Sailing in Seabrook, Texas Review

If you want to make the most of your trip to Seabrook, this is the must-read article. We explained the sailing and fishing codes, introduced the top 8 activities in the area, included a list of the top 5 parks, and determined what is the best season for Sailing in Seabrook.

Sailing in Seabrook, Texas Review

Sailing in Seabrook, Texas Review

You know what they say about this city, right? “As grand by land as by bay, and why many choose to stay.” Yes, Seabrook is one of the most popular near-lake cities in Texas. And due to having direct access to Galveston Bay without any sandbars to transverse, sailing in Seabrook has become the main attraction for skippers.

In this article of Sailingyes, therefore, we’ll give you every bit of information you need to set up a vessel in this district and enjoy sailing on Clear Lake or Galveston Bay. But that’s not it; we also provided a list of the top 8 activities, a guide on fishing codes and tips, and even more!

Geographical Details

Location: Texas City / Chambers, Harris Counties

Coordinates: 29°34′7″N 95°1′21″W

Water Access: Galveston Bay, Clear Lake

Water Area: 15.9 square miles (41.3 km2), or 74.97%

Best Season for Sailing in Seabrook, Texas

Best Season for Sailing in Seabrook, Texas

According to Weather Spark, the best seasons for sailing in Seabrook, TX, start from late-March to mid-May and from early-October to early-November. These two periods are when you get to have the ideal temperature, sunlight, wind, rainfall, and water temperature.

Below you can find more details about the weather conditions in Seabrook, regarding sailing and boating.

  1. Temperature

The hottest period of each year starts from May and ends in late-September. This is when the average temperature of the area raises to 86°F, making the summertime activities more convenient for the visitors.

However, the coldest time in this district lasts for about 2.8 months, starting from December and ending in late-February. During this period, the average temperature drops to 68°F, allowing people to choose indoor activities over outdoor ones in general.

Since sailing is somewhat a summertime doing, you better opt to plan your trip from May to late-September.

  1. Clouds

If sailing under a clear sky is a concern, mid-September to early-December is the ideal period to visit Seabrook. That’s because, during this time, the sky is clear 50-60% of the time.

According to the cloud coverage diagrams powered by Weather Spark, the worst time for sailing in Seabrook is early-December to mid-September. Of course, this is true for those who consider a clear sky as their priority.

  1. Precipitation & Rainfall

Late-May to late-September is when the precipitation chance increases to 31% for each day. That means, through this period, there’s a 31% of getting more than 0.04 inches of rain per day. So, activities such as kayaking and rafting are not recommended during this time.

However, the driest time of the year in Seabrook starts from late-September and lasts until late-May. It means you get to have 8.0 months of dry weather each year where the average precipitation chance drops to 21%.

Regarding the rainfall average, January to early-May is the driest time. Thru these 5 months, the rainfall is only 3.0 inches per day, making it an ideal time for sailing, kayaking, and even rafting in Seabrook.

  1. Sun

Daytime sailing is the most popular navigation method in North America. So, if you want to make the most of the sunlight, opt to be into Seabrook during late-May to early-July when each day has 14 hours of sunlight to offer.

By contrast, for those who’d like to experience nighttime sailing on Galveston Bay or Clear Lake, November through January is the best bet. Thru this 3-month phase, the average sun presence drops down to 10 hours per day, allowing you to have longer nights.

  1. Humidity

Lots of sailors worry about the humidity of the area that they choose for sailing. However, the good news is that the humidity comfort level in Seabrook is pleasing for almost 7.4 months. A period starting from late-March to early-November is when you get to have the most comfortable humidity level 29% of the time.

In case humidity is a concern, opt to visit the area in July. That’s because the humidity comfort level raises to 99% this month, making it a very comfy situation for boaters and sailors.

  1. Wind

The wind is one of the main items every sailor wants to have on their side when it comes to navigating a windblown vessel. So, it’s understandable that lots of them want to know about the average wind speed in Seabrook before heading out on the water. Fortunately, windier parts of the year last for 7.9 months, creating the ideal sailing condition for navigators.

The windy period starts from mid-October to early-June with the approximate airstream speed being 9-10 MPH. This is when you can navigate a windblown craft with the highest speed on Clear Lake or Galveston Bay.

  1. Water Temperature

This factor mainly concerns swimmers. But it’s always wise to have some extra information about the water on which you’ll be sailing. The average water temperature during a 4-month period starting from early-June to early-October increases to 80°F. This is the warmest water temperature throughout the year, offering the ideal swimming time.

However, the temperature drops to 64°F from December 11 to March 19, making it harder for visitors to have in-water activities such as swimming.

