Buy a Fishing Boat for Under $20,000

Buy a Fishing Boat for $20,000– Top 10 Brand New Fishing Boats for Your Money

Buy a Fishing Boat for $20,000–Top 10 Brand New Fishing Boats for Your Money

Buying a fishing boat for $20,000 may sound irrational to some extent — due to recent economic changes. But it’s not indeed. You can still have a beautiful fishing boat just for twenty thousand dollars. It’s a fair price and we are not going to say these fishing boats are cheap! However, since fishing boats have a lot to offer you and can change your lifestyle in general, we believe that 20 G’s worth it.

Ipso facto… I’d opt to give you a list of top 10 fishing boats for your money to help you find the right one. We Americans love fishing and it’s always been a part of our ‘outdoor activity culture’ — if such culture exists! Thus, I’m sure there are a great many numbers of American out there who would definitely love to have their own fishing boat.  But since there’s a false belief that you must have a lot of money in the bank account to get one, most of are already disappointed about it.

This article is an attempt to show you that even a working-class or middle-class family can have their own fishing boat for an affordable price. Not to mention that you can use these boats if fishing is your job too. That said, fishing boats below are not just built to be used by amateurs. Thus, you can plan to buy one and improve/start your fishing business.

Fishing Is a Lifestyle!

Yes, it is… Fishing is a lifestyle that comes with many different opportunities to create a powerful bond between you and nature. Our ancestors have nearly lived on the fish during different historical periods. There have been times that fishing had saved lives and gave us food to eat. No one could deny the importance of fishing throughout the human being history.

Fishing Is a Lifestyle!

Most of the legends have some connections with early age’s sailings. That is, we may never have catching fiction stories if sailors didn’t go fishing! You may have seen illustrations showing some sea monsters and sailors fighting against them. All of this stuff — and much more beyond — are the outcome of sailing (which was mainly fishing-oriented back then). I’m not saying that all they had to give us is some stories about a fictional sea monster and on and on… You can find a great many numbers of connections between what we have today and the fishing culture achievements.

Now, however, people mainly see it as an opportunity to relax and enjoy life on the sea. Those fishermen who used to live on the fish are decreasing in number and it’s becoming more of a pop culture entertainment. There are more families on the water these days who are not having any business plans and just fish to have fun. But that has nothing to do with the value of these jobs, and we respect all the hard work professional fishermen do to make money.

Do I Need to Be a Millionaire?

As mentioned earlier, some believe that having a fishing boat is a bank-busting situation — and it also sounds like a dream. However, this article is an attempt to show the opposite and prove that it doesn’t take becoming a millionaire to get a fishing boat. All you need is a budget somewhere between 20,000 and 25,000 dollars.

Fishing is not a luxury entertainment these days. Thus, don’t be afraid to step up and start your own journey. Since the most important part of being able to fish is having a boat — excluding the patience needed, below is a list of top 10 fishing boats for your money. And I believe that almost all of them are affordable for normal people. (“Normal” here means middle or working-class, sorry reach people!).

These Fishing Boats Will Suit Your Budget

Congregations! If you’ve made it this far, I would like to assume that you’re a fishing boat enthusiast who wants to learn about them. So, you’ve passed the first exam — okay I’m just joking. Now, it’s time to introduce you to the top 10 fishing boats for $20,000 and under to help you out with choosing the right vessel.

These Fishing Boats Will Suit Your Budget

Since there are many different types of boats that may be a good fishing boat for you, I recommend you to continue researching and consider this article as a part of it — not the whole. That said, you can easily make your own list with different factors considered and buy a fishing boat that totally fits the needs and desires of yours.

So… Here we go!


fishing boats-BAYLINER ELEMENT F16

If you want to buy a fishing boat for under $20,000, I highly recommend you to have a look at Bayliner Element F16. It only cost $16,000 and offers you everything one may need to enjoy fishing trips. Buying this boat would enable you to plan fishing trips and create your own unique journey — on the budget of course!

