Canyon Lake Guide for Boaters in Texas

We provided a list of top camp & sites, best eateries, and places to visit for boaters in Canyon Lake. This is the ultimate guide to introduce the area and illustrate a vacation plan for the first-timers. So, read on if you’re a prospective navigator looking forward to visiting Canyon Lake in Texas.

Canyon Lake Guide for Boaters in Texas (Places and Things to Know About Them)

Canyon Lake Guide for Boaters in Texas (Places and Things to Know About Them)

Sailingyes wants to make sure that boaters on Texan lakes are having fun all the time. So, this time, and on this post, we present the Canyon Lake guide for boaters to cover everything you need to know about this fantastic, well-like reservoir.

Below you can find a list of top places to stay (camp), eat at, visit, and call—in case of emergency. So, this is the ultimate guide you need to plan your next sailing or boating trip on Canyon Lake.

Top Camp & RV Sites Near the District

Top Camp & RV Sites Near the District

  • Lazy L&L Campground

Located at 11699 River Rd, New Braunfels, 78132, this is all the campers and RV owners’ go-to. It’s near the lake, only 4 mi. away, and a 10- to 15-minute drive would get you to the water. There’s a big RV site in the area that is 3-hour away from “Devil’s Playground.”

You can also benefit from the pavilion with great drinks and live music on Friday & Saturday each week. Plus, the prices at this place are not fancy and you can get a beer for only $3. Showers are clean and ready-to-use 24/7. However, you must pay $1 for a 6-minute bath.

  • Overlook Park

You can find this park at the Southeast end of Canyon Lake. It’s a free-of-charge place where you can hike, swim, camp, sunbathe, snorkel, and/or picnic. However, keep in mind that the water can get deep fast, so definitely be careful if you bring small children. A life vest would be a great gadget to carry with you in case of having minors in the group.

Since it may get crowded on weekends, there are several a-potties in the area as well as bathrooms. Getting there early will promise to have plenty of space and opportunity to utilize your water raft or folding chair at a desirable spot.

If you’re looking for a clean spot to spend several hours before heading back out on the water, this is the best bet. It’s very close to Canyon Lake and you can even walk to the port.

601 Coe Rd, Canyon Lake, 78133

  • Mountain Breeze Campground

This RV site is very close to Guadalupe River and it’s just 4.5 mi. away from the lake. We wanted to have it on our Canyon Lake guide for boaters because the scenery here is great, prices are not fancy (excluding the $20-bill for tubing), and there’s a lot to do to have fun.

Tubing is a very popular on-water activity here and there are bus rides upstream and back to the campsite for visitors. You can take a bus, go to the riverside, rent a tube, and start tubing right away. However, you must pay $20 every time you go through this process—so, plan your budget accordingly.

There are a bar and restaurant with excellent food and drink for fair prices. But you can also find a small store in the area to re-provision if necessary. Boaters usually don’t get the chance to spend much time shopping; so, this store will come in handy for a quick shopping task. But bear in mind that they have a $10 limit on debit cards!

201 Mt Breeze Camp, New Braunfels, 78132

Cranes Mill Park (USACE)

  • Cranes Mill Park (USACE)

Located at the west end of the lake, this is the ideal spot for Canyon Lake boaters. That’s so because there’s a marina right at the corner, allowing you to anchor the vessel and go for a hike. Unfortunately, there aren’t any swimming or fishing spots nearby, despite it being located on a peninsula.

So, those angling enthusiasts must take a short walk or ride into account to get to the Crappie Dock Cranes Mill Park. This is the best spot for fishing, and there are always anglers around.

Note: you can also bring your dog as it’s a pet-friendly park.

16700 Cranes Mill Rd, Canyon Lake, 78133

  • Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Hill Country, TX

Including a 3-star hotel in the Canyon Lake guide for boaters in Texas may sound strange. But Yogi Bear is an exceptional place that deserves to be on this list. It’s located at 12915 FM306, Canyon Lake, 78133, just 1.5 mi. away from Overlook Park.

They have tent campsites so that you can spend the night outdoors near the Guadalupe River. There’s also a rental golf cart to add to the fun. But mini-golf, laser tag, and gem mining are also available to kids.

