How to Get into Sailing in Three Weeks?

It has never been easier to Get into Sailing! Reading this 3-week manual will give you the tools you need to become a sailor in less than 24 days. Read on to find out what approaches can ease the process of getting into sailing as fast as possible…

How to Get into Sailing in Three Weeks?

How to Get into Sailing in Three Weeks?

There are many prospective sailors out there who are wondering how to get into sailing. So, the Sailingyes team decided to write a manual helping all those trying to work their way up abroad. In this article, therefore, you’ll learn how to start sailing in 3 weeks while on a budget!

  • Week One

You must devote the first 7 days to acquiring knowledge. That being said, reading textbooks and finding proper recourses are essential during these days. If you have no idea what seafaring is, a good general introduction to the subject is How Sailing Works? Fundamentals Every Sailor Needs to know.

Buy These Textbooks

Practice makes perfect, but the study makes you a professional. Getting into sailing must get underway by reading proper textbooks and studying the basics. So, get these textbooks as soon as possible.

  • Official ASA Textbooks
  • Sailing to the Edge of Time
  • The Complete Sailing Manual, 4th Edition
  • Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual
  • The Ashley Book of Knots

In case you don’t want to cross the budget line, read online sailing magazines in the U.S. that are actually free.

Join One of These Sailing Clubs

Join One of These Sailing Clubs

The United States is full of sailing, boating, and yachting clubs. So, you’ll have no problem finding one near where you live. But the big question is why would a prospective sailor want to join such a club?

Well, if one is looking for the answer to the question of how to get into sailing, it’s the place. You can attend the seminars, shows, and/or meetings to learn the most necessary information about sailing. And you’d get the chance to make some experienced friends as well.

Moreover, sailing/yachting clubs usually offer some extra educational programs that come in handy when you’re still a beginner.

Here are the top 10 yacht clubs in the U.S that we suggest amateurs to join:

  • Grosse Pointe Yacht Club
  • Palm Beach Yacht Club
  • Chicago Yacht Club
  • Annapolis Yacht Club
  • Newport Harbor Yacht Club
  • Carolina Yacht Club
  • San Diego Yacht Club
  • The San Francisco Yacht Club
  • Francis Yacht Club
  • New York Yacht Club

  • Week Two

Now that you know the basics of this field, the big question is how to learn sailing? What is the best approach to shift from the theoretical phases to the actual hands-on practices?

Bear in mind that seafaring is not a friendly activity when it comes down to self-teaching. Since being on the water and skipping a vessel brings about hazardous situations, you are better off without singular attempts.

That’s why we recommend you to dedicate the second week to sailing courses.

Sign Up for One of These Sailing Courses

Sign Up for One of These Sailing Courses

ASA (American Sailing Association) and US Sailing are the most well-known nautical educators in North America. So, signing up for their courses is always a smart move. You can opt to take the ASA 101 lesson to get to know the nuts and bolts of sailing, and then continue with the ASA 103 that is all about the basic coastal cruising. Finally, you can take the ASA 104 and finish off the learning process, getting a bareboat cruising certificate.

US Sailing, on the other hand, is the front runner for those who’re willing to start their on-water business. Although there are several fundamental lessons available at this institution, people mainly opt to take the US Captain’s Training courses. This is while the main goal of this class is to prepare the attendees for the US Captain’s License.

We’ve provided a manual on how to get a sailing license that actually works in the US where you can find more information about this class.

Arrange a Private Sailing Lesson (Here’s How)

When you finished off the beginner courses, book a private lesson as well. Most facilities offer their vessels for this procedure. However, you can arrange a lesson on your boat too. This would allow boosting your confidence as getting to know the watercraft.

During the private sailing lesson, a mentor/instructor will be with you abroad, letting you know what must be done—and vice versa. This is also a great opportunity to ask any questions even as attempting to practice various maneuvers under the teacher’s control.

By the way, don’t worry about the private lessons cost. Most of them charge $250 per day. So, if you take a 4-day course, the overall cost will be roughly $1000.

  • Week Three

Here comes the last-but-not-least week. Indeed, the answer to the question of how to get into sailing mainly lays in the actions you take in this week. Right now, you’ve studied the ABCs of seafaring and experienced hands-on practices as well as private lessons. So, you’re both physically and mentally ready to head out on the water.

Nevertheless, the upcoming question is how to buy a boat or charter one? There are so many different types of sailboats available for the buyers and this is confusing to some extent… But here’s what to do.

Attend the Boat Shows

Attend the Boat Shows

Attending a boat show is a great way of reducing confusion. This is a place where you can walk on the deck of various sailing vessels and inspect them in-person. So, no more edited photos will be there to seduce you.

Since almost all the top-notch manufacturers and brokers of the town tend to have a presence in such shows, you’ll find it easy to explore a vast array of boats.

Recently, we’ve reviewed the top 10 boat shows in Texas 2019-2020 and created a list of their features for the enthusiasts. These shows are the public choice in the realm of buying a new or used boat. So, manage to attend them even if you’re not living in TX.

Talk to Brokers

There are several watercraft dealers in each state that you could talk to. These people are a sort of advisor regarding the sailing boat industry and that’s why you should consult them before purchasing a vessel. Here’s a list of 73 brokers in the US.

When talking to a dealer, keep these in mind:

  • You don’t have to take every word into account. This is just a Q&A session where you’re the one in charge of extracting the practical information.
  • Do not buy a boat directly from the broker at this stage. Many dealers will try to sell their products by giving tempting details and offering discounts. However, you are better off without these offers for now.
  • Match the quotes you get from the advisers with the official prices of the industry. Use this Sailboat Cost Estimating Tool list to find out how much does a specific vessel cost.

Buy a Sailing Boat or Charter One

Once the researching phase is done and you’ve talked to several dealers, it’s time to buy your watercraft. There are two proper ways of purchasing a sailing boat: 1. Buying directly from a dealer/broker. 2. Purchasing the watercraft at a boat show.

Both the above methods are reliable if you’re aware of the industry status. So, whatever you do, try not to sign any contract until you’re 100% sure about the quality of the product and trustworthiness of the vendor.

We recommend reading our small and large sailing yacht costs 2019 report to get some ideas about the prices.

Note: chartering a boat in the US is not complicate. You just need to consult a chartering company and take care of the paperwork to hire a vessel. However, if you’d like to charter a watercraft outside of the US, an ICC, or IPC certificate is a prerequisite document.

Don’t miss Out Sailing Activities

Don’t miss Out Sailing Activities

Now that you’re officially a boater, keeping up with others is necessary. So, do not leave your vessel alone in the marina and, instead, attend to sailing events.

Texas 200, for instance, is a great event for boating enthusiasts to head out on the water for several days. This is an activity that would allow you to brush up on your skills as well as gaining new experiences while making some friends!

Here’s everything regarding Texas 200 sailing event to help you sign up and schedule for the next year’s happening.


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