Best sailboats for the experts and sailing lovers (2)

This article is suggesting some more suitable sailboats for the experts and sailing lovers like heretofore, But in more details. I wish it could be helpful for you.

Celestial 48

Celestial 48 is great performer in light wind and quick as a 27,000 pounds center cockpit sailboat. It moves in light wind like luxury car and can accelerate to five knots in just 8-10 knots of breeze, although it could be necessary to reef this model early. Additionally, the sailboat can reach: to near destination in 6-7 knots and to farther destination in nearly 15 knots with all canvas up. (1,5)

This kind of sailboat is from the Chinese yard of Xiamen, which were manufactured just before the reorganization of the Xiamen yard in 2002. Although the original ketches were built from 1985 to 1988, they were imported into the European market as sloops well into the 1990s. Its designer has already been in ambiguity. Some people made an endeavor to ascribe this kind to Robert Perry or Sparkman & Stephens whereas Bryce Fuhriman can be more possible to be its designer. (1)

The water and fuel tankages are almost 250 gallons and were built in integrated fiberglass tanks. (1) 50 feet LOA and 48 feet on deck are the measurements of this sailboat. The draft is 6 feet of fully encapsulated, elongated fin keel, consisting of two solid lead castings. This sailboat is made with a balsa cored hull with solid glass reinforcement at the chainplates and thruhulls. (1,5)

The 990 square feet sail area, 56 feet double-spreader main mast as well as the large mizzen sail and single-spreader spar are the features of the Celestial 48. (5) One of the outstanding attractions of the Celestial 48 is the vast owner’s berth in the rearward of the boat which is furnished with a large bed in the middle and distinct shower stall and seat in a head. (1) Additionally, a spacious saloon with a drop-leaf table in the middle which can accommodate up to six people is the special highlight. (5) Although the cockpit is compact, has the space for six persons.

The engine room provides abundance space which you can reach all sides of the engine. A cabinet and room are manufactured in the right side of the engine for extra supplies such as a water-maker. In the left side, there is adequate space for a small genset and finally, in the forward, there is plenty of space for equipment installation consisting of fuel filters and … . (1,5) Galley is the debatable part of this sailboat. Although it has enough space for the food, there is lack of space in the counter and drawer. A gimbaled stove and a standard reefer are the appliances in the galley. (5)

Using the block of wood with fiberglass covering in making the primary hulls was common. Thus, if the glass was compromised and moisture seeped in, the mast step has likely rotted which would make the rig unstable. Moreover, approach to the chainplates isn’t a good feature, so examine the sailboat, assess the expense of any fixes and check that this sailboat can obviate your necessities on the sea, before buying. (5)

Dufour Grand Large 360

This is the new upgrade of the 350 Grand Large which has the same hull, rudder, keel and rigging. But the deck was designed different from the previous one in order to adjust the sailboat’s look with the new unique model series.

In both above and below deck, Dufour 360 Grand Large provides perfect balance between the sailing experience and space onboard due to its special hull structure. Its rudder, expansive rear beam and the long chines were optimized in order to make sure that the stability is utmost in any pace. The structure of the helm station was changed to optimize the helmsman’s environment. (6) Additionally, the cockpit was practically optimized as the detachable control columns provide abundance moving space, which lead to better handling. There is a large bathing platform near the waterline where you can relax and enjoy. (2,6)

Focus 750 Performance

Focus 750 Performance is the best choice for whom are looking for an exclusive, contemporary and practical daily cruiser. Clean connection of the hull with the deck, chinned hull, low profile hatches, folding cleats and deck line cover are the features of this sailboat, which make this sailboat very useful. (7) This family-friendly sailboat was manufactured in the Sobusiak Yacht Yard in Poland which can be easily towed to the car. In below deck, you can hold party with four people. (2)

It has plenty of space in belowdecks and high directional stability on the water due to its chinned hull. Additionally, the infusion of deck and hull by means of the high quality of vinylester resin and Vacuum assisted infusion lamination technology and multidirectional fiberglass lead the boat to be more strength, sturdy and to decrease the weight. Although twin rudder system is the optional feature, it has an important function in better handling, particularly in the capsizing time of the boat. (7)

Focus 750 is easily trailered by the car as it has 1.3 tones weight and 2.50 meters beam. Moreover, you can move the boat from the trailer into the water and back easily even without the crane Because of the optional lifting keel, removable rudder blades and optional mast raising system which were designed on the boat. (2,7) The boat is produced in 3 options: lifting a heavy dagger board (cat. C), lifting a keel with bulb and fixed keel (cat. B). (7)

Grand Soleil GS34 Performance

Grand Soleil GS34 was manufactured for whom like offshore racing, recreative and fun cruising. This sailboat aimed to provide easy handling at maximum performance as well as the comfortable fast sailing. IRC handicap rating and ORC can also sail in this sailboat as it was designed with an optimized sail plan and appendages. (8)

Abundant Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and statistical analysis along with using the Velocity Prediction Programs (VPP) paved the way for building a hull with exclusive geometry and appendages. This new hull version features medium light displacement in order to optimize the proportion between the various rating system and between performance and sportive cruising.