  • JBSA Recreation Park @ Canyon Lake

It’s located beneath the FM Sam Recreation Area, offering the chance to get two birds with one stone! You can plan a daytime fun in JBSA and then head to the FM Sam.

But if you’re going to camp at JBSA, have these in mind. Wearing sunscreen is vital as you’ll be exposed to blazing sunlight daylong. For the best experience, bring a canopy or a comparable shade structure and set it up near a picnic table. Plus, have at least 1 gallon of water to guarantee hygiene during the trip.

Since there’s a swimming spot near the district, snorkeling is never a not-a-good-idea. So, bring the gears and don’t forget to have life vests for minors.

The entry fee is only $7 for day usage.

  • Lake Pointe RV Resort & Condos

This 55-acre lakefront resort is an ideal choice for those boaters looking for a serene hill country RV site near (almost on) the water. The swimming pools and their views of the lake are pleasing. Plus, there is a beautiful trail for jogging, dog walks or golf cart rides. If you like sunsets, deer watching, shade, sun, campfires & lots of water, you will not be disappointed.

2140 Lakeland Dr, Canyon Lake, 78133

  • Creek Hollow Cabins & RV Park

This is a family ran business located at 40970 FM3159, Canyon Lake, 78133. Although the cabins look rustic, they are all are clean and well situated, and that’s what makes them special.

There is a small pool, hot tube, Jacuzzi, laundry facility and some well-kept grounds near the cabins. Moreover, you get to have a fridge and freezer and all the cooking utensils you need in the cottages.

The beautiful surroundings and having an awesome lake-view would add up to the scenery. Moreover, there is a small town (1 mile away) with grocery stores, bank, small McDonald’s, donut shop, a couple of cafés, and other small businesses.

  • Potters Creek Park

“Scenic landscape with trails, wildlife, campgrounds & a lake for boating, swimming & fishing,” says the owner about it.

This spot is the go-to of anglers who’re seeking the scholars of fish. That’s why it deserves to be included in the Canyon Lake guide for boaters. You can rent a waterfront site and continue angling throughout the stay.

It’s a camp-, RV-, and tent-friendly park that provides you with shade structures when Texas is sunny—as usual. Those who travel with trailers will find this campsite an idyllic spot as there’s enough space for large crafts.

3145 Potters Creek Rd, 78133

Mystic Quarry

  • Mystic Quarry

We’re talking about a 3-star hotel that is only 2 miles away from Canyon Lake. It’s located off highway 306, and you can have access to Guadalupe River while residing here. (It’s just a minute away).

“Simple tipis offer minifridges, air-conditioning, and flat-screens; bathrooms are shared. Trendy cottages, some with lofts and bunk beds, sleep up to 6 guests and add kitchens, sitting areas, and decks, plus private bathrooms. Upgraded cottages add private courtyards and free Wi-Fi. There’s also a campsite and RV space.”

  • outdoor pool
  • sundeck
  • game room
  • lounge
  • gym
  • BBQ area
  • dog park
  • Rental of golf carts and river tubes

13190 FM306, 78133

  • Randolph Recreation Park

You get to rent very clean and well-kept cabins at this park. But the best thing about it is being quiet—almost year-round. Few boaters and tourists are aware of Randolph Recreation Park, and this has kept it a precious secret spot in Texas.

Right now, you can opt to be into this place for watersports and other comparable on-water activities. Or, you can anchor your PWC and start angling as there are plenty of catfishes in the water.

But that’s not even that, swimming is also one of the trendiest doings at this park. Plus, the wildlife is very active, making the landscape look even better. (The park is open 24/7).

781 Jacobs Creek Park Rd # 2, 78133

Places to Eat

Places to Eat

  • Granny D’s

Head out to 14312 FM306, Canyon Lake, 78133, to try the American cuisine near the water. A Canyon Lake guide for boaters would not be complete without Granny D’s. This place serves breakfast, sandwiches & classic entrees in a low-key, old-fashioned space.

The best time to visit it is around 9 to 10 A.M. when it’s not fully packed yet. However, the eatery starts operating from 7:30 A.M. 2 P.M. weeklong. You may not find a table around 11 A.M. to 12 P.M. as it gets really crowded. So, plan your visit accordingly.

