General information about sailing

Sailing is going to be popular among the people. So, the fundamental information about the sailing can be really helpful for the newcomers. We wish this article obviates the lack of sailing information a little.


Kinds of sailing

Sailing is, steering the yacht by dragging the sails. The boater propels the boat forward and changes the direction by controlling the steering wheel, rigging and the central board. (6) Controlling the boat by Forcing wind on the sails refers to sailing contrary to windsurfing and surfing. Traveling and fishing that called sailing was done by boats in the past. But since the 17th century, Sailing was become a sport. nowadays, sailing is the sport and the hobby for the fan of environment that the skills of using wind is really important. (1)  World sailing governs the rules and controls authority of the sailing sport worldwide. Promoting this sport in all its branches and sanctions sailing events and activities, is also the function of the world sailing. (2)

From the 17th century up to second half of the 20th century, only the rich people could do sailing. But during the 1950s and 60s, invention of new materials- like plywood-that led to easier and cheaper yacht construction than before, made this sport become more accessible for everyone. Today, it is the favorite entertainment for a lot of people throughout the world either on lakes or on rivers to the wide-open ocean. (1)

Sailing is an appropriate opportunity for any age, capability and strength level with many different kinds. (2) Sailing and cruising are the two types of sailing. Racing is the competition that you can see in Olympics. But cruising is when most people go sailing on holidays or at the weekend and enjoy. (1) Racing and Cruising consist of various subdivisions. The below information is the explanation of more common subsets.

Fleet Racing

The most prevalent arrangement of competitive sailing is Fleet racing. It is held in two kinds: one-design and handicap. One-design racing is when the boats compete against each other with the same features such as same architecture, same sailing zone and … . But in handicap racing is not essential for the boat to be the same. Fleet racing can be cross-sectional with several happening in a day or racing around the world such as the Volvo Ocean Race.

Match racing

This is limited to the competition between two boats that the winner is a person who first crosses the finish line. In this type individual strategies and tactics are really important. Match racing competition is an upwind/downwind course. each race can be done in almost 20 minutes, depends on the boat and a sailor.

Each yacht must arrive the starting zone four minutes before the starting time. When they enter they will take part in pre-start competition and make an endeavor to take benefits from each other. If any boat disobeys the rule in the pre-start competition, the other one receives a penalty or gets the better position on the starting line so managing the race is easier for it.

Referee boats chase the boats on the water and make immediate decisions about the infringement and penalty. Referees for showing which boat has been given a penalty use yellow and blue flags and if they want to show no penalty is given in the occasion, they use green flag.

Completing the full circle penalty turn is the task for the boat when is penalized. This can be carried out at any time during the competition before the finish line. If one boat has a penalty and the other one gets a penalty after that, their penalties are cancelled out. Disqualification factor for the boat is to get three penalties.

Match Racing Events

quantity of the participants and choice of the coordinators determine the arrangement of the events of match racing. A familiar arrangement of match racing event is to sail round robin where every team compete against each other and the superiors are determined in knock out stages. First and second participants are defined in final and a petite-final is for deciding third and four.

A lot of competitions are essential for creating a match racing event. Thus, the race committee has arranged many matches into sequence. This means when the first match between two boats in almost 20 minutes were finished, the second match is begun in the same field. Usually, there are four matches in a sequence.

The event coordinators provide the using equipment for competitors in most match racing. This is for which the equipment must be as same as possible. At first, a random draw is managed to ensure about fair play and to determine which team sails in which boat every day and during a round robin stage.


America’s Cup is the most well-known match racing event. In this cup, it isn’t essential to have identical boats. Bermuda Gold Cup in 1937 is the first match race that was held with one design yacht and Briggs Cunningham from USA won this cup. Briggs also won the first America’s cup in field of 12-meter boats. ISAF Match Racing World Championship was formed in 1988 and afterwards has held every year. This was paved the way for IYRU to announce a ranking system for match racing sailors in 1989. From 2006 so far, ISAF World Champion is also the name of the winner of the World Match Racing Tour.

