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No one burns as a sailor, right? All of the sea dogs have had experienced some pretty hard days of being an amateur. Thus, don’t forget that it takes some dramatic afford to become a professional sailor.

However, if you’re ready to go for it, and just looking for the best way of starting your journey, here we prepared a list of Best Sailing Schools in California which may help you to find your way.

Read on to find out where you can gain the needed knowledge of sailing!

Blue Pacific Yachting

Blue Pacific Yachting


Located at Marina del Rey, Southern California, Blue Pacific Yachting is a place you need to learn everything about how to sail aboard a yacht. They have several well-known experts ready to give you the knowledge you need when sailing alone. They are one the Best Sailing Schools in California and offer you some hand-on experiences to gain the courage and strength you need to have for being a pro sailor.

Blue Pacific Yachting school is ready to teach you basics of sailing alone with advanced tips on how to sail aboard a yacht. So, if you’re planning to buy your own sailboat/yacht or just want to be a sea dog, Blue Pacific Yachting school is always there for you. Trustworthy experts of this sailing school are those who you can trust while sailing and they will prepare you for a long journey to the blueness of the sea by your own. Give them a call or visit their website to get more information.

Marina del Rey,
Southern California
(310) 305-7245

Bluewater Sailing

Bluewater Sailing


There’s nothing better than sailing to learn sailing! And that’s why Bluewater Sailing is one of the Best Sailing Schools in California. They offer you free sailing time, which means you don’t have to rush though the learning sessions. What they say is: take your time, sail as much as you need, and be a professional sailor! However, that’s not all about what they do. Bluewater Sailing School has one of the longest sailing courses comparing to other sailing schools and you can leave their school as as an expert sailor! Some advanced courses include only two or three students per class which means your instructor will have enough time to answer all of your questions.

Bluewater Sailing School’s goal is to prepare sailors who have experienced everything they need to be a sea dog on their own. Of course, sea is always unpredictable and becoming a perfect sailor take time, but Blue Water Sailing School can be a perfect first step. They are located at Marina del Rey, Southern California. However, for more information you can give them a call and/or visit their website.

(310) 823-5545

California Sailing Cooperative

California Sailing Cooperative


We are not only people who believe California Sailing Cooperative is one of the Best Sailing Schools in California, because they carry on the title of “school of the year” — 2012. All experts in California Sailing Cooperative (CSC) are certificated and verified ASA instructors. They have been working with sailing students since 1994; so we are talking about on of the most experienced sailing schools in California.

Training Director Capt. Charlie Hentges and his team are ready to give the knowledge you need to be a sea dog. CSC, by the way, is a non-profit organization and every course is designed to equip students with as much as possible information through low costs. For this reason, we believe that CSC could prepare you well enough to start your own sailing journey right away. Pay them a visit at Marina del Rey, Southern California to schedule your classes ASAP and/or get more information through their phone number and website — mentioned below.

Marina del Rey, Southern California
(909) 861-5673

Delta Sailing School

Delta Sailing School


Not all of us like to sail in stormy and unpredictable situations, right? Though it’s fun and exciting to experience some hardships throughout your sailing life, it’s better to keep it safe and sound. Delta Sailing School is exactly what you need to learn how to sail abroad in normal/calm weather. They are located at Isleton, Northern California, which is one of the most beautiful areas that you may have ever seen. That is, your experience as a student at Isleton, Northern California will be full of joy and beauty of the nature along with instructions for being a future sailor. Experts at this sailing school are aware of the beautiful landscape and will try to prepare a relaxing — and informing — situation for you to make the most of it.

Learning basics of sailing at Delta Sailing School would be one the greatest experiences you’ve ever had, because everything is just so relaxing and joyful. It would be journey in which you fall in love with learning! Moreover, all instructors are certificated and verified, so there’s no need to worry about educational aspects of this journey. You can call them and/or visit their website for more information:

Isleton, Northern California
(916) 966-1855

Harbor Sailboats

Harbor Sailboats


Are you planning to sail abroad your sailboat/yacht in European and Mediterranean waters? Well, you may need an international certification for that! And that’s when Harbor Sailboats School comes in to fulfill your needs. They can offer you an international certification which allows you to sail abroad European and Mediterranean waters with no worries. However, that is not their only amazing feature, because Harbor Sailboats School have been working since 1969 which makes it one the oldest sailing schools in California. And you what they say… Old men know it better! — ok sorry, I made it up.

