Sailing at Corpus Christi, Texas | Best Sailing Season and Sailing Codes

Sailing at Corpus Christi, Texas | Best Sailing Season and Sailing Codes

Sailing at Corpus Christi, Texas | Best Sailing Season and Sailing Codes
Sailing at Corpus Christi, Texas | Best Sailing Season and Sailing Codes

We are talking about a sparkling city by the Sea—actually, THE SPARKLING CITY BY THE SEA. Corpus Christi has always been one of the Sailingyes favorites when it comes down to near-sea cities in Texas. And of course, sailing at Corpus Christi tops our beloved water activity.

We’ve tried to cover everything about sailing in Texas so far. But this time, we’re going to analyze the shining star of the Lone Star State to see where you can sail. Plus, we’re going to give you every legal information you need to know before heading out on the city’s wild waters.

General Information

Full Name: Corpus Christi

Nickname: Sparkling City by the Sea

Acres of water: 329.0 sq. mi (852 km2)

Coordinates: 27°44′34″N 97°24′7″W

Fun Facts About Sailing at Sparkling City by the Sea

  • In 2018 the city hosted the Youth Sailing World Championships.
  • In 1990, Corpus Christi hosted the Windsurfing World Championships
  • There’s a weekly race that tops the list of oldest weekly race in the United States
  • Every Wednesday you can head for the Coastal Bend and participate in an adrenaline-boosting race.

When to Visit Corpus Christi If You’re a Sailor?

If you own a sailboat and want to navigate on the Gulf of Mexico, plan to visit Corpus Christi from October 28 to July 15. This is when the city gets the fastest winds.

So, you have an 8.6-month period each year to visit this place and enjoy riding windblown vessels.

However, it’s best to avoid sailing at Corpus Christi from July 15 to October 28. According to Weather Spark, the average wind speed during this 3.4-month period is only 9.3 MPH. That’s while the windiest seasons offer at least an average wind speed of about 12.3 MPH.

Some people believe that the sparkling city of Texas is heaven for anyone owning a windblown vessel. That’s so because it’s one of the windiest cities among the Gulf State towns.

When to Visit Corpus Christi If You’re a Sailor?
When to Visit Corpus Christi If You’re a Sailor?

What’s the Weather Like in This City?

If you’re a normal tourist, opt to holiday at Corpus Christi from late-April to mid-June. Of course, this is an offer to hot-weather-activity lovers. During this period the temperature is 88 °F (on average).

However, since everyone has a different taste for the weather conditions, here’s a full analyze. The following list shows how the Corpus Christi’s weather is like during a normal year—with no unexpected meteorological change.

  1. Wind

As mentioned earlier, this is the windiest city among other places in the Gulf States. So, you must expect a windy climate for most parts of the year. However, if you own boat and want to spend the holidays sailing along the Port of Corpus Christi, it’s best to be there from late-March to mod-May.

The regular airstream speed (i.e. 12.3 MPH) creates the finest condition for sailors. Plus, you can have a kayak or canoe with you to experience other types of wind-oriented water activities.

But in case you’re a windy weather fanatic, try the late-August to mid-September. This is when the airstream speed drops to 9.3 MPH.

  1. Rainfall

Rainfall is a casual part of the climate in this near-sea city. So, you better be prepared for rainy days throughout the year. But if getting wet sounds like a bad idea to you, avoid visiting the city for 31 days after September 18.

According to Weather Spark, the rainfall increases for a 31-day period after September 18. However, it’s just an approximation and not an exact prediction.

The best time to visit the city while avoiding serious rainfall is from late-December to late-February. The rainfall is only 1.2 inches during this time.

  1. Temperature

From early-May to early-October, the city undergoes the hottest time. This is when the temperature sometimes increases to 94°F. By contrast, the coldest segment of each year starts from late-November and ends in early-March.

The lowest temperature of Corpus Christi is approximately 50°F. And it’s not normal to experience below-37°F temperatures.

What Are the Sailing Codes in Corpus Christi Texas?
What Are the Sailing Codes in Corpus Christi Texas?

What Are the Sailing Codes in Corpus Christi Texas?

  • Registration

any vessel navigating on public waters of Texas must be registered. The titleholder should get the Texas Certificate of Number before letting the craft sail across the Port of Corpus Christi.

If you own an under-14-feet sailboat, a non-motorized craft (canoes, kayaks, rowboats, and rubber rafts), there’s no need to register it.

Moreover, if your craft has a registration of another state and you will leave the Corpus Christi in less than 90 days, registration is not necessary.

  • Skippering Age Limit

As long as there’s a certified adult on the deck, anyone can skipper a boat. Consequently, solo skippering is illegal for children of the age of 12 or younger.

When the skipper is older than 13, there’s a chance to try solo navigation only through getting a TWPD-approved pass. That is the navigators 13-17 years of age must pass the Boater Safety courses and get a license to handle the boat by themselves legally.

Plus, you must always carry the license on you no matter how old are you. Otherwise, the Coastal Guard officers can apply punishments right away.

Note: people behind the helm of a boat who have an exempted adult onboard do not need any pass.

  • Boater Safety Course

TWPD urges all the navigators born after August 31, 1993, to own a boater safety license. This would approve that the overseer of the craft on the water can navigate it by the book.

The code applies to all personal watercraft captains and those skippering a motorized, above-14-feet vessel. Crafts that are under 14 feet in size, windblown, and/or having less than 15 horsepower are exempt from the code.

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