In 1999, Women’s World Championship has been formed and in 2007 women’s match racing was selected for the women’s keelboat event at the 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition.

Team Racing

Challenging between two teams, each of three yachts, against each other is the team racing. Success in this type of racing relies on perfect skills of handling yachts and instant appropriate making decision. Teams make an endeavor to attain a winning combination of places and the Victory accrues to the team with the lowest score. The scoring system is 1 for first place, 2 for second and so on. The overall points for a team must be ten or less to win. So, the success of one boat from three in a team doesn’t demonstrate the victory of the team.

There are two major weapons for each team. The first one is they can locate their yacht between the wind and their competitor, so blanketing his sails and slowing him down. The second one is they can take benefits from the way rule as come nearer to their adversary in the way that their competitor has to change the way or suffer a penalty.

Referees who are following the participants on the water oversee the match accurately. If a boat protest against another, they can accept this so they should complete a 360 degree penalty turn straight away or expect the referee decision which may be green flag or a 720 degree turn.

Team Racing Events

The standard arrangement of this racing which was defined by the ISAF Team Racing World Championship is two-person dinghies with three boats in a team. The event coordinators prepare supplies in order to ensure they are as similar as possible for all teams.


In 1921, The first main global team racing event along with the first British-American series sailed in 6M boats, was started. The international 14 class started a multi-nation series from 1933 so far. Development of the one design dinghy in the 1940s and 1950s paved the way for team racing to be a cheap and amusing way to take pleasure from sailing.

Team Racing is the fundament of the collegiate sailing that take place in various and competitive university courses in most of the superior sailing nation worldwide. The erstwhile student teams last sailing with each other independently or under the club flags.

Since 1949, host of the Wilson Trophy was West Kirby Sailing Club. This club also is defined as the primitive inventor of umpiring on the water and the use of color coded boats and sails. This club held the first IYRU Team Racing World Championship in 1995. This competition is bi-annual event in the sailing calendar nowadays.


Oceanic and Offshore racing that refers to any competition over 800 miles was developed by World Sailing. Various Oceanic and Offshore racing events are managed for one design classes along with the handicap or scoring systems. World sailing and event coordinators oversee the calendar of events to attain an organized program.

The differences in the standards of safety and circumstances led the six categories of the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations to constitute. The variety types of oceanic and offshore racing, which consist of racing all over the ocean and racing in the protected water for a day are also reflected in these regulations.

World Sailing Major Oceanic Events

World Sailing Offshore Team World Championship is the bi-annual event. This championship was approved by World sailing and has been held in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010.

In 2010, a group of main Oceanic event coordinator confirmed the World Sailing Oceanic Protocol and the major Oceanic events were agreed, some of them are below:

  • Barcelona World Race
  • La Route de Rhum – La Banque Postale
  • The Transat
  • Volvo Ocean Race (also a World Sailing Special Event)
  • Velux 5 Oceans
  • Vendee Globe

Para World Sailing

Sailing is the adaptable sport in which different people in mentality and fitness even with disability can take part. Thus, Para World Sailing was formed and managed by Head Office of World sailing in London and the Para World Sailing Committee.

Disable people can also steer the boat and sail as well although it is clear that some are more suitable than others. In 1996, Sailing was added in the Paralympic Games as a demonstration event and it has been full medal sport until the Rio 2016 Para Games. Sailing in one of the Para sport that the people with any disability can compete against each other.


The most common and enjoyable sailing course is Cruising that can be in the coast or in longer distance when crossing the ocean and national border. (2,4)


Foiling, newcomer in sports, is going to be a new branch of sailing and adherent clubs is increasing. This happens when the boat lifts up over the water by the wing segment under the water. No hull in the water and an increase in visible wind can increase the speed effectively. For the people who like low-height flight and the pace, this can be wonderful. You can see the silence of the world as you fly.

