How to Learn Sailing?

You’re just 5 steps away from learning how to sail! Here’s our exclusive manual on How to Learn Sailing while on a budget. Read on to find out what are the 5 steps that would turn you into a professional sailor. And start becoming a seafarer from your home…

How to Learn Sailing? Read Our Exclusive Manual!

In this article of Sailingyes, we will offer some insight into How to Learn Sailing in the United States. So, read on and roll your sleeves up for a real on-water journey that will start from your home!

How to Learn Sailing? Read Our Exclusive Manual!

1.    Get These Textbooks Before Even Getting Started

Reading textbooks is the only reliable approach to learn the fundamentals of seafaring so that you don’t have to look like a slow-witted. Now, let’s take a look at the list of the best sailing textbooks for all sorts of instructive needs:

  • Official ASA Textbooks are the best bet for those who want to attend ASA courses in the future. The package includes Sailing Made Easy (official textbook for ASA 101), Coastal Cruising Made Easy (textbook for ASA 103), Coastal Cruising Made Easy (textbook for ASA 104), and Cruising Catamarans Made Easy. A bundle of the first 3 books would only cost $75.75.
  • Sailing to the Edge of Time is a must-read If you want to benefit from other seadog’s real-life experiences. The author John Kretschmer has tried to illustrate all the challenges you may face as well as the upsides of being on the water. (the paperback version costs $10.40).
  • The Complete Sailing Manual, 4th Edition will become your go-to right away. It starts with an introduction to the basics of seafaring, and then offers exclusive manuals for navigation and maintain your boat. (Its current price tag is $23.79 which is definitely worth it).
  • Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual is the bible of the boaters in America. It offers some insights into the electronic or mechanic devices used in your watercraft. And better yet, it teaches you how to fix them on your own—using easy-to-follow instructions. In case you have your own boat, this book is a must-have!
  • The Ashley Book of Knots offers 3900 different methods to tie a knot! So, if you want to become the lord of the knots, this is the textbook your bookshelf is missing.

2.    Use These ASA Webinars to Dodge Missing the Boat

The ASA offers a series of webinars annually. So, you can learn while being a stay-home student for now. This is good because you won’t have to give your 100% if you’re not ready. So, attend to some of these seminars (choose based on your favorite topics) and see how it feels to be a student before finalizing your decision.

Expert Advice: become an ASA member before registering for the webinars. They have 15% off for their members. However, the actual attendance fee is $29.95 per each webinar.

Here’s the list of ASA Webinars:

  • 11th June 2019: Marine Weather in the Smartphone Era
  • 18th June 2019: Coastal Navigation in the Smartphone Era
  • 25th June 2019: Bareboat Chartering Tips

3.    Choose Your Virtual Sailing Mentor Among These Options

The big question is which online lessons should you choose? Should you pay for an online course or the free ones are good enough? Well, you’re on the right page to find out the answer. Here, you’ll face a list of top 5 online sailing course providers in the United States that will come in handy for sure.

Choose Your Virtual Sailing Mentor Among These Options

Note: not all of them are free of charge. So, read the information carefully before signing up for any lesson.

This virtual institution has topped the list of online educators recently. It offers Beginners to Advanced Specialized Courses, unique resume building assistance, a free logbook while being able to issue SLC & ICC license. So, if wondering how to learn sailing, NuticEd is the proper starting point.

This is one of the most reliable associations in the U.S. So, the quality of online lessons you get here is nowhere to be found. The first online tutorial is free so you can go for a test derive before buying the episodes or series. There are several categories to choose from, Sailing Made Easy, Docking Made Easy, and Knots Made Easy (just to name a few).

This foundation is trying to increase the safety of seadogs by educating them about the basics of boating by the book. However, there are lots of online courses are also available on their website that could come in handy if you want to learn how to sail.

4.    Be Open to Open House Events

During an open house event, an institute or academy cancels any restriction and allows anybody to join the courses or classes for one or a couple of days. So, you can use it as a free trial service and see if you like the classes or not.

If you don’t want to fail to attend, subscribe to newsletters of local facilities, and wait for the opportunity to arrive. Or, call the institutions right away and ask about their upcoming open house events!

5.    How to Choose Your School When You’re Ready to Learn How to Sail?

If you feel ready to start the hands-on courses in a real seafaring school, here’s what to do. First, go to and choose ‘schools’ from the navigation bar. It will lead you to a page where you can enter your zip code and search the nearby area for ASA-certified institutes.

There will be a map that shows how close the facilities are considering your current location. So, you won’t have to calculate the driving time and other bothersome stuff. Moreover, the website will provide you with direct links to the official websites of the schools where you can register for the classes online and create your own specific time schedule for the classes.

How to Choose Your School When You're Ready to Learn How to Sail?

If you like to sign up for the classes in-person, send the directions to your Google Map and drive there—as simple as that. The ASA instructors will take care of your needs after the registration. So, you’re officially in the safe hands of the specialists who’ll let you know how to learn sailing by the book!

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