Clear Lake in Texas

Clear Lake in Texas: All Touristic Questions Answered – Sailing, Food, Nightlife, and Hotels

Being a part of the Galveston Bay Area, the Clear Lake Area has a great many numbers of touristic attractions. And for this reason, many people opt to visit the area year-round.

Clear Lake in Texas

If you’re among the people who would like to pay this beautiful region a visit, it’s the right page for you. We will provide you with dirty-and-quick answers to some of the most frequent questions (FAQs) about the lake.

You’ll find out how to sail, where to stay, what to eat, how to have fun—and beyond—while in the Clear Lake Area, TX.

How to Sail on Clear Lake in Texas?

There are lots of sailing schools in the area offering sailing courses and hands-on practices. So, you could head to one of them for a real sailing experience—though you’re an amateur or beginner sailor. Moreover, you can bring your own boat, yacht, etc. and try sailing on the Clear Lake Area as a loner.

However, what we recommend is heading out to South Coast sailing school. That’s so because they offer everything you need when it comes to sailing. Whether you’re an amateur sailor missing your sailboat, or a beginner who’s curious about sailing, this school has something special in its pockets.

Since they are ASA certified, you can rely on their practices as well as the service. The staff will always be there for you and ASA sailing experts (aka your teachers) will give you all the necessary information. So, one thing is for sure after the courses, you’ll go back home either as a professional sailor or a new sailing enthusiast.

What? You don’t like to take sailing courses on the vacation? Well, here’s what you should know about South Coast sailing school: they have much more to offer! It’s not those courses that you could benefit from. Inversely, there is also a variety of bed & breakfast options you could fall in love with. But that’s not it either. You can join powerboat cruising trips as well as fishing tours with a professional guide. So, what are you waiting for?


502 Texas Ave | Kemah | TX 77565


  • Is it okay to swim in clear lake Texas? Uh—yeah about that… you can NOT swim in the Clear Lake. And that’s because it’s illegal to swim in all the lakes of Texas. Therefore, try not to jump in the water.

Where to Find a Jet Ski in Clear Lake, TX?

There are enough watercraft rental businesses near the are that you could easily find one. All you need to do is look around and find a proper place to rent a jet ski for a couple of hours—if you’re a watersports enthusiast. By the way, you can bring your own jet ski and join the fun with no need to help.

It’s an area where you can not only have jet ski-fun but also find lots of people who share the same interests with you. That said, if you want to make some new watersports enthusiasts friends, just pay the Clear Lake Area a visit. You’ll find lots of them—for sure.

Speaking of watersports, there’s a great place where you can rent a jet ski in the are that you should be aware of. Nautica Watercrafts is a local business that offers lots of unique crafts available for rental. And the good news is that the prices are highly affordable.

Where to Find a Jet Ski in Clear Lake, TX?

But wait; they have some special things to offer those never-a-loner type of people. A guided fishing tour, for instance, is what you may be missing out in the family trip. However, there’s also a sunset or night cruise tour with one of the greatest sailboats in the area. And that means romantic dates are welcomed as well! (you could even propose to your partner during one of these sunset or night cruises, why not huh?).

(832) 244-7499

Under 146 Bridge | Next to Kemah Boardwalk | Kemah, TX 77541

Can You Go Kayaking in Clear Lake Texas?

Yes, you can go kayaking in the Clear Lake Area—without any problems. However, you should remember that it’s not legal to swim in the lake. So, plan your kayaking adventure accordingly.

If you don’t have a kayak with you but still want to experience it, there are lots of watercraft rental businesses nearby. So, you definitely won’t find it hard to find a kayak for rental.

Can You Go Kayaking in Clear Lake Texas?

But to make it even easier for you, here’s a suggestion. Head out to Kayak Shack, a canoe & kayak rental service, and opt to rent what you need—like a piece of cake. It won’t cause bankruptcy. So, just stop worrying about your trip budget while renting watercraft at this place. They have tried to keep the prices affordable, and that’s why people love them.


622 Marina Bay Dr | Kemah | TX 77565

What Is the Best Entertainment Cruise in Clear Lack Texas?

There are several entertainment cruising service providers in the Clear Lake Area. However, Star Fleet Yachts is the best one—by far. They offer public cruising tours and onboard bar as well as a dance floor. And to make a long story short, they are all you need to have fun on the waters of Clear Lake, TX.

This company has five main cruising boats and can handle having more than 300 people on board at the moment. In other words, they are huge—and really professional at the same time.