Instructors at Harbor Sailboats School are well-known and award winning, so you are guaranteed to be informed and prepared by knowledgeable experts of sailing. They also offer basic trainings for those who are seeking for a keelboat lesson along some advanced lessons. You can find a perfect course at Harbor Sailboats which suits your desires and also schedule! So pay them a visit at San Diego, Southern California and/or call them to get more information — they have a website too.

San Diego, Southern California
(800) 854-6625

Los Angeles Yacht Club

Los Angeles Yacht Club


What if I tell you, it’s possible to be a sailor in five — 4-hours — classes? Would you believe it or not? Well,you better do, because our next sailing school in the list of Best Sailing Schools in California can turn you into a well-prepared sailor in five days! Los Angeles Yacht Club, which is one of the oldest yacht clubs of America, offers you a five-days journey in which you learn how to sail abroad your own yacht/sailboat later. All classes are designed to give you needed information in 4-hours — each day. So, you will face a sailing week — excluding the weekend — full of tips and how-to-dos.

Los Angeles Yacht Club’s experts/instructors are all certificated and will prepare you to be a professional sea dog. It’s also a great school for families who are planning to sail together, because private classes are always available. You can pay them a visit at San Pedro, Southern California or call them to reserve a private lesson for your family members.

San Pedro, Southern California
(310) 831-1203

Marina Sailing

Marina Sailing – Channel Islands Oxnard, Southern California & Long Beach Long Beach, Southern California


Remember when I said “old men know it better”? Well, even though I just made that up, some people believe i ‘experience’ more than anything else. If you’re one of those who can only trust experienced people, Marina Sailing School would be the best option for you. That’s because they are the oldest sailing school in California and are working since 1962! So, Marina Sailing School is like a dictionary of sailing stuff. They have five different spots in which you can try different boats, based on your need and desire. Marina Sailing School offers a vast array of choices among different types of sailboats, yachts, monohulls, catamarans, and powerboats.

They are located at two different locations: Channel Islands Oxnard, Southern California & Long Beach Long Beach, Southern California. So pay them a visit and/or call them for more information — their website is also mentioned below.

(805) 985-5219
(562) 432-4672


Modern Sailing School & Club


This one is the best school for those who have no experience with sailing and it’s almost their first time stepping on a boat! Modern Sailing School & Club has been teaching sailing students since 1983 and its experts are willing to help you out with their knowledge of sailing. All of instructors at Modern Sailing School & Club are certificated and verified by ASA — alike others on the list — so you can trust their knowledge for sure. This amazing sailing school is located at Sausalito, Northern California, ready to turn all of those amateur sailors into professional sea dogs.

However, keep in mind that becoming a student at Sausalito, Northern California doesn’t acquire any sailing background knowledge, thus you can start off everything by signing up for their classes. Call them and/or visit their website below for more information:

Sausalito, Northern California
(415) 331-8250

Pacific Sail

Pacific Sail


Being one of the most known schools in the Northern California, Pacific Sail offers its students everything they need to become a sea dog! They have a knowledgeable team of sailing experts all of whom certificated and verified by ASA.

So if you’re living in the Northern California and/or interested in sailing in Pacific ocean, pay this school a visit at Santa Cruz, and ask them to sign you up for the next course. They will guide you through the processes for sure. Moreover, if not ready to visit them and think you need more information, here is their phone number along with their website address:

Santa Cruz, Northern California
(831) 423-7245

Bonus: Best Sailing Schools in Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Florida and Georgia


I didn’t forget about other Americans who want to learn sailing! However, since it would take a digital afford to gather all of the best sailing schools in one list, I preferred to focus on one state for now — and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to read an essay-long article anyway. But here are some other trustworthy sailing schools in Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Florida and Georgia.

If you wanted more schools in different states of America and/or other parts of the world, check out, because they have a useful tool which gives you a chance to search for verified sailing schools by its region.

● Go Sail

Arizona Peoria, Arizona
(602) 882-4398

● Dillon Marina Sailing School

Dillon, Colorado
(970) 468-5100

● Pentagon Sailing Club

Washington, District of Columbia
(202) 681-4772

● American Sailing Academy in Key Largo

Key Largo, Florida Keys
(305) 587-3205

● Dunbar Sails

Saint Simons Island, Georgia
(800) 282-1411


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