Best ASA Sailing Schools Texas

Best ASA Sailing Schools in Texas

What They Offer You
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Best ASA Sailing Schools in Texas – and What They Offer You
Finding a good sailing school is not something to be done in one day – for sure. However, here, we will provide you with proper information to help you out and let you find the sailing school you’ve always dreamed of.
On this article, we will let you know what are the best sailing schools in Texas. Moreover, you’ll be able to find out what each school has to offer you – which is a great head start.
Thus, we recommend you read on, so as to find out where you can be the sea dog and sail to the blueness of the oceans.
But hold on… it’s not just an article to help those who’re seeking for a sailing school. It’s written in a way to show you what sailing schools have to offer in Texas. So, in other words, you may find one of them interesting and opt to attend the classes out of the sudden – which would definitely be one of the greatest experiences you’ve ever had.
Why an ASA School Is Best Option You Have?
it’s a common question many sailing learners ask when they face a list like this. Well, the answer is pretty much simple: it’s good for you because the quality is guaranteed. That said, every expert advice, alike the list below, contains ASA schools because it’s been proven these certified places are much better in teaching young and/or amateur sailors – which is probably you.

Best ASA Sailing Schools in Texas
Look, it’s not easy to trust someone when it comes to education, right? That’s why you have to find a place where the outcome is guaranteed somehow. The ASA or American Sailing Association is the guarantee we are talking about. It’s designed to certify sailing schools nationwide and help sailing students find the proper academic support. Moreover, you can get the ASA certification in these schools which is the best thing to happen for an amateur sailor.
The ASA certification is well-known and academically acceptable all over the country and you can even show off using such certification when you’re in another country.
Sailors all around the world know how important the ASA certification is and therefore, will respect the journey you’ve been through. Thus, we – and everyone else is recommending you to attend only the ASA licensed sailing schools because what you get is worth it!

Now, enough of extra tempting information. let’s take a look at the trust-worthy sailing schools in Texas that we’ve been talking about since the first sentence.
Note: the information below is provided using the and we are not directly responsible of the services mentioned in the website.

1. Austin Yacht Club
Austin, Austin Area, Texas

“The Austin Yacht Club offers a Small boat Introduction to Sailing Series during the fall and spring”, says the ASA about this school. But hold on, because that’s definitely not all you get after signing up for the courses.
There’s much more than a small boat introduction to talk about when it comes to The Austin Yacht Club. Actually, it’s just the intro – of a much greater show. You can opt to sign up for private courses where the teacher (sailing expert) is all yours.
Best ASA Saling Schools-Austin Yacht Club
But for those who are in love with hands-on practices, here’s good news: there are special clinics designed to prepare you for the sailing adventures, both with theory-based techniques and practical ones. In other words, this school is where you can reveal the sea dog within you.

2. Outbound Sailing Lakeway
Austin Area, Texas

Are you afraid of getting caught in a class where dozens of people are asking questions and there’s no time devoted to you? Well, that’s a fear we all experience when choosing a school – and it’s totally understandable. However, here in Outbound Sailing School, there’s absolutely no reason to be afraid of such stuff. You must be asking why is that, and the answer is pretty much clear: there are no student cluttered classes in this school. How amazing is that?
There is a limit that only allows 2 people to attend a class, which means you would never find yourself upset about the lack of proper personal education time the experts offer. All you get is a fully-devoted-to-you expert who’s there for you throughout the courses, willing to teach you everything needed to become a professional sailor.

3. Learn to Sail


Learn to Sail is a school that has been participating in the Veterans Sailing Education Program, meaning that you can easily rely on its experience. There are several ASA courses offered by the school, all being capable of preparing you for the journeys ahead. Sailor lovers opt to attend the ASA courses in Learn to Sail because of the reliability and reputation the school has been known for.
Best-ASA-Saling-Schools-Learn to Sail Texas
if you’re wondering if any school could prepare you for a real sailing journey, it’s time to sign up for an ASA course in Learn to Sail.
No doubt, all you need to start the journey of becoming the sea dog to conquer the world, is attending to an ASA course in this well-known school.