The fundamental foiling theory can be inferred from 1920s. After WWII, the Commercial power-driven hydrofoils were developed and in the 1970s and 1980s, the usage crested. Speed sailors have been experimenting with foils for many years. James Grogono with a small association of amateurs developed a foiling Tornado that the name was “Icarus”.


Recently, using curved dagger boards which lift the boats partly out of the water are become common. The name “skimming” or “semi-foiling” affixes to this kind. But when the yacht lifts up a lot over the water, curved dagger boards aren’t appropriate for full foiling because of the little lateral resistance. Nacra 17 is the most well-known skimming catamaran, now adopted as an Olympic class for 2016 and 2020. (3)

The safety of sailing

Since more people have been attracted to the sailing, the safety and well-being on the sailboat found their importance. Usually, the newcomers in sailing worry about the accidents that maybe lead them to ignore their passion and give up. But the most important factor is in sailing like other sport, if you notice to the safety equipment and safety consideration, sailing will be enjoyable not dangerous. The below information is just about the major accidents that maybe you face when you are on the boat. (5)

Pirates in the way

In the reality pirates’ invasion can really occur. But the prevalence is not as much as the people think about. Bad people are everywhere but it doesn’t mean you should imprison yourself in your house, you should be looking for the solution. Not only the sailing can be more dangerous than some other sports but also it can be more enjoyable than the others.

Pirates always are in the ambush. If they catch you, there isn’t any guarantee that you can return your home safety. But the result to prevent is really easy. Imagine that you must abandon your house at midnight, you never go to the dark alleys or even where ever you consider there may be dangerous for you. This is as same as when you are on the boat. Bad people are going to do bad things, but if we do something that increases our exposure possibility to them, it is our fault. You should just go in the safe and international pass ways. (5,7)

Boats and Death

Thinking about death, is it good or bad? Death is surrounding us, but we don’t like to think about that. I’m not advising you to think about it all the time but just a little in order to reach the belief that the life is more valuable than we give it credit for. Life is inspired by the excitement and enjoyment. the possibility of happening bad things is just immuring us and doesn’t let us take enough pleasure from the life. So, the fact is don’t live with the possibility.

For better determination of death on boats, we need criterion. So, we chose driving as the most related, land-based counterpart. Every year, The U.S Coast Guard publishes the gathered details from boat-related accidents. Thus, all the information below is adapted to 2014 Accident Statistics Report from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Real boating deaths ratio in compare with driving deaths:

The U.S Coast Guard announced that the reason of the 17 out of every 100,000 people was the car-related accident whereas only the 5 out of every 100,000 people was the boat-related accident.

Consequently, the driving deaths is nearly 3 times more than the boating deaths. Well, maybe the yacht is safer than the car.

On the plus side, investigating the boating deaths has indicated that the befuddling of the person and being in an open powerboat are the similarities in most of them. Hence, in my opinion the ratio of boating death can decrease noticeably and the sailing can be safer if we don’t use powerboat and at least we don’t drink wine in the journey. Additionally, the deaths that took place exactly on the yacht are far fewer than those we know as the boat-related accident.

Facing with storm

naturally, none of us don’t like to be in such situations. But the phenomenon doesn’t announce. Nowadays, development of the technology leads the sailors to become professional in avoiding hurricanes. It is easy to forecast the weather condition before make decision to go sailing. For this purpose, several radio stations were built that informing the boats and yachts of developing storms are their tasks. Thus, the best way to escape from the hurricane is, not going to meet it and this is achieved only with keeping tabs on the weather.

If we wind up in the storm, we did make a lot of mistakes such as we neglected the hurricane season, didn’t check the weather forecast and ignored the fleeing fleet of boats leaving the area. In addition, sometimes the weather forecast is going to be wrong.

Imagine, you find yourself in the central of the hurricane although you checked the weather forecast, what do you do?

Most of the boats are manufactured to float upside down or right-side up and It takes an enormous amount of abuse to actually sink one. So, boats can survive a storm in open water but it depends on our handling skills. They are self-righting and most of them can get knocked over, with the mast on the wrong side of up, and right itself.

