How to Learn Sailing for Free? Easy Tactics That Actually Work

Learn Sailing for Free -Do you want to become a professional sailor not paying a dollar? Are you looking for virtual and fun ways of learning sailing at home? Well, this article will give you some practical instructions as well as tools to start your free learning journey right away! Read on to find out more…

How to Learn Sailing for Free? Easy Tactics That Actually Work

Here we have 6 easy-to-utilize tactics that form the actual answer to the question of how to learn sailing for free. So, in case you like to “get some but pay none,” read on and let the Sailingyes land a hand!

How to Learn Sailing for Free? Easy Tactics That Actually Work

A Real Sailor Must See Before It Happens!

Before getting into details, you should be aware of some tips that are vital for free sailing lesson hunt:

  • Subscribe to sailing websites’ newsletters. This would allow you to be one step ahead and get a chance to sign up for free courses immediately. Don’t forget that some of these websites may run a campaign and offer limited free sailing courses year-round. So, stay tuned and don’t let the chances slip away.
  • Join sailing groups of your area on Facebook. There are thousands of people out there who have the same passion as you. So, joining a Facebook group will provide you with a chance to get to know more sailing students and enthusiasts. But you can also find some interesting news and information about free-of-charge local sailing courses. Or, you could politely ask the members how to learn sailing for free?

1.    Free Online Education

There are several institutes that offer online sailing lessons for free, which means you can even end up having a valid certification not paying a dollar!

The most famous online educator in the U.S is This virtual facility prepares the sailing students for a real exam that can qualify them for international certification. They also give the attendees a free logbook that would show how your on-water performance is—and the information on the logbook can be used as a valid resume-like document.

Here are some more free online sailing courses:

2.   Articles at No Charge

Not all websites offer marine journals. But they do share related articles written by the top-notch sailors and instructors to get the learners’ attention. So, finding a couple of educational websites—those who offer how-to manuals—is a great way to become skilled at seafaring.

Here are some websites that offer professionally written articles at no cost—just like Sailingyes:

3.   Online Sailing Magazines

Old-school paper magazines are mostly replaced with digital ones. And the good news is that you don’t necessarily need to pay for them!

Online Sailing Magazines AKA Money Savers!

Not to say that all the digital sailing magazines are free, but—believe it or not—some of them are. One good example is Lakeland Boating Magazine that offers a no-charge online preview to its reader. All you need to do is paying their website a virtual visit and use your clicking power!

We’ve provided a list of Online Sailing Magazines in the U.S That Are Actually Free. So, you can skip the searching phase and save some time—as well as money.

4.    Sailing Instructors on YouTube

You’ve probably tried to google how to learn sailing for free – and ended up reading this article. So, why don’t you try the same thing on YouTube? There are lots of passionate sailors on the internet who are sharing their knowledge through platforms such as YouTube.

From free ASA sailing courses caught on camera to visual DIY instructions to repair a boat engine, you can find anything you need as a beginner. So, use the links below and subscribe to the channels as soon as possible—the sooner you start, the more you learn!

5.  Learn Sailing by Video Games

American Sailing Association (ASA) took the sailing education to a whole new level when it introduced its Sailing Challenge App. It’s an OS mobile game that you can install on your Windows PC, iMac, iOS, and/or Android devices for only 3.99$.

This simulator includes six fun, easy-to-use learning modules that are chronological and available based on your current skills. So, it would be a great starter for the beginners who’ve had no real-life sailing experience as well as those who can’t get enough of being on the water!

6.    Open House Sailing Events

In an open house event, an institute allows everyone in and offers some insights into their activities. So, if you attend one of the events in your own area, chances are so high to get several free courses.

Open House Sailing Events Are Not to Be Found Elsewhere

Most of the sailing schools in North America have annual schedules for such programs. That’s why you should subscribe to their newsletters for more detailed information and dates.

The best part of an Open House marine program is that you may end up getting a free ride on an actual sail or powerboat.

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