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Affordable Trawlers, Are You Seeking for an Affordable Trawler Under 40 Feets? We Have a Great Article for You

Seeking for an Affordable Trawler

Trawler has been a favorite since the first day, right? There are thousands, not to say millions, of sailors who are dreaming about having a Trawler and heading to the blueness of the seas. They are comfortable, powerful and affordable to some extent. That makes them a proper choice for almost all of us — the Trawler and long distance travel lovers.

Unfortunately, some believe that you must have a large, luxurious Trawler to be able to make your own journey. However, that’s not true at all! You can spend couple of thousands of dollars and get a pretty much reliable vessel to cruise long distances with no problems.

This wrong believe — that you must be a rich person to buy a good Trawler — has made us to write about 5 affordable options you may easily find in the industry. Following is a list that contains 5 separate Trawler models, all of which being affordable for a normal/average person.

But before starting the actual article, let’s have a look on the general idea of what a Trawler is and get some practical information about it. Stay tuned!

What Is a Trawler?

What Is a Trawler?

There are some arguments that are still discussing the differences between a Trawler and other boats. However, the best definition is that Trawler is a boat designed to contain several amenities and options to help the sea dogs cruise long distances and head to different ports without being worried about the negative possibilities.

Although there are several definitions that separate Trawlers from other boats based on the distance traveled and the speed and/or power, we can’t say that a Trawler is a boat to cruise long distances with medium/low speed.

That’s because there are great many number of Trawlers in the industry that have lots of power and can give the pilot a fairly high speed range.

Thus, the best way to distinguish between a Trawler and other boats is thinking of it as a long distance boat that is capable of creating proper situation to cruise to distant ports and plan for long distance routes.

Why Some People Argue Its Definition?

As mentioned above, some like to add the speed to the formula as a distinguishing element. But that would only create a false information about Trawlers.  The best definition is the one that focuses on the capabilities of the boat — especially when it comes to long distance travels.

We have made a short but pretty much practical research about the different types of Trawler definitions. It’s possible to say that almost all them are true to some extent. However, the main problem is that most of them offer some debatable features as the distinguishing element of these boats.

As the example of “speed”, many attempts to explain what a Trawler is are giving wrong/incomplete information to readers. It’s not rational to suggest an element that you can easily find in all other boats as the main variation cause.

The Dream of Every Sailor

The Dream of Every Sailor

Having a Trawler and being able to cruise for distant ports is a dream of every sailor. Blue lovers have always imagined a journey that lasts for a long time and brings them everything they love about the sea at once. A Trawler gives you the chance to make this come true — and it’s possibly the main reason behind its increasing popularity.

Now that the city life is full of noises and stresses, the demand for buying a Trawler has increased enormously. Those who want to get rid of all these unwanted business opt to buy a Trawler and head to the quietness of the blue.

This has led to a new lifestyle that some refer to as the Trawler lifestyle. It’s an attempt to explain some people’s lifestyle that contains a hard working season ending up with a travel season — each year!

That said, there’s a whole brand new trend that encourages middle-class people to buy a Trawler, spend some time with learning how to cruise it, and then wait for a proper time to start a cruising journey of their own.

Why Would I Opt to Buy a Small Trawler?

Well, it’s mainly about the budget… If you have enough money to buy and maintain a bigger Trawler, I doubt that anyone would suggest you to not to. However, if you’re restricted to spend only reasonable amount money for buying a boat, a small Trawler is the best option — by far!

The small-sized Trawler (i.e. 40 feets and under) are amongst the top-notch choices for middle-class. That’s because you can have many different options and amenities on the deck while paying a fair amount of money. On the other hand, you can use it as a vessel to cruise for long distant ports — which is not an ignorable feature at all.

So, we can conclude that buying a small-sized Trawler is an alternative for all those who love cruising and want to see the distant ports even though having not much money to splurge. Perhaps the increasing popularity of Trawlers is related to the increasing number of middle-class families who don’t want to leave their dreams because of financial obstacles.

The Downside of Small Trawlers

The Downside of Small Trawlers

Now, we know that buying a small-sized Trawler may have many benefits — especially when the price is compared with the other options. But that’s not the whole story… There’s always a downside when you try to buy something on a budget! In other words, being cheap would cost some downsides and you must be prepared for all of them.

