at the other end of Diagon Alley.

You ‘re not going to miss Harry Potter and Escape from
Gringotts. This one has to be a must on your list! Even if you’re not a Harry
Potter fan, this trip is going to be one of your favourites!


4.   Having water with you is vital

You and your friends at Universal Orlando walk a lot, and
these taste buds have been easy to thirst.

Let everybody in the family carry their own water bottle and
during your stay in the park you can refill them for free.

It’s an incredible saver of energy and a perfect way to get
everybody in the family hydrated.

5.   The purchase of a Universal Express Pass is a must!

Universal Orlando Resort is made up of two theme parks and a
nighttime entertainment complex – Citywalk. The complex located between theme
parks. Universal Resort has created a service called Universal Express system
to help guests manage their time. The system has some similarities and
differences to Walt
Disney World
’s Fast Pass program. It is very important to get enough
information about Express and decide whether it is cost-effective for you or

No one likes to wait in line for a ride, and with the
Universal Express Pass, no one’s going to have to. It’s a great add-on to
purchase because it allows you, and anyone in your family who has one, to skip
the regular lines for most of the rides indefinitely, for the whole time you
‘re in the park.

If you and your family have a beloved ride and you have the
Universal Express Ticket, you will practically ride it again and again, never
having to get up and spend your time in queue!


6.   Do not miss Butterbeer

Butterbeer is a famous beverage in the wizarding world. J.K. Rowling, the
author of the 7 Harry Potter books, has a special emphasis on this drink in her
writings. Some believe this is not a fictitious drink and it is based on a
Butterbeer that was popular in the 16th century. Rowling describes the magical
drink with these words: less-sickly butterscotch.

This drink has an interesting flavor between cream soda and
butterscotch with a sweet, frothy topping usually firmly in place.
Despite its name, this drink is completely alcohol-free. The sweet taste
is the mold taste in Butterbeer. For some visitors, this beverage is too sweet
but fortunately for most people it is not.,” Chef Steven Jayson said, “We soon
found out that Butterbeer is an overnight home run and we create it in
Universal Orlando Resort”.

Just buy one or two and sitting down with your family to
give your feet a rest!


7.      On your way to Universal Orlando, enjoy
great dining options

Feel assured realizing that if you and your family are
hungry at Universal Orlando, there are plenty of food choices to fill your
bellies. Many of the best locations to find dining will be:

Bubba Gump – Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. provides tasty
seafood choices and a fantastic lunch or dinner menu.

Toothsome Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen – Brunch
all day, anybody? Plus great steaks and, of course, all the candy you might

NBC Sports Grill and Brew– A healthy family experience,
a friendly environment and an vast menu that’s guaranteed to meet everyone’s
food needs.

Voodoo Donuts – Everybody likes donuts, doesn’t they?
At Universal, they do so the queue appears to still be out of the gates. For
over 50 different kinds of donuts, you know the flavor and choices are going to
be fantastic.

These 7 tips will help guarantee a great experience for you
and your guests at Universal Orlando!!




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