Checking the weather forecast, applying common sense and making best instant decisions are the necessities for dealing with the storm. The superior factor of us is that we can see the formation and development of the storms weeks before they happen. So, we can make ready ourselves for them. (5,7)

Boat capsizing

Indeed, capsizing is a very rare accident. But if a boat capsizes, it is very difficult to return that to the first state. capsizing a boat with the size larger than the dinghy is uncommon. Because of the architecture that arranged specifically for this situation. For example, if the monohulled boats capsizes, the weighted keels return the boat to the first state. However, the boats should have several safety features for the precaution such as hatches. They let the crews go to the top of the boat and, as a somewhat conciliatory bonus, they are particularly stable when in the inverted position.

Falling in the water

although analytically rare, Falling in the sea can be a serious danger and if the water is cold , the hypothermia is common and increases the danger. Places with the warm water is the most destination of cruising. However, nobody likes falling in the sea suddenly. Particularly when the sea is wavy and stormy that there is possibility of death.

The naval architects paid attention to this danger and added some features on the boats as in the keelboat and catamaran design was taken in to account and also in larger boats, the boom was kept out of harm’s way when in the cockpit. consequently, only the boom is not adequate for safety. That’s why the crews should be well aware of this danger especially when they are on the mast and when they are boating downwind.

The most important precaution is the sailing vests that automatically inflate in contact of the water. It is necessary for all the crews to wear this vest as soon as they board the ship. The Royal Yachting Association basically mandates that all its sailors wear deck vests at all times. In warm water, Sailors who can swim; only wear the vests when they reckon a danger.

If you have phobia about falling in the water, the best solution is to learn swimming. Although it may be not much helpful in the stormy and wavy ocean, it can help you to not drown. On the plus side, when you are going to go sailing, you should ensure that you brought your suitable vest with yourself. because firstly, your concerns about falling in the water become less. Secondly, even if you fall, you can deliver yourself to the safe place. (7)

Eventually, learning swimming and bringing or wearing a sailing vest are two much important options for newcomers. In addition, sailing with experts who know how to sail is suggested. (6)

What about sharks

Threat of sharks is as important as the falling in the water. We hear a lot that the people don’t go swimming in the clean and warm water only because of the fear of sharks. But when you fall in to the water during sailing it is not optional to encounter with sharks. So, for preventing such this situation, you should choose the safe journey pass ways before departure or at least be more careful in dangerous situation. is the familiar site for sailors. This site indicates where sharks invasion happen all around the world. Places that are more likely in exposure of shark attack -mentioned as “hotspot” in site- have been showed in this site. Reunion Island (in the Indian Ocean off Africa) and some Australian beaches are some of them.

Additionally, there are several useful safety equipment for the people who can’t swim without fear. But who prefers swimming with these?

In my opinion, if you chose the safest place for swimming or sailing, there is no reason for the panic. So, just take the thoughts away and take enough pleasure from the water.

Getting lost

The main cruising zones have perfect plans. The marine navigation also is really helpful. These two weapons are the rescuer of us when we get lost.

Marine navigation in these days is really easy. Because of the several very good nav apps. It depends on you to choose which one.

Additionally, your captain should be expert in steering the boat for the sailing. For this purpose, there are several courses. The Bareboat Skipper course is one of them that is week fast-track course that can take someone with prior sailing experience and turn them into a skipper. This is also one of the best courses for the newcomers.

The US Coast Guard announced that the expert captains who were trained a boating safety course can reduce the danger by a factor of more than five. From all the main recorded accidents, just around 10% of the boats had such this captain.

