best boat brands 2019 and free advice and guide for buying boats

best boat brands 2019 and free advice and guide for buying boats and When It Comes to Choosing the Best Boat Brands in 2019 !

When It Comes to Choosing the Best Boat Brands!

We love to see the lists offering the best companies, products, organizations, TV shows, etc, don’t we? Well, it’s not deniable that seeing such lists and rankings attract our attention and make us curious about the top ones. However, when it comes to something as the best boat brands, things get even more interesting — especially for sailing and cruising lovers.

Long story short, we are going to introduce our top 10 list of the best boat brands on this article. That’s because there are many people out there who are confused about their decisions and desperately looking for a way to guarantee a good purchase!

Moreover, I want to help saline enthusiasts to gain some practical information about the best boat brands — because I’m sure they would love to. Thus, following is a list of top ten boat brands every sailing/cruising lover must be aware of.

Here Are the Top 10

Here Are the Top 10

The boat industry has been changed a lot comparing to old days. You know what they say, “old but gold”, huh? Well, in this case I wouldn’t suggest you to use this saying. Old boats are not necessarily gold — due to extraordinary developments in the industry. Now, you can find a boat that is exactly the one you’re looking for. And if there is not such boat, capable of fulfilling your desires, you can simply create your own! There are great many number of companies offering customizable boats in all ranges and types, making it easy to find and buy the one that satisfies you.

Old boats, however, are good pieces to add to your classic boat collection. But it wouldn’t be rational to prefer them over modern ones. There’s everything you need to have an unforgettable journey in modern boats these days. The range of choices is so wide that it may take several weeks to survey different options… And that’s why we suggest potential buyers to consult with a trustworthy professional/expert prior to making any decisions.

1. bertram boat


As mentioned above, classic boats are not believed to be proper choices for today’s situation. However, there’s a boat brand that is standing against this belief and have always proven “old” can be “gold” — no matter what. Yes, I’m talking about the Bertram Which have been working as a top-notch boat brand for a long time. Unfortunately, it’s not building many different types of boats as it used to. But there are some favorite models that are built every year and sold out in couple of months!

The popularity of Bertram is o much that this company won a prize for that. It’s pretty much easy to find this company’s lovers amongst the sea dogs. As rule of thumb, one out of five sailing/cruising enthusiasts is in love with this spectacular boat brand.

2. boston whaler boats


Another award-winning boat brand in our list is none but the famous Boston Whaler! This company has won more than 15 different prizes — all being a sign of customers’ satisfaction. It’s a name that will remind a solid and reliable history of boat building in the industry. It’s really hard to find someone who haven’t heard of Boston Whaler. They have always been amongst the top-notch companies that are building some of the best vessels we’ve ever seen.

The most iconic feature of this company is the fact that its products never lose their actual value — if maintained properly. You can say it by having a glance at the websites selling used boats. The numbers in front of Boston Whaler boats are shockingly higher than other types. Even boats that have been working for more than 20 or so years can have price tags like $60,000 and possibly more!

3. chaparral boats


I love this one… Chaparral is a brand that considers loyalty to its worker as an important value. It’s been said that more than half a million has been spent by this company to help the young graduate in various fields. This illustrate how this amazing company thinks about its workers, customers and other people. In one sentence, Chaparral is a trustworthy company that deserves to be in all the lists of the best boat brands.

That’s not simply because of the money given to students by this company. There are great many number of reasons why we’ve added Chaparral to our list. Being the most searched boat brand in famous websites, for instance, is one of the main reasons why we believe Chaparral deserves to be the number 3.

4. grady white boats


Is it possible to talk about the fishing boats without mentioning the Grady-White? We believe not. It’s the most recognized boat brand in the industry that has been building some of the best fishing boats ever built on the planet Earth. Talking about the awards this company has won during its career would need a whole new article. That said, Grady-White has always been on the lists of the best boat brands no matter what.

You can trust this company because the customers’ satisfaction rate is extremely high. Almost every customers of Grady-White is happy with what they have bought and that’s a solid reason to call them one of the best boat brands ever.