When you buy a 40 feets (or smaller) Trawler, the good news is that there will be less maintenance processes and you will not face extra expenses for renting a place to store your boat during the off-season. However, there are some bad news too.

Small-sized Trawlers alike with most middle-range boats generate a restricted power that may cause several issues in time. Of course, the power you get while piloting a Trawler is not something to complain about, and it’s fairly good enough for a boat with this size. But when you plan for a long distance route, more power would be a great help.

When you travel with a normal speed for a long time, the chance of facing seasickness increases enormously. Simply said, it’s almost impossible to avoid it when the speed is low and the distance is long! Even the most experienced sailors would get sick on this occasion.

That’s why most buyers consider the speed/power of small Trawlers as the main downside. However, of you’re not planning to cruise for more than several weeks — as a cozy and warm vacation — there will not be any major problems and you can handle the situation with proper pills and medications. If you’re not aware of the ways to control the seasickness, read this article.

Top 5 Suggestions for Trawler Buyers!

Now, let’s have a look at our top 5 affordable Trawlers under 40 feets and see if there’s any one capable of occupying your needs and desires.

You can definitely find many more options just by googling the topic. But we have tried to do the hard work for you and create a list that contains the best possible options in the industry.

Of course, we don’t recommend you to use online articles as a source to decide on the boat you’re going to buy. Instead, we offer you to use them as a supportive part of the research you must make prior to making any decisions. Thus, information provided below is an attempt to introduce you several Trawlers that we believe are amongst the top 5. Don’t forget that it’s you who will make the main decision — and the responsibilities are all yours!


Top 5 Suggestions for Trawler Buyers-BENETEAU-SWIFT-TRAWLER-30.jpg

It’s one of the smallest Trawlers built in this company. But don’t let its small size fool you! There are everything you could possibly want to have in a Trawler. Beneteau Swift Trawler 30 is a great choice for small families who want to have a boat so as to spend their vacation cruising to long distances.

Since its size is amongst the smallest boat in the industry, you will not need to splurge extra money for maintenance processes and/or renting a place to restore it during the off-season. That makes Beneteau Swift a budget effective choice that is also capable of offering some practical options and amenities.



Plan a private journey with your loved ones in a Nordhavn 40 because there are two separate private cabins included in its spectacular design. But that’s not where it stops. You can have a fair amount of power when piloting this amazing ship and cruise as fast — and serious — as you desire. Usually those who are in love with ocean-crossing and want something to pursue their dreams seriously, opt to buy a Nordhavn 40.

There are small community-like groups that share the same passion for this unique ship and use it as a common point to discuss about their love for the seas and oceans! So, buying a Nordhavn 40 would create a situation to make more friends who have the same passion and can share lots of stuff with you.


Top 5 Suggestions for Trawler Buyers -RANGER TUGS R27

Are you looking for a small-sized Trawler that is capable of fulfilling your needs? Well, what if I tell you there’s a trailerable Trawler that offers you what a luxury yacht does? Would you buy my story or think it’s just a lie? I recommend you to believe me, otherwise a great chance may slip out of your hands.

Ranger TUGS R27 is an extraordinary Trawler that is just unbelievably great! There are everything you could possibly imagine in a boat that is so small you can move behind a trailer. Now how amazing is that, huh?

If you’re interested in small but practical Trawlers, don’t even hesitate buying Ranger TUGS R27.


Top 5 Suggestions for Trawler Buyers - AMERICAN TUG 365

American TUG 365 is the living story of evolution of a classic hull. The builders decided to use a very old hull design to create a Trawler that is stable and powerful to carry heavy weights. The hull design that has evolved into what you see now, is an adoption. Back when there was no Trawlers around someone (a boat designer) tried to create a hull that can be used for fishing boats enabling the sailors to gain more power and carry more weight.

That classic design is now the main part of the American TUG series. Buying this boat will bring much more than a normal cruising and soon you will fall in love with its uniqueness — I guarantee you.


Top-5-Suggestions-for-Trawler-Buyers-SEAPIPER 35

Another easy-to-maintain and affordable Trawler under 40 feets is Seapiper 35. You can buy it with a fair price and use it as the main vessel to cross long distances for a long long time.

It’s a great family friendly choice while being capable of generating a desirable amount of power.



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