14312 FM306, Canyon Lake, 78133

  • Gennaro’s Trattoria

An Italian restaurant right in the middle of the Lone Star State. It’s a family-owned business serving Southern Italian recipes in a quaint, unpretentious setting.

Their special of ribeye with lobster ravioli and grilled shrimp is a must-eat. Make sure to try them out at least once as you’re there.

It’s an ideal quiet place for lunch (or maybe brunch), but you may not effortlessly get a table at noon. Their peak working time starts at 6 P.M. and that’s when it gets jam-packed.

Note: Mondays and Tuesdays are off days and the restaurant is closed. But they start serving customers from 11 A.M to almost 9 or 10 P.M. other days.

18220 FM306, 78133

  • Las Barcas Tex-Mex

Being a go-to when it comes to Mexican food, Las Barcas is only 1.5 mi. away from the west end of Canyon Lake. This allows the boaters to grab a taco or two and head back to the marina as soon as possible.

It’s a small restaurant, but don’t let it fool you as the food is out of this world. Plus, the prices are never close to fancy and you’d not need to pass the budget line.

They start serving customers from 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. every day.

10103 FM2673, 78133

Baja BBQ Shack

  • Baja BBQ Shack

As the owner says “it’s a laid-back Mexican-American BBQ restaurant & bar boasting an outdoor deck overlooking a marina Barbecue restaurant.” But the most important thing about this eatery is that it’s the only one located in Canyon Lake!

Anyone boating or sailing on Canyon Lake must give their cuisine a try. Baja offers coffee, comfort food, kids’ menu, late-night food, quick bite, and small plates as extra services.

But another upside to this restaurant is that it’s located near Canyon Park and Madrone Trail. These 2 sites are an ideal option for those who’d like to go for a walk after eating a heavy meal.

Baja BBQ Shack starts serving from 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. each day.

280 Marina, 78133

  • Bare Bull BBQ

When out in the country you should try the local food, right? Well, Bare Bull is where you can taste some Texan flavored meat right next to the water. They have several outdoor seats for those who’d like to eat in open areas. But the indoor seats are second to none as well.

Must-try foods and side dishes are potato salad, rice, pinto beans, and the homemade BBQ sauce.

Don’t worry about the minors as they have a kid’s menu, along with comfort food, quick bite, small plates.

The place doesn’t serve on Monday and Thursday each week. But you can grab a meal from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. on the other days.

8545 FM2673, Canyon Lake, 78133

  • D’vine Home Cooking

Though it’s in a double-wide trailer, it’s one of those places where the quality of the food far surpasses the appearance of the place. D’vine is where you get the chance to eat domestic dishes. Everything at this family eatery costs less than $10. And you better get there soon as they run out of food and table fast.

Chicken fajita tacos and tortilla soup are two of their most popular items. But no matter what you order, the food will be satisfying. After all, “a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen and my kitchen is delicious,” says the sign in their kitchen!

This one is the hidden gem of the Canyon Lake guide for boaters. Few people know about D’vine Home Cooking and this has made it a unique spot for food fans. So, make sure to visit it at least once as you’ll become a regular afterward. (It’s just less than a mile away from the north end of the lake.

Note: the place is closed during Sunday and Monday. But they serve the customers from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M. Tuesday through Saturday.

2173 Potters Creek Rd, 78133

  • Wildflour Artisan Bakery & Grill

Looking for a place to have a brunch near the lake? Well, this is it. The Wildflour is a highly recommended eatery with an arsenal of delicious meals. Just order biscuits and gravy, chicken & waffles, fried-eggs, and whole hog patty sausage, and live the life!

These people usually take a break on Mondays. So, plan your visit accordingly. If you’d like to grab dinner at their place, you must be there either on Friday or Saturday. Other days, they just serve from 7 A.M. to 9 P.M.

2000 FM2673, Canyon Lake, TX 78133

On-Land Locations to Visit (Museums, and Landmarks)

On-Land Locations to Visit (Museums, and Landmarks)

  • The Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country Natural

According to their official website, “the museum has over 300 dinosaur tracks and 28 separate trackways made approximately 110 million years ago.”

If you’d like to see how The Lone Star State looked like 100 million years ago, this is the place to be. Kids will love it as there are several huge dinosaur statues in the area. Plus, they are open on July 4th, which gives you a great opportunity to plan a family-fun vacation on such a day.

It’s less than a mile away from the south end of Canyon Lake. So, a 13-minute drive would be enough to get there.

The entry fee is only $5 for adults, and it’s free for kids younger than 5. However, you must be there before 4 P.M. to see the dinosaurs’ footprints on the tracks.

history museum 4831 FM2673, 78133

  • Canyon Lake Spillway (Scissortail)

It’s a historical landmark near the Guadalupe River Trail which is a stretch of Hill Country river. The water is crisp and clear, as it comes from the cool depths of the lake. But the summer can make it a bit more crowded.

Well-liked on-water activities here are fishing and kayaking and hiking. But lots of people come here just to find a quiet spot and enjoy the nature, listening to the sound of the river.

Canyon Lake, TX 78133

  • Guadalupe River Trail

It’s within walking distance of Canyon Lake Spillway. So, you can make it a two-birds-one-stone situation, visiting a historical landmark and hike along the Guadalupe River.

Bear in mind that it’s going to be an all-nature walk; so, bring proper stuff. A couple of bottles of water, sunscreens, maybe some bandage (just in case), and toilet paper. Yes, there are no bathrooms in the area!

Hiking area 16510 S Access Rd, 78133

  • Canyon Lake Gorge Tours

It’s not a place that you can just go for a hike in. You need to purchase tickets ahead of time – $10 per person. The online purchasing process might bothersome to some extent. So, try to buy the tickets using your laptop rather than a smartphone.

You meet at the address listed on the business page, then a small air-conditioned bus drives you to the actual gorge, just a short drive away.

After you arrive at the gorge, everyone sits at picnic tables in the shade and the guide tells you about the flood and how the gorge was carved out. After that, the guide takes you through the gorge and explains so much more about the geology that was uncovered after the flood.

Note: there’s a restroom located at the parking area, then another one where the bus drops you off at the gorge. And there’s one more about halfway through the tour.

16029 S Access Rd, 78133

Landa Park

  • Landa Park

This 51-acre riverside park with a miniature train, nature trail, mini-golf, picnic tables & more is not really near Canyon Lake. But since it’s one of the greatest landmarks of Texas, having it on the list won’t be a not-a-good-idea.

A 40-minute drive will take you to this park where you can always find a patch of shade, a picnic table, and peace!

Since Comal River passes through the park, the operators offer paddle boats for an extra fee. They also have a dock for angling or just simply enjoying the wildlife. Plus, there’s a well-equipped playground in the area for your kids to never see them bored!

Get there early in the morning as they only keep the park open from 6 A.M. to 12 A.M.

164 Landa Park Dr, New Braunfels, 78130

  • Natural Bridge Caverns

Another not-so-close must-see place that requires a 30-minute drive—but it’s worth it! Natural Bridge Caverns is a popular spot with subterranean cavern tours & an elevated adventure course, plus a cafe & gift shop.

These caverns take you underground and you can see the original tunnel that is incredibly small. Also, the stalactites and stalagmites are second of none and a definite must-see. You can get a very detailed tour and get it all described in a very good way both in a group and as a private guide.

It’s open from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. all weeklong.

26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd, San Antonio, 78266


Closest Boat Repair Shops

Closest Boat Repair Shops

Since it’s a Canyon Lake guide for boaters, we wanted to add a list of boat repair shops too. That’s because the unwanted stuff is always right around the corner when you’re on the water with a PWC.

Below you can find the addresses and phone numbers for several top-notch repair shops around the lake.

  • Mayhem Marine

Address: 4738 FM2673

Phone number: (830)-226-5555

  • Sunchaser Marine Inc

Address: 151 Old Hancock Rd, 78133

Phone number: (830)-964-3312

  • Canyon Lake Adventures

Address: 161 Canyon Bend, 78133

Phone number: (830)-832-4155

  • Lindsey Marine

Address: 14194 FM306

Phone number: (830)-964-2803

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