Best sailboats for the experts and sailing lovers

In the former article, we illustrated the best first sailboats for the beginners as well as the most suitable sailboats for the experts and sailing lovers. This article also suggests some more appropriate sailboats in continue of the previous one.

Catalina 22 Sport

It has been a well-known weekender for years due to providing primary facilities and its retractable keel, which makes the sailboat to be easily trailered. Thus, many docks are the host of Catalina 22 all around the world. The Catalina 22 Sport is the new version of the Catalina 22, was launched by the company in the recent years, and are going to take the place of the former 22. The fractional rig, hatch in front of the boat for ventilation and retractable keel are the features of the Catalina. Additionally, there are a cabin which has the capacity of four person to sleep and a cockpit which can accommodate a crowd.

West Wight Potter P 19

This is wonderful how a cabin with the space for four persons and a caboose with cooler, sink and stove accommodate in to a West Wight Potter P 19 with 19-foot-long. In its debut in 1971, this is a line of boats that’s attracted a true following among trailer-sailors. The retractable keel in the West Wight Potter allows the sailors to stop anywhere and go exploring. In addition, the closed-cell foam in forward and rearward of this boat along with a hard chine lead the sailboats to be stable and unsinkable on the water.

Sun Cat from Com-Pac

Cat boats always are one of the decorations in the Shallow U.S. East Coast bays and rock-strewn coasts. The simplicity and powerfulness of the large and gaff-rigged mainsails on the catboats have been demonstrated either on the wind or when reaching and running. Sun Cat is the 17-foot-4-inch sailboat which was manufactured in fiberglass hull and deck and furnished by the easy-to-step Mastender Rigging System. Mastender Rigging System incorporates a hinged tabernacle to make stepping the mast a one-person job. There are also the twin cabin and much more facilities in belowdecks which make this boat an attractive weekender. (1)

Prout Snowgoose 37

Catamarans are common in ocean cruising. Thus, you can see a lot of catamarans in popular sailing passages such as in Azores and Canary Islands. The catamarans are usually expensive and finding a good quality in less than 100,000$ is difficult. The Prout Snowgoose 37 is as such. Although it is the traditional kind of catamarans, it can obviate your expectations in low price.

Snowgoose 35 was the most successful cat in its time until the 37 took the place of that in 1983. 37 also was developed in the Sowgoose Elite in 1986, which had more beam and interior improvements.

Although Snowgoose 37 is not spacious like new cruising cats and attractive like go-fast cats, it is worthwhile on the sea. It was designed in fiberglass hulls in older versions and in solid glass from the waterline down and cored above in more modern versions. Additionally, the standard compact cockpit was manufactured beside the solid deck. There is no tramp when you are stepping on the deck due to its material. Many 37s and all Elites were rigged with staysails, a big plus in heavy weather. The masthead-­rigged Snowgoose 37 can be sailed like a monohull offshore even in better conditions as there is no big mainsail to challenge with in stormy weather. 15-foot-3-inch beam for the 37 and a 16-foot-3-inch beam for the Elite allows the sailors to find inexpensive mooring to anchor. It would be the perfect choice for the families to spend their time on the Snowgoose 37 with its three double cabins.

Nordic 40

Robert Perry designs such as the Valiant 40, Hinckley Bermuda 40, Bristol 40, Pacific Sea craft 40, Passport 40 and Nordic 40 should be in the cruising sailboats wish list. Nordic 40 can be more surprising among the others due to its iconic 40 feet length. Nordic 40 and its larger sister boat, the 44, are the choices for whom are looking for the 40 feet sailboat in less than 100,000$ cost, although they are taken account as older sailboats.

From 1982 to 1987 only 40 Nordic 40 were launched, however it has been one of the attractive options in the used-boat market so far. Classic double-ended Perry hull shape, effective fin keel, compact T-shaped cockpit, rudder in the rearward of the boat and reverse transom were designed in order to lead the boat to be more efficient on the sea. Additionally, its freeboard is moderate and the sheer line is subtle. The hull is solid fiberglass and the deck is balsa-cored, with solid laminates below loaded-up deck fittings. The traveler is forward of the companionway, allowing for a cockpit dodger.

The belowdecks is made for the couple with a cabin in front and a caboose with a lot of counter space and a big fridge in the rearward of the boat. There are also a distinct stall shower and a big tankage. (2)

Oceanis Yacht 62

This is the new brand of the Beneteau which was constituted in order to initiate alterations for manufacturing sailboats in larger size as well as more luxuriously. Berret-Racoupeau designed the techie side with the assist of Pierangelo Andreani. Space and privacy are the watchwords.

Garcia Exploration 52

This is a larger and upgraded version of Exploration 45 which is appropriate for cruising all around the world. It is manufactured with an aluminum hull and featuring twin rudders, shallow draught and centerboard. In addition, it is equipped with the forefoot chain plate in order to break the ice and watertight bulkheads. Thus, this is made for the serious sailing.

Swan 54

Deep V-hull and big drop-down transom are the features of this sailboat, which makes this boat ideal for a family. It is manufactured for cruising worldwide in safety and quick pace.

bali 4.0 lounge

This is a unique catamaran in 40 feet length as it has a single-level cockpit and no bulkhead in saloon. The tables and seats in the cockpit are removable and Modern technology was set up on its doors which they can swing electrically up into the superstructure. There is also enough space for sunbathing and taking a lot of pleasure from the cruising. Comes with three or four cabin options with either two, three or four heads.

X-Yachts X6

This is an ideal sailboat for cruising in scintillating speed according to the sailors demands.
moreover, it is stable and easy to handle on the sea due to its perfect Sea-keeping and upwind performance. Stuffed with clean Danish design below.