In belowdecks, there are two cabins: a large cabin the in rearward of the boat and another one in the front. Moreover, there is a spacious head in the aft and behind a storage cabin. (8)

Solaris 50

This new design by the Argentinian Javier Soto Acebal was manufactured according to the successful experience of the 48-footer, which have been the reference when all the designers, owners and engineers talk about the performance and design of any sailboat on the sea since it launched in 2006. Javier Soto Acebal aimed to continue the achievement of the Solaris 48. Solaris 48 has conquered the European markets as well as the markets all around the world in only 8 years after its debut. Thus, Solaris 50 is the combination of the new solutions and previous experiences in order to build the most contemporary and standard sailboat for the future. Finally, it achieves its goal as to be “the best large Mono-hull 50ft and above” in the 2017. (3,9)

One of the special attraction of this boat is the hull which provides high performance and smooth sailing on the sea. Moreover, the deck gear distributes functionally as there are only 4 winches, which are positioned by the wheels, and the self-tacking jib with recessed track in order to provide easy handling at the helm station.

In the rearward of the sailboat, there is a cabin with two standard berths. The saloon is optimized to waste the minimum space: the larger galley and storage space and fridge with drawers as well as 2 possible options for the navigation area. (9)

Xquisite X5

Xquisite X5 was named as the “best large Multihull 50ft and above” in the 2017. (3) Moreover, its gorgeous engineered digital switching system and abundance other thoughtful touches such as universal wall outlets, USB ports in every cabin, versatile access to all the systems and wiring, and a universal input isolation transformer led this catamaran to be the systems winner in 2017. (10) System operation and maintenance are monitored by the pre-programmed iPad tablet which is the central controller of the sailboat systems. This device also sends all the data back to the builder as it is connected to the internet. (17)

This has a fabulous design in hull and deck as Quadriaxial stitched E-glass fabric was used in both hull and deck laminate along with a balsa core in the deck and Divinycell PVC foam core in the hull. In addition, the epoxy vinylester resins were used to infuse all the structures. Much of the interior furniture is also foam-cored in order to reduce the weight. (17) This exclusive south African sailboat brags all its considerable features which the electric winches, a genset, a huge 900-watt solar array and a washing machine are the few of them. (3)

The enormous swooping arch in the aft is the special highlight of the boat which maintains the targa roof. Although the arch can’t be acceptable to some people in terms of beautiful appearance, it is really functional. A sturdy stainless-steel handrail extends the length of the sidedecks opposite a long handhold on the coachroof. That’s why it has the utmost safety on the deck. The Rain gutters in the roof allow you to fill your tanks freely as they lead into a pair of water fills.

The helm station is under a special well-designed helm bimini with a very solid frame, a fixed glass windshield, and a sliding fully-battened canvas roof which can be easily raised and lowered. The luxurious living space can be in three-cabin design with a large starboard full-hull stateroom. In the guest cabins, there are translucent heads with distinct showers set.

The spacious galley consists of outstanding appliances, countertop and drawers. Additionally, there are the massive front-loading Vitrifrigo fridge with two large freezer drawers beneath it and the Smeg oven to port. The cockpit is also furnished with the distinct fridge and drinks bar. (17)

Elan E4

This Slovenian sailboat is the best mono-hull cruising Boat 30 to 40ft in 2017 as it is cruising like a witch on the sea. (3) Its marine architecture satisfies various people with different skills and preferences. Elan E4 features the twin rudders, broad stern and chinned hull, which provide the fabulous performance, high stability and perfect control. The included retractable carbon fibre bowsprit, adjustable split backstay and a revised mainsheet arrangement enable a surprising amount of fine-tuned sailing. Moreover, there are arranged winches, a genoa furling system and a keel stepped mast in order to obviate the demanding necessities in ocean cruising. (11)

The really comfortable belowdecks for relaxing and have some fun with the family led this boat to be one of the attractive choices for the sailing lovers. (3) There is the comfortable cabin design in belowdecks including the bright social saloon, fully-equipped galley and head with abundance head space. The starboard nav-station provides abundance space for navigating and the DAME-award-winning control panel offers easy controlling of the sailboat.