In conclusion, Sailing is far safer than a lot of sports even than driving with the car. It is one of the safest outdoor activities that can be done. Consequently, don’t let the unknown fear give you up from going sailing. (7)

Reasons to learn sailing

Sailing is an exciting sport with a lot of benefits, not only the mental advantages but also the physical advantages. The simplest advantage is that it is so much fun and you can take a lot of pleasures from that. the fondling breeze on your face, the mild movement of the boat as it floats upside down on the water and a beautiful blue sky near the sun are the minimum beauties that you can feel in sailing. Sailing is not a sport, it is a lifestyle. (12)

Advantages of being beside the sea and sailing

The ocean is defined as the supplying source of nutrition for the people all around the world. Additionally, it has a lot more advantages that you can benefit from by sailing or even just being beside that. (9) the advantages below are just some of them:

  1. You can see the beautiful environment and astonishing ecosystem along with breathing the sea air. Sea air is full of the healthy negative ions which enhance the speed of absorbing the oxygen in the lungs. Negative ions also keep the Serotonin levels in state of normal. That’s why you are more active and relaxed after the vacation. (8,9,10,17) The real face of God is only understood in the nature. Blue waters under the starry sky, nautical phosphorescence chasing the boat, cheerfully jumping of the dolphins close the boat, and traveling as quick as the albatross. These are not just beauties these are the real face of God. (11) On the boat you feel free of the all dependencies and only see the nature beauties that pave the way for reach to the God. (19)
  2. The studies have showed that we can benefit from the ‘blue space’, not only emotionally but also psychologically. They also demonstrated that the sound of waves and motions of water reduce our stress level by changing the wave patterns. (10) Changing the wave patterns in the brain leads you to become relaxed. The renewing of your mind and body is the result of this kind of relaxing. Additionally, floating in water causes the blood to pump from the lower limbs to the abdominal region. Fresh blood that is passed around the body makes us more conscious and active by bringing more adequate oxygen. (8,9)
  3. Being in exposure of the sunshine influences the body endocrine system which secretes endorphins. Endorphins are the main chemicals in our body that decrease the stress and create the relaxation of the body. Likewise, not only a precise amount of the sun can be kind of the remedy for several skin diseases such as psoriasis but also it can be helpful for the people with the vitamin D shortages. In fact, the Ultra violet radiation as a subset of the sun’s rays is the main treatment for the diseases of the skin. The Ultra violet radiation helps dry the skin, making it exfoliate and leading healing to happen. The dermatologists who issued the results of their research in the Oxford-based medical journal Skin Research and Technology claimed that seawater is better treatment than the usual treatment (sodium lauryl sulphate) of the dermatitis. In addition, the studies demonstrated that bathing in the seawater for a while, increases the elasticity of the skin as well as improves its outer appearance. Afterwards, the examination of the seawater has indicated that the salt and the potassium chloride are the main healers. They seal the injured skin and pave the way for better repairing of the skin. (9)
  4. This can be practice for your mind and your ability of solving problem. When you are using the wind to propel your boat or when you are trying to choose the best beer according to the temperature, in fact you are practicing your ability of solving problem. Among the sports, maybe Sailing only let your spirit ramble in the fluctuating motions of waves and quiet of the breeze.
  5. Ocean is the best place for being free from the technology and the most romantic place for expressing the love to each other. Sailing is the best time to escape from the pollution and noises of the city and also leads you to become more relaxed along with having great conversation with your friends. (10)
  6. You can do sailing alone. So, this can be a great time for thinking about everything you want or this can be a relaxing time for yourself when you are watching the sea in silence and you don’t care about the date and sunrise/sunset just notify you about the time. (10,11,16)
  7. The counterpart of the loneliness on the boat is the accompaniment of friends. The best knowledge about the people is understood in the journeys. The difficulties and challenges that the boat will create for you in the voyage, will be solved only with teamwork and the teamwork leads your hearts to be closer. In Racing also, individuals are getting together in a team with the unique purpose of winning. (11,18) Sailing is the best activity with your family and your friends of all ages. Communicating with each other in the cockpit at midnight have solved the momentous problems between the family members and also among the friends. Additionally, boating is the best activity for the honeymoon with your love. you can be secluded on your yacht as well as try new activities to create lasting memories together. (16)