Discovery 48

It has all the features for safe and luxurious cruising all around the world. Discovery 48 has two versions: sailboat with single helm and two berths and the next one is designed with double helm, a walk-through cockpit and an owner’s cabin forward. however, fold-down bathing platform, in-mast furling, self-tacking jibs and electric winches are in both versions.

Najad 450 CC

Najad 450 is the Swedish sailboat with traditional center cockpit and bow platform. The interior is built in chic and modern aspects with lots of clean white finish, a sprinkling of classic wood and lots of technology. Light switches are wireless, for example, and the switch panel is a work of art. Lovely… and expensive.

Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 48

This is an attractive sailboat for whom are looking for the versatile sailboat. Pilot Saloon 48 was designed for long-range cruising by Berret Racoupeau as Wauquiez employed him in the 50th year from his debut.

This sailboat is manufactured with 6ft 11in (2.1m) draught, bulb keel and a powerful hull. Additionally, the sturdy and practical pilot saloon and the panoramic view which is the outstanding feature of the saloon, are the features of this boat. There are a lot of space in the owner’s berth in aft of the boat. (3)

Hanse 588

The successful experience in designing the 545 led to manufacture a 588 which is the really developed version of the former. Finally, this sailboat is wonderful in form and performance Moreover, its deck and interior indicate a new level. Hanse 588 can be named a mini-mega yacht as it is less than 60ft in length.

There are a lot of designs for belowdecks such as crew cabin and up to five guest cabins and five heads as well as different caboose configurations and a utility room. Plenty of light and fresh air can enter in the cabins due to its huge hull windows, almost 20 deck hatches and skylights.

The general appearance of the deck is stylish beside the clear view. There are the twin helm and controls for the furling headsail systems and bow and stern thrusters (optional). The sailplan is efficient in every weather conditions with its self-tacking jib and a large genoa on separate forestays. Additionally, the multiple keel and outstanding sail options such as the possibility of in-boom furling or Elvstrom FCL 5-Layer laminate sails make this sailboat attractive for choosing. A central walkway and two tables are in the cockpit. You can see a retractable fabric sunroof which is useful either in sunny weather to enjoy the perspective or in night to see the stars. The optional outside galley is also made for barbecuing under the sky.


Sailing on a 66ft all-carbon-fiber catamaran maybe have seemed incredible before the HH66 debut. This sailboat features C-shaped daggerboards, T-shaped foiling rudders and a Southern Spars carbon mast, boom and longeron as well as the square mainsail, self-tacking jib and belowdeck winch.

In belowdecks, the semi-custom designs with shine finishes and several name-brand accessories such as electronic devices, caboose apparatus and systems, are charming. The interior configuration exactly depends on a helm position as there are two kinds of helm arrangement: the twin helm in side of the aft cockpit bulkheads or a single helm inside the saloon. The seats, caboose and other appliances can be organized according to the owner’s expectations and necessities afterwards.

The technology is well-used in this kind for example you can press some bottoms to trim the sails or the hydraulic rams allows you to control the mainsheet easily. HH66 can fly in 20-25 knots of wind. So, consider the safety while the excitement is in front of you.

Fountaine Pajot Saona 47

This is a space machine which you can feel only with trying. Similar to all sailboats, it provides journey across the sea with the wind power. But in quiet and smooth way beside a lot of space to entertain on the sea.

In top deck, there are several sun lounges, arranged in an abundance spaces, and you can lie down on and take a lot of pleasure from the splendid view. Lower is the helm station with two seats. The adequate space in the aft is also provided for having a dinner without any sense of crowding. Finally, there are the private cabins in belowdecks, which are wider than those of many mono-hulls.

Everything is blazing, open and modern as well as in neutral colors and clean-lined joinery in ordinary Fountaine Pajot Saona 47. Overall, not only Saona 47 is comfortable, but also is luxurious for the cruising.

ClubSwan 50

This is a recent design from the Nautor holding after three successful experiences (the Swan 45, the Club Swan 42, and the Gazprom Swan 60). ClubSwan 50 is the consequence of a purposive program which investigated the three various boat types over the time and has modified the deficiencies.

ClubSwan 50 features carbon structure with low-freeboard hull, reverse bow, integral bowsprit, reverse sheer, unique chines and concave aft sections. Moreover, the carbon mast on the deck plays an important role in maintaining the below by an enormous carbon beam. Open and attractive belowdecks complete the pictures.

Its structure provides not only the efficient performance but also the comfortable handling for the short-handed crew as well as the typical ones. Eventually, ClubSwan 50 is the combination of art and skills which paves the way for have the luxurious appointments on the water.

Maine Cat 38

Catamarans are in group of the best sailboats for cruising across the sea due to their comprehensive accommodations and saloon on the water. Maine Cat 38 organizes a balance between the boat handling and comfort on the sea. Its rock-solid structure is the main reason of this ability as it utilizes a thermo-formed Core-Cell PH core around which the rest of the hull and deck layups are infused using 100 percent vinylester resin. As a consequence, weight is reduced and sailboat is become tighter. Moreover, it is designed with a pair of slick hulls with waterline beam of just 3ft 2in in each of them, that then flare out to create 6ft of beam above the waterline. So, an abundance of volume for accommodations is formed without impressing the sailing ability.

On the deck, there are an open-bridge deck cockpit and saloon with adequate space for family to entertain guests beside the helm station in forward. Between two hulls is the place of three berths, practical caboose and a small lounging area. Best of all, it is fast in addition to its safety for the crew. (4)

Neel 51

Neel 51 is the best choice for whom are caring about the size as well as the space. This provides as similar space as the cruising cat of identical length. On the plus side, its handling and performance charm you to continue the sailing. This kind demonstrated that the trimarans are not only for tearing up a new record but also can be the ocean cruiser. (5)

To be continued …





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