4. Bay Area Sailing School – Joe Pool Lake Grand Prairie

Dallas / Ft. Worth Area, Texas

sunset cruise and sailboat cruises… aren’t these enough to seduce you? Well, it sounds pretty much convincing to me – at least. But wait, that’s not where the story of Bay Area Sailing School ends. By contrast, there’s much more to mention. Private classes are designed to make sure you get all you need prior to sail on your own. They have also some weekday as well as weekend classes to provide you with a full schedule – if learning how to sail is the number one task on your to-do list.
That’s it? NO! just visiting the first page of their website would illustrate how amazingly their educational program is designed. Corporate Team Building Courses, ASA ‘Challenges’, Day Sail Charters (public), Day Sail Charters (member-only), Vacation Charters, Sunset Cruises, Sailboat Cruises are just some of the programs you could sign up for at Bay Area Sailing School.

5. Island Bound Sailing Academy Grapevine

Dallas / Ft. Worth Area, Texas

Best ASA Saling Schools Island Bound Sailing Academy Grapevine

This sailing school is well-known for its private courses. And that’s because all you need to become a professional sailor is attending to these courses. Young and/or amateur sailors have shown an interest in the topic and have always loved the fact that this school is specifically designed the courses for them.
There are also some Corporate Team Building Courses to help you find out how should sailor work with a professional team. It’s great especially when you’re planning to start a journey having some company. However, it would be great to attend such classes as a team and try to use the knowledge for building a strong bund.
Although it may sound like an unnecessary task, having proper teamwork is all that matters when you’re on the water with others. A simple mistake would be the reason behind not simple conflicts on the water. Thus, team building courses are not something to be neglected.

6. North Texas Sailing School Heath

Dallas / Ft. Worth Area, Texas

Located on the east shore of Lake Ray Hubbard in Heath, Texas, North Texas Sailing School have been teaching the young and amateur sailors since 1975. That said, they have been in the industry for more than 30 years now. And that’s a pretty much good reason to call them trustworthy.


They have everything mentioned earlier to offer you. That is, you can find private courses, weekday and weekend services, and a lot more. All you need to do is signing up for their educational programs and let their expert ready you for the journeys ahead.

North Texas Sailing School is a place where you can become the independent sailor you’ve always dreamed of. They are offering hands-on practices to make sure not a single problem will cause an issue when you’re on the water.

7. Sail Dallas

Dallas, Dallas / Ft. Worth Area, Texas

This sailing school is pretty much confident in what it offers and is sure that you’ll be a sea dog at the end of the courses. However, being confident is not the only feature of Sail Dallas is known for. They are a professional sailing expert as well. In other words, we are sure the confidence they have in the courses is based on the knowledge they have.

Now, easier than ever, you can sign up for the sailing courses in this school. Moreover, you can simply head to their website so as to make sure the stuff they’re offering is exactly what you need.

8. Let’s Go Sailing – Seabrook

Houston / Galveston Area, Texas
As the name reveals, Let’s Go Sailing is inviting you to have a special sailing journey. They have designed several courses, all ASA certified to help you become the sea conqueror. The location is chosen wisely, so you will enjoy the landscape as well as the classes. They have ASA certified experts, too, to make sure no one will get out of the school not being ready for a real sailing journey.
Best ASA Saling Schools -North Texas Sailing School Heath
Thus, let’s go sailing! Grab a backpack, fill it with some sailing necessities and then head to the Let’s Go Sailing School.


9. Sail Ventures USA Clear Lake Shores

Houston / Galveston Area, Texas
You know will happen after the Sail Ventures USA Clear Lake Shore’s courses? You won’t ask “how?”. They have always tried to keep their courses up-to-date and prepare the amateur sailors for a real journey. Now, you can head to their website and check their programs easier than ever.
They have ASA certified experts to help you out with the firs, and hard, steps of becoming an independent sailor. This is where your dreams can come true and more dreams are replaced with them. Just don’t be shy and ask any questions right away. The experts will always be there to give the information you need – as soon as you ask for.

10. South Coast Sailing Adventures is a participant in Veterans Sailing Education Program

Houston / Galveston Area, Texas

Don’t be afraid of being a beginner. Because here, in South Coast Sailing School, beginners are pretty much welcomed. They have been in the industry for many ears now, and it’s not possible to question their reputation. Every sailing expert in Texas knows that this school is all an amateur sailor need to get start with.

Best ASA Saling Schools -South Coast Sailing Adventures

Just pay them a visit and let them guide you through the processes. It’s going to be one of the best experiences you’ve ever had for sure. Thus, we would recommend you to hurry up – because the classes have limited seats.




Best ASA Sailing Schools in Texas

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