  8. As you step on the boat, world just summarized in the boat and other matters fade away little by little. But, the enjoyment becomes important. (18) This is an opportunity for testing yourself. Sailing is the real competition between the sailor and the environment. You sail a lot of times maybe without interruption even while the weather is rainy or windy. (11) every moment, you should be aware of the necessities for keeping your crew and yourself safe along with you should know what happens next to reflect as well. (18)
  9. A chance to learn. The sense of pleasure and honor, is achieved from learning how to sail, is unforgettable. There is nothing better than while you are feeling your superiority in sailing on the boat. Whether it’s a dinghy or a motorboat or an enormous ocean cruiser, the skill of steering the boat is a great success. (16) Sailing in different situations needs a lot of skills that maybe you didn’t know heretofore. So, grabbing the opportunity and learn the skills such as navigation, ship handling, leadership, mechanical/electrical/plumbing troubleshooting and repair, ropework and line handling even cooking. (11) in addition, your information about the weather and wind patterns such as fronts, pressure and wind direction alterations advance. (13) By all means, these skills will be helpful for yourself in whole continue of your life.
  10. You become familiar with new marine terminology. abaft the beam, boom vang, hove to, and hard-a-lee are the sentences that you get to say. Originally, several common sentences currently come from the marine literature: Three sheets to the wind, know the ropes, by and large, close quarters, shake a leg, loose cannon, in the offing and … are some of them.
  11. Physical, mental and spiritual health: sailing promotes your fitness even more than some sports. (11) Your body especially upper limbs become stronger as you are dragging the sails. (13) It also keeps your spirit and mind in normal state. (11) Happiness is the gift of sailing to you. So, set sails, do whatever and go wherever that you want with your lovely friends in order to take as much as you can pleasure from the nature. (16)
  12. On the boat you will learn the endurance and concentration. As you are trying fishing, the endurance is essential or steering the boat without the concentration is impossible. (13)
  13. Acquiring a lot of new different experiences: the more you sail on the ocean, the more you face with the extraordinary experiences. It isn’t important how many times you go sailing, each experience that you get from every journeys is entirely different from the last one. The chance to see unique places is provided in each trip. Diversity and spontaneity experiences in traveling to various destinations are accompanied with several dangers. But, they can’t be very important if you follow the safety precautions.
  14. Although the experiences are different from each other, their quality certainly depend on the destinations. Sightseeing various places is another benefit of sailing. But, the maximum advantage of sailing is when you visit multiple destinations in one trip.
  15. In my opinion, relaxing is the best benefit of the sailing. It doesn’t matter how busy and depress you are when you are watching the gorgeous sunset or soaking up the sea or even lying in your hammock on the boat. Sailing is making you ready for a year activity. (16)
  16. The Freedom can be felt as your choices to go where and do what are very vast. hauling to the nature is just because of the sense of freedom. (19)
  17. Peace and silence are entered to your life by sailing. You can achieve these remedies for your stress inly with sailing. Sailing teaches the stressful person how to react in response of the difficulties of the life and let the busy people know their life is more worthwhile than they just spend their time on their work.
  18. Speed is the inseparable part of the sailing. As you know there are a lot of sailing competitions for the pace adherents all over the world that you can take part in and take pleasure from the speed. In racing while you are positioning the boat or curtailing the sails or spreading the weight to speed up the boat, you learn how to refine and advance your skills as fast as possible.
  19. nature and human cooperation is seen in sailing. Wind in the sails propel the boat forward or the stars show the correct direction. Sailing also is defined as friend with the nature when your boat is not pouring the fuels in the water in order to not harm the environment.

In conclusion, sailing can bind you together and promote your friendship, increase your experiences and expand your connection with the environment worldwide. It also informs you about your abilities and skills by creating challenging situations. (18)

Whatever we say about the advantages of the sailing is not as important as the sailors say about. Thus, YBW website asked several sailors in America and England about their attitude about sailing in 2016. You can see some of the responses to the question of “what is the best thing about sailing” below.