One thing to note is that, you will not be afraid of losing your vessel’s actual value. That’s because Grady-White boats are being sold with higher prices comparing to other used boats.

5. lund boats


This boat brand builds a wide range of different types of boats. (Fishing boats, watersports boats, pantoons, etc, just to name a few). They are one the most experienced brands in the industry too. Lund is specialized in building boats using mainly aluminum. That is, the main iconic feature of this company’s boats is that all are made of aluminum.

Lund has won lots of awards — alike all other brands in the list of the best boat brands. They are a trustworthy and well-known boat brand that have always been praised for their works. The boat industry owes this brand, because it has done great many things to improve it. I opt to have it in this list because they deserve being amongst the top boat brands.

6. mastercraft boats


Imagine a company is so confident that offers 5 years of warranty to its customers. What would you think of it? I would definitely respect what it does and how it does. Offering five years of warranty is not something to be ignored especially when it comes to boats — that acquire a regular maintenance and are always in risk of facing issues.

However, the MasterCraft has been a high-end watersports boat crafter during the past years. You can’t find any boat brand in the field of building watersports vessels that is as much successful as the MasterCraft is. It’s in our list of the best boat brands and has the sixth place, but I believe that it deserve much more than that.

MasterCraft has also won many awards and prizes that illustrates how successful this company is — better than words do.

7. sea ray boats


Speaking of awards, let me introduce you a company that has won the most possible awards amongst all other boat brands: the Sea Ray! I’m sure boat enthusiasts know everything about this company and would probably skip this section — but please don’t. The Sea Ray is a well-known boat brand that offers a vast array of choices to its customers. You can find many different types of boats looking to their website, which may be confusing to some extent (in a good way of course).

When it comes to the best boat brands, not having the Sea Ray in the list is a foolish act. I dare anyone would argue the success of this company throughout their history.

8. tracker boats


Guarantee a lifetime structural coverage by buying one of the Tracker boats. There are many different types of boats built in this company but the main products are fishing boats and utility boats. When we say the Tracker is a trustworthy company, we are referring to its amazing experience and record in the boat industry. Tracker has dozens of awards for great many different reasons. I decided to add it to the list of the best boat brands simply because the Tracker has done a lot of admirable works in the industry.

Buying a Tracker boat would never ever be a bad idea. Just ask a professional broker or boat seller to show you proper choices — according to your needs and budget — and then start off your journey! That’s it.

9. yamaha boats


Who on the planet Earth doesn’t know Yamaha is one of the best boat brands?! I believe no one. Yes, this unique company is now building even more boats and has recently introduced a line of jet-powered boats that are pretty much unique. Yamaha is number 9 in the list of the best boat brands. However, I can see that it will top the list very soon — because it’s developing everyday.

Having a Yamaha boat is a great experience and would never let you down. That’s because the quality of its products are guaranteed and you can make sure that the boat you buy is — and will remain — a high-end watercraft.

10. viking yacht boots


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy one the Viking Yachts if you’re from the middle-class. That said, the yachts built by the Viking are amongst the most expensive options you may have. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t make their way to this list. Whenever there’s a debate going on about the best boat brands, you will definitely hear the name of the Viking Yachts. They build some of the most iconic yachts in the industry — and their attribute to boat/yacht evolution is undeniable.

Those who have no problem with paying high prices to have the best quality possible would definitely fall in love with this boat brand. However, almost all boat lovers like the way this company is doing its job — even if they don’t have one of its products.

On a Final Note

There are many companies out there that are building affordable and trustworthy boats. Thus, this list is not meant to limit your choices and force you to buy a boat that had built by one of these companies/brands. By contrast, the list of the best boat brands is created to help you realize the vast array of choices one may face when it comes to boats.

So, be smart and use this list as a guideline to start your own research. And don’t be afraid of making your own ‘best boat brands’ list. People have different opinions about companies, so it’s totally okay if you don’t agree with this list — or have your own personal thoughts.


If you have any additional questions,Please make sure to leave a comment below!

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