Online Sailing Magazines in the U.S That Are Actually Free

Here’s the list of 5 Free Online Sailing Magazines in the United States that every sailor should be aware of. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get access to sailing articles and textbooks anymore. Read this article once and get unlimited access to free resources lifelong…

Online Sailing Magazines in the U.S That Are Actually Free

Online Sailing Magazines in the U.S That Are Actually Free

There are several publications in the U.S that offer free online sailing magazines or give away some articles online to attract more readers. These are the ones you need to save a couple of bucks in your wallet!

You could say at a glance that more than 100 publications in the United States have sailing and boating journals. But nowadays, online sailing magazines are working their way up to the top of this list. And Sailingyes team will provide you with the list of top 5 almost-free sailing and boating magazines.



In 1966, a publisher called Ziff Davis introduced a brand-new boating magazine to the united states—called, obviously, Boating. Since then, the paper has been a total success and based on information revealed in 2013, its total circulation hits 157,566 journals.

However, a Swedish magazine group called Bonnier bought the business and set new goals for its future. Now, you can pay their website a virtual visit for free articles and previews of upcoming ones. You can also subscribe online for their actual on-paper magazine as well. But if free stuff sounds more interesting, keep scrolling up and down on their website.

On the ‘Boats’ section (accessible via menu) you can find thousands of free papers on the following subjects:

  • Water Sports Boat Buyers Guide
  • Boat Buyers Guide
  • Boats
  • Boat of the Year
  • Cruising Boats
  • Fishing Boats
  • Personal Watercraft
  • Pontoon Boats
  • Runabouts
  • Water Sports Boats

Gear section (also accessible via menu), however, offers a guide on 2019 water sports gear. But the most practical free pieces of information can be found using the ‘Boat Lab’ tag. This tag would actually offer a full list of articles about every specific piece of equipment a boater would need to use.

By the way, we have an exclusive list of Texas Top 10 Boat Shows 2019-2020 that might interest you as well.

Yachting-Online Sailing Magazines


As the name may imply, this journal is the Boating Magazine’s sister. So, the same publisher is behind it is, again, the Bonnier Magazine Group. But what you get on the Yachting Magazine website is way more different than her sister—except for being an enthusiast journal.

Just like what you did on Boating Magazine’s website, click the menu option and choose what to read among the options such as brokerage, charter, cruising and chartering, electronics, gear, and boating safety. All the mentioned sections contain free online articles that would satisfy any boating enthusiast for sure.

If reading sounds like a boring activity, check out their boating video section, where you can find lots of helpful instructive and informative stuff—again, all for free.

Nevertheless, in case you’re a yachting fan living in Austin, don’t miss our list of Top 9 Yacht Clubs in Austin, Texas! It’ll offer some insights into the yacht enthusiasts’ lifestyles and how to join them.


3.Chesapeake Bay

Now, this website works best for those who’re living in Maryland or Virginia. That’s because the focus of the publication and writers’ team is to cover the sailing and boating events in the Chesapeake Bay area. And they’ve been there since 1971. But since the free sailing papers on their website can fulfill any seadog’s needs, we wanted it to be on our list free online sailing magazines in the U.S.

The homepage contains 5 particular sections:

  • Bay Bulletin: 24/7 news update that would let you know what’s going on in the area as soon as something comes up.
  • Talk of the Bay: contains local marine stories.
  • Food & Drink: a section to introduce the best local marine foods, drinks, and other related services.
  • Wild Chesapeake: offering some insights into the wildlife of the Bay.
  • On Boat: a free online sailing article platform that would offer real-world information about the power, sailing, and watersports boats.


Online-Sailing-Magazines-Lakeland Boating

4.Lakeland Boating

This magazine has gone through many changes since 1983 when Walter “Bing” O’Meara and David Brown bought the business. But the good news is that all the effort has led to having an enthusiast magazine that offers lots of interesting stuff to its readers.

Nowadays, you can find a link to a free PDF version of the last published magazine completely free of charge! All you need to do is using the link provided below, click on the “Magazine” button, and then use the “View FREE Online Magazine.”

Moreover, from the same section (i.e. Magazine) you could get access to their archive and read those articles you’ve missed out.


5.On the Water

The website offers a vast array of options to its visitors/readers. In the ‘Report’ segment, you can find weekly updates on fishing forecasts and reports helping you out with all the information needed for your next fishing trip.

But if you’re more of a how-to stuff fan, there’s a complete unit on the website offering articles on boating, sailing, cruising, and yachting in the United States. Plus, the ‘video’ section would present some informative boat reviews as well as instructive interviews with saltwater and freshwater marine/fishing experts.

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