This sailboat has the complete control over the elements due to its features integrated toerails and flush hatches on the coachroof as well as new rotating plotter pods on the steering consoles. (11)


This is the third in J/Boats’ “E” series beside its congeners, the J/97E and J/122E, and was named the best performance boat over 30ft in 2017. J/112e knows how to behave on the sea and proved itself as the elegant cruiser worldwide. (3,12) The popularity of this sailboat is the capability of sailing well with mainsail alone, jib alone and approximately any compound of mainsail and small jib.

If you want comfortable cruising on the sea this could be the great choice. Comfort not only means beautiful backrest, but also means sailing without stress such as enjoying the view from the helm station; simple access to sail control, smooth movement on the water; abundance handholds for safety and finally, the highly maneuverable boat in order to have easily anchor in tight ports.

J/112E has excellent directional stability and a little slamming in waves due to its V-shaped bow sections. Additionally, there is the combination of the long waterline and vertical center of gravity which leads to have a smooth sailing on the water. Although this is 36 feet in length, provides two expansive cabin and comfortable ergonomic cockpit. The moderate displacement design as well as the non-overlapping sailplan that covers almost all aspects of sailing results in moving in light winds with the abundant power, whereas most others are motoring. Moreover, it can easily downshift as the wind builds. (12)

Hatteras M90 Panacera

Hatteras yachts have been known as the fishing sailboat until the perspective of the company attracted to the larger boats which paved the way for the company to become cruiser/sport fisher hybrids. The M90 Panacera has the mean features of M75 Panacera and the 100 MY and is something in middle. (4)

This new model from the Hatteras was inspired by the worldwide design in order to change the pattern in using the spaces and create new uses of living, dining and entertaining spaces. The crisp, light-filled inboard and the 22’6” beam are the features of this sailboat. (4,13)

This sailboat can move at 22 knots due to its twin 1,600 HP Caterpillars, although there are two larger power options. The new sailboat monitoring system HattCON was added to M90 in order to provide easier and better monitoring and navigation on one touchscreen. Moreover, this system allows you to change the light intensity over the galley according to your preferences at any time of the day. (4) There are four comfortable staterooms as well as the modular bar and abundance lounging space for relaxing and enjoying the view beside your friends or family. (13)

Azimut S7

This was manufactured according to the highest standards applied in the recreational industry for production boats. (14) Azimut S7 features a fiberglass hull and a carbon fiber superstructure which results in having less weight than other sailboats in its class and lower center of gravity. Thus, it has superior stability on the wavy ocean. Moreover, this sailboat can dash at 35 knots due to its propulsion system 800 HP Volvo Penta IPS1050s. (4) This system also increases the maneuverability, reduces the noise and vibration level and finally, optimizes the fuel efficiency (reduces the consumption up to 35% compare to the shaft line).

The interceptor technology was added to this sailboat for having the smooth and accurate Auto mode as well as providing the easy handling and a system without decomposition or leaking oil. Azimut S7 is steered with the joystick which provides a lot of advantages such as Comfortable and safe driving, fabulous control and user-friendly interface. (14) There are four cabins with three heads which can accommodate eight guests. (4)

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 70

The MCY 70 is the modern product of the French boatbuilder Groupe Beneteau in association with the Italian designers Nuvolari Lenard, which was built in Monfalcone, Italy. This the most recent launch in the company’s Monte Carlo Yachts line.

The interior is the most luxurious part of this sailboat as there have been used various materials to design the finishes such as the walnut and grey oak wood veneers, Travertine stone and various leathers. This is offered with three or four cabins with ensuite heads. (8)

MCY 70 has light solid shell due to its superb keel structure (has self-supporting sandwich plating), the longitudinal reinforcements, a bow crash box, and vast use of kevlar in the areas of greatest impact. (15)


PRESTIGE 460 S has superlative design and exclusive sporty look, which brags all the recent innovations of this brand. (16) This sailboat has the similar hull with the PRESTIGE 450. But it is different in deck and interior. 460 S features the aft cockpit, large side windows, chaise lounge arrangement on the bow and outdoor aft galley.

Although the master stateroom and the VIP cabin has one common staircase in front, the owner’s cabin has the distinct staircase. Moreover, there is an optional cabin in the transom which can accommodate a bed, a head and its own A/C. (4)

PRESTIGE 460 S is adaptable to live up your expectations as provides the exterior space when fully opened and a more protected living space when closed. An opening sunroof and vast sliding glass door in the rearward of this sailboat also complete the picture. (16)





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