What Is the Best Entertainment Cruise in Clear Lack Texas?

Is that it? Of course, not. They have some interactive services which you would fall in love within no time. Okay, let me give you some hints. There’s a Murder Mystery Dinner thing on the list of Star Fleet Yachts’ services, which is just amazing. It’s an interactive service where you should try to find who the murderer is—while eating your dinner meal. How cool is that huh?

280 Grove Road | Kemah, TX 77565

Where to Go on a Picnic in Clear Lake, TX?

Since the Clear Lake Area is a part of the Galveston Bay Area, you can head out to Bayou Wildlife Park for a picnic. There are lots of proper picnic tables in the area where you can eat your lunch. And moreover, there’s a patch of shade every two or three feet—so running away from the sunlight while picnicking won’t be hard.

Bayou Wildlife Park is where you can go for a picnic. And have the most wonderful moments”

Are you looking for an expert tip? Read on you’re on the right page. And here’s one: when going to a picnic, try to bring your launch. That’s because the area doesn’t have a restaurant – except those working for lovely animals.

Okay, seriously, there are no animal restaurants around. Instead, there are lots of animals walking around! You can get the chance to see 500 lovely and cute animals at once. Sounds interesting, you say? Well, wait to see your kids’ excitement.

(281) 337-6376

5050 FM 517 | Alvin, TX 77511

Is There Any Art Gallery Near Clear Lake Texas?

Of course, there are several art galleries in the area. (the Urban Easel, Joan Burger Slam, Art forum, Pleasant Art Studio, Lisa Cain Folk Art, and Upper Bay Frame & Gallery, just to name a few). But the best one—by far—is the University of Houston – Clear Lake Art Gallery.

Being renovated in 2012, the UHCL Gallery is where you can get enough of art stuff – and come back for more. There are lots of art-related events held in this gallery year-round. So, no matter when you visit it, there’s always something fun going on behind the doors.

If you live in the Clear Lake Area, we recommend paying a regular visit to this place. That’s because lots of art-focused lectures and presentations are available once a while.

Is There Any Art Gallery Near Clear Lake Texas?

Moreover, some worldwide well-known artists opt to hold an exhibition in the UHCL Gallery. Which means you can get the chance to visit some of the most iconic pieces of contemporary art.

Bayou Building, Atrium I, Level 1
2700 Bay Area Blvd | Box 94
Houston | TX 77058-1002

How to Have Nightlife-Fun in Clear Lake Texas?

Nightlife in the Clear Lake Area is a must-experience thing. There are dozens (if not hundreds) local places where you can entertain yourself night-long. And as a surprise to no one, there are all kinds of food and beverages available in the area. (Studio 80, Buck Wild Country Dance Club, The Hope Nite Club & Diner, and The Davenport Lounge Clear Lake just to name a few).

But if you want a combination of all the offered stuff in one place, pay Big Texas Clear Lake a visit. It’s a place where you can dance & drink until the sun is out again. And the good news is that it won’t stop there.

If you’re a bit shy of hitting the dance floor, Big Texas Clear Lake is there for you. They have scheduled a specific time (from 6 to 7 p.m.) to teach you how to dance! Yes, they will be the savior angel you need before coming under the spotlight. And you know what? It’s all free.

However, if dancing doesn’t sound like a great idea, you can also listen to the hottest music of the most talented Texan country music artists. This means it’s not just about dancing and drinking; and in an interesting way, you can enjoy a full show during the nightlife-fun adventure.


803 NASA Road 1 | Webster | TX 77598

Where to Stay in Clear Lake Texas?

Since the Clear Lake Area is part of several cities and counties in Texas, finding a place to stay won’t be hard. However, some of the most famous hotels near the area are Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake, Courtyard by Marriot Houston, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, and Hilton Garden Inn.

But if money is not a matter on your trip, we have an idea. There’s a hotel in the area which you can eat and stay like a VIP. It’s called Kemah Boardwalk Inn and reserving a room at this place costs just a shy of $300. And yes, it’s not going to be a budget-effective move to spend the holidays there. But just don’t let the price tag fool you.

Where to Stay in Clear Lake Texas?

You get much more than you pay—and having the greatest view is just the smallest thing you would be thankful about. The food is just beyond amazing and the staff is superbly professional.

So, if you want to spend a couple of nights at the Clear Lake Area, Kemah Boardwalk is the best bet. (it deserves a try).


Waterfront #8 | Kemah, TX 77565



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