I know many people who are happily using Bayliner Element F16 and have reported no major problems so far. Of course, you must bear in mind that a cheap price tag comes with some things to consider anyway. The material used in some parts, for instance, is not something to satisfy professional fishermen — though the “M” hull may do.


fishing-boats-CAROLINA SKIFF 18 JVX

When it comes to Carolina Skiff, we all know that hearing about surprising cheap prices is normal indeed! (the paradox is intended). This is a company that has always been amongst the best and tried to build the best boats possible — of course, with the cheapest price tags. 18 JVX, however, is one of the best options to consider for those looking for an affordable fishing boat.

This boat has a lot to offer — though may not be the most convenient fishing boat in the industry. One thing to note about Carolina Skiff 18 JVX is that you won’t need to schedule intense maintenance processes because it’s really an easy-to-maintain boat.


Fishing Boats : CRESTLINER 1800 KODIAK 18 SC

Crestliner is a well-known company offering some innovative designs to its customers. 1800 Kodiak 18 SC is one of them! An affordable fishing boat that is capable of fulfilling your needs along with desires. It’s beautiful, and you can definitely enjoy your trip on its deck due to the high-end interior and exterior design.

I’m sure that there will be people to surprise when hearing you’ve bought it for under $20,000. That’s because you will get much more than a normal fishing boat here. The hull will give you nice stability (which is awesome when it comes to fishing) and the engine creates a fair enough power to satisfy you.


Fishing Boats -JON BOATS

I promised you to introduce top 10 fishing boats for your money, and I know that it’s not fair to add a boat type to the list. However, you must know that there are many different types of Jon boats that may be the one you’re looking for. It wasn’t possible to talk about all of them on one article — so I decided to inform you about them.

What I’m suggesting is to make your own research and create a list of best Jon boats that suit your budget (if possible). These are fishing boats that are fairly easy-to-maintain and don’t take a professional to be taken care of. You can easily cruise with one and plan the route to fish.


Fishing Boats -LOWE STRYKER 16

If you’re desperately seeking for a fishing boat that has a price tag for under $15,000 — and a bit shy to ask if such a boat exist, I offer the Lowe Stryker 16! It comes with different power ranges that make the price affordable for everyone (especially those who want to spend less than 15 G’s). The cheapest in the group gives you the least horsepower, of course, but costs only $11,000. How cool is that, huh?

I believe that Lowe Stryker 16 is giving a chance and courage to all the fishing lovers so as to step up and try to turn their dreams into reality — without being afraid of price tags and possible bankruptcies!


 Fishing Boats - MAKO PRO SKIFF 17 CC

An inverted V hull and a tank that can hold enough fuel for a long trip is not the all you get when buying a MAKO PRO SKIFF 17 CC! It’s just the starter. This boat has made its way up to the top 10 boats of 2012 (based on the list). MAKO PRO SKIFF 17 CC has exchanged the fiberglass for plastic in the console — which is possible to be called a great change to some extent.

The good news is that you can still buy this amazing fishing boat for under $20,000. Isn’t it cool? I believe it is.


Fishing-Boats-RANGER RT178

Spending something next to $20,000 dollars will be enough to guarantee several years of fishing when you buy a RANGER RT178. That is, you get a fully equipped fishing boat with this price and there won’t be any need to spend more money on adjustments and customizations. Just buy it, and start fishing! That’s it. Ranger has a great reputation for its aluminum line and that’s why fishermen trust this model with their eyes closed!


Fishing-Boats-STARWELD SPARK 16

“It has a very fair price”. That’s all you could say when seeing the price tag and compare it to the list of features you’ll get. STARWELD SPARK 16 is a standard fishing boat that would save your money and become the best friend of yours very soon. Hearing its engine running smoothly while taking you to the blueness of the sea would be enough to fall in love with this beautiful fishing boat.



This one costs way under $20,000 dollars! You just have to pay something roughly near to $14,000 dollars to get this amazing fishing boat. SUN TRACKER BASS BUGGY 16 DLX is the best bet for those who want to cut back on the budget. You get a pretty much standard list of options on the deck and there is no need to splurge on money to have additional features. Just call an old friend and head to the lake near where you live and enjoy fishing for the rest of the day.


TRACKER PRO GUIDE V-16 WT is made of aluminum and its special design enables you to head for the biggest waters one may possibly imagine. It only costs $18,000 dollars (approximately). However, TRACKER PRO GUIDE V-16 WT would offer you much more than what a standard fishing boat of this size would and it’s a great bet for those who like to have some cruising adventures along with fishing.

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