Sailing Codes in Seabrook (Harris County)

Sailing Codes in Seabrook (Harris County)

  1. License

Anyone born after August 31, 1993, must own a valid boater safety pass. This is an obligatory condition and includes all the operators of 15-feet and larger vessels. Plus, the rule applies to all skippers of the windblown vessel over 14 feet and all the PWC captains.

Note: those with a TWPD-approved licensed issued in another state can sail on Seabrook waters with no need to get a new pass.

  1. Age Limits

There is no age limit for skippering a PWC so long as there’s a certified adult (18 or older) on the deck. According to the sailing codes of TWPD, anyone under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a certified adult when navigating the craft. However, if a navigator is 13 or older and has a Boater Safety License, having a certified adult is not compulsory.

Bear in mind that if there’s an adult on the deck who’s exempted from this rule, the skipper (of any age) is exempted as well. Plus, navigating on private waters requires no need to follow the rules mentioned above.

  1. Equipment

Anyone sailing on Canyon Lake must wear a PFD. This is an obligatory condition with people of all ages. The only exception is that minors (under 13) can take it off while the vessel is not navigating.

Plus, according to BoatEd, vessels 16 feet or longer (except canoes and kayaks) must have one Type IV (throwable) USCG–approved PFD on readily accessible board.

Below you can find a detailed table, showing all the necessary pieces of equipment for vessels—based on their size.

Texas Required Equipment PWC Boats Less Than 16 Ft. Boats 16 Ft. to Less Than 26 Ft.
Boater Education Certification Card and
Photographic Identification on Board
✓1 ✓1 ✓1
Certificate of Number on Board
Validation Decals Displayed
PFDs: Type I, II, III, or V ✓2 ✓3 ✓3
PFD: Type IV
Type B-I Fire Extinguisher 1 B-I 1 B-I 2 B-I or 1 B-II
Engine Cut-Off Switch
Backfire Flame Arrestor
Ventilation System
Horn, Whistle, or Bell
Daytime Visual Distress Signals ✓5
Nighttime Visual Distress Signals 6 ✓5 ✓5
Navigation Lights 6


  1. Boat Registration

Every navigating watercraft must be registered in Texas. Otherwise, it’ll be considered as an illegally circumnavigating vessel. The only exceptions are windblown vessels under 14 feet, non-motorized crafts (e.g. kayaks, canoes, etc.), and those vessels who are registered in another state and will stay in Texas for less than 90 days.

Texas Certificate of Number or registration card must be printed on both sides of the bow of a vessel after being obtained.

Fishing in Seabrook

Angling is not just a hobby in this district, it’s the main reason why Seabrook exists. Right now, people admire this place for its fish markets on Waterfront Drive where resident shrimpers and anglers bring in their catches daily. But back in 1903, the main residents of Seabrook where only anglers and shrimpers who found it a nice place to work and live.

The fact that Seabrook attracts anglers has remained the same since the very first day. And even now, after being a part of Bay Area Houston for more than a century, people still benefit from its fishing opportunities. See below for a detailed review of the angling aspects of this district.

The Most Common Fish Types in the Area

According to TWPD, Black bass, White, Striped and Yellow Bass, Carp, Catfish, Crappie, Gar, Sunfish, and Trout are the most common fish types in Seabrook.

Angling Regulations in Seabrook

Angling Regulations in Seabrook

TWPD urges every angler to follow the Freshwater Bag and Length Limits to preserve the wildlife in Texas. This a regulation that indicates a daily limit for catching each specific fish type in public waters of The Lone Star State.

You can find a table down below that shows the limitations for each specific fish type in Seabrook.

Fish Type Daily Bag Limit Minimum Length Limit


Black Bass

5 fish for all black bass species For largemouth and smallmouth bass = 14 in.


No minimum length for Alabama, Guadalupe, or spotted bass

White Bass 25 10 inches
Striped and Yellow Bass 5 18 inches
Carp No Limit No Limit
Channel and Blue Catfish 25 12
Flathead Catfish 5 18
Crappie 25 10

Alligator Gar

1 fish of any size No bag limits on other species of gar


5 No limit for rainbow and brown trout, their hybrids and subspecies
Sunfish No Limit No Limit

Top 8 Activities in the District

  1. Visit the Space Center

Just 5 miles away from the city center, there’s a must-see spot offering lots of interactive doings to its visitors. The Space Center Houston is a well-known attraction near Seabrook that has always topped the list of fun places to visit in Bay Area Houston.

The tickets are not cost-effective, but considering the amenities and hands-on experiences offered by this place, it’s worth it. Right now, you can get an adult ticket for $29.95 whereas the prices for minors (4 to 11) start from $24.95. Plus, elderly visitors (65 or older) can get a ticket for $27.95. And the good news is that children younger than 4 can enter the area with no need to pay for tickets.

Expert advice: get Houston City PASS (it only costs $62), allowing you to visit Space Center Houston and 4 more H-Town attractions.

One of the main reasons why many people love this place is the Tram Tours. Right now, you get to choose between two tours, Mission Control Center and Astronaut Training Facility Tour. The earlier is a 60-75-minute trip to check out the areas that were used as the main control facilities for space missions. However, the latter allows you to check out the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility.

If you’d like to see the Apollo Mission Control Center, get a timed ticket (available at the ticket booths, ticket kiosks, and the Guest Services Desk).

For those who love rockets, there’s a must-see called the Rocket Park. This is where you can see the real Saturn V rocket that was involved in the Apollo mission.

During the tours, you’ll see a gigantic shuttle mounted on top of a Boeing 747. And that will indicate you’re at Independence Plaza. The space shuttle on top of the airplane is known as Independence and there are exhibits inside the aircraft all the time.

If you’re looking for more information about NASA and its cool plans, head for the Destiny Theater & Space Center Theater & Blast-Off! Theater. These places will provide you with short films and visualized diagrams, explaining how the International Space Station is working and what are the upcoming space-related missions.

There’s also a virtual reality simulation right next to the Destiny Theater that would let you see the space in person—while standing on Earth!

Plan at least 6 hours if you want to see everything here (ideally come before 11 AM or 12 PM). A 3-hour trip would only give you enough time for one tram tour and selectively picked exhibits or short clips you want to see here.

Location: 1601 E NASA Pkwy, Houston.

  1. Escape Kemah at Escape Kemah

If you have a group of friends who want to spend some time having fun or a group of coworkers who need to bond, this is the best bet. Escape Kemah is a great thing to do with a group of friends or coworkers. They have three different themed rooms where your team must solve various clues to escape in less than an hour.

They have the Fear room (detective/murder), Star Wars, and Bomb room (a disgruntled person has planted a bomb) available at the moment. But they update the rooms constantly and change the themes or stories.

The Fear room, for instance, is an ideal choice for large groups. It is divided into two smaller rooms where players split randomly into them. The two rooms are forced to communicate with each other via two-way radios. Once each team gets out of the first room, they then work together as a larger group to escape two more rooms. The two teams combined get a total of five clues from the host and they are given 60 minutes to escape the room.

Find them at 609 Bradford Ave, Ste 213, Kemah.

  1. Ride a Cycleboat with Friends

There are several fancy non-personal and somewhat formal cruises offered by companies in Bay Area Houston. However, Bayou Boone is not one of them. It’s a low-key, small-setting, and cozy place for a fun day, sunset, and private cruises in Seabrook.

They have a 15-passenger pedal powered party-boat and a floating bar where you supply the drinks and snacks. It’s a perfect choice for sunset cruises, birthdays, team building events, bachelor and bachelorette parties or a cruise around Clear Lake!

You can find them at 2517 Nasa Road 1, Seabrook.

Rent a Kayak at Pinky’s and Head Out on the Water Solo

  1. Rent a Kayak at Pinky’s and Head Out on the Water Solo

If you’re looking for some fun on the water, this is the place to be. Pinky’s Kayak Rental is a well-known business just above the Clear Lake—at 4106 E NASA Pkwy #1, El Lago. This is a place where you can rent a kayak, get ready, and head out on the water for a solo adventure in less than 10 minutes. Plus, they also have paddleboards and jet skis if that’s your style!

Whether you doing a single float or a group, they will take care of your needs. And their website contains all the necessary info you’ll need prior to hiring a craft. So, pay the website a visit and pack your stuff—because the renting process will be quick!

The upside of renting a craft here is there are some great places to grab food, drinks, and desserts after your paddling is done.

Expert advice: Since you’ll get wet, bring extra clothes, and dry bags. Plus, have some water with you as you’ll get thirsty on the water while being far away from the land.

  1. Embrace Nature at Armand Bayou Nature Center

According to their official website, ABNC is the largest urban wilderness preserve in the U.S. with 2500 acres of the natural wetlands, forest, and prairies. They are home to over 370 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Moreover, they offer dozens of hands-on experiences and fun activities such as Sundays in Nature, Canoe Tours, Pontoon Boat Cruise, Guided Photo Hike, and Guided Trail Hikes.

Moreover, there are several annual events & programs available at this nature center that makes it a must-see year-round. World Migratory Bird Day, Prairie Pandemonium (a prