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Everything about Sailing

Sailing Yes is the greatest website in the sailing industry which has a complete overview of the sailing world. We review and evaluate sailing yachts, sailing clubs, and sailboats all around the world.

Different types of sailboats

The sailboat is smaller than the sailing ship and the contact of the wind to the sails is the potential power for the moving. (1) every sea and region need their own special boat type. Several boats may be appropriate for the eastern waters whereas they are the worst types …

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General information about sailing

Sailing is going to be popular among the people. So, the fundamental information about the sailing can be really helpful for the newcomers. We wish this article obviates the lack of sailing information a little. Contents: Kinds of sailing The safety of sailing Reasons to learn sailing Thinking before go …

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history of Sailing

Sailing has been a current entertainment and sport for many people around the world who are enthusiastic to challenge with the sea under the hardest circumstances and have ability of mastering sail-boat in the complicated situations, after over a century being in the Olympics. (6) in spite of changing in …

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