Abigail from New York, USA, whose yacht is a sloop said: “Being out on the sea, feeling free and feeling that nothing can stop you”.

Philip from Chichester, England, answered: “The freedom of it and the complete departure from everything else in your life.”

Mark from Alton, USA, replied: “The freedom, the fresh air and being out.”

Janette from Gosport, England, who sails on a Hunter Medina responded: “The freedom and the exhilaration of being on the water.”

Katie from Southampton, England, whose boat is Jaguar 25 answered: “The sense of freedom. You get to see things from a different perspective.”

Peter from Haslemere, England, used to sail a Bavaria 44 said: “Getting away from everyone and everything. You think about nothing but sailing.”

Eleanor from Winchester, England, whose boat is Sunfast 3200 responded: “The freedom and the sense of adventure.”

Rob from Newbury, England, currently races in a 40-foot Kora answered: “Adrenaline.” (14)

By all means, we aimed to say the fundamental information as well as the profits of the sailing for the people who don’t know sailing as well. On the other hand, sailing like any sports has some difficulties and can be not amazing for all people. Thus, we should illuminate some facts about sailing that maybe extremely change your mind.

Thinking before go sailing

Sailing to the far distance areas of the world may sound wonderful, but there are some issues you should think about them first before go sailing.

if you spend a lot of times to know everything about sailing, prepare your supplies as well and make yourself ready for a long abroad journey, you still forgot something. Frankly, you don’t realize necessities completely until you set the sails downwind and propel the boat. Unpredictability is the trait of the sailing.

The skills of steering and handling the boat is just half of the sailing. The ability to adapt yourself with the cruising lifestyle specifically when you have child is the rest of that. Cruising lifestyle is different from the usual urban lifestyle. So, if you think that you are a professional cruiser take a look at the information below. You may not be as ready to cruise as you think… .

  1. If your imagination of cruising is the ready breakfast and drinks, the cruising is not the thing that you are reasonable for. As the sailor you should do all jobs by yourself even making drinks.
  2. The boats are fluctuating on the waves and you have to cook in such condition. Is it possible for you to cook without burning yourself and the boat as well as not vomiting? The “Yes” is the response of the cruiser.
  3. In the long journeys maybe you have to wear one clothes for consecutive days in periods of 16 hours a day. Is it bothering you or not? If “No” you’re welcome to the cruiser community.
  4. If your imagination is, traveling between beautiful places is faster than half the speed of sound; cruising on the ocean with the sailboat is not suitable for you. But not disappointed, maybe you have been created for powerboat cruising.
  5. If you really concern about your hygiene especially your smelling and don’t like to attend launch with your companions while you are smelling stench, you might not take enough pleasure from the cruising.
  6. The ladies with the fashionable lifestyle who can’t even abandon their beauty stuffs such as spa pedicures, gel manicures, gym memberships and color or waxing aren’t appropriate for the cruising.
  7. The people who are sensitive to the rays of the sun don’t even think of cruising.
  8. If you’re not accustomed to wake up at 2 am and this makes you angry and maybe leads you to fight with someone who woke you up, the cruising is not for you.
  9. The boat probably is perforated during the trip. Are you ok with tracking down the source of different leaks in order to save your life? “Yes” is the response of the cruiser.
  10. The seawater is the inseparable part of the journeys. Falling in water and drinking seawater is also common. But can you tolerate this situation? If not, you’ve got a long way to go before cruising.
  11. Shower on the boat is as far different as the one in the home. You can take shower on the boat with the 5-gallon solar shower strapped to the boom after heat up them. This is just one of the difficulties of cruising. The cruising is waiting for you, if you don’t have any problem with this. (15)
  12. liking wind and water along with not being sensitive to the sea are the necessities for starting the sea trip. Because of the long journeys that you are encountering with, you shouldn’t be seasick a lot. These are the features of the expert cruisers. (13)

Overall, in this article we just tried to show the most primitive information about sailing without any suggestion. This is up to you that you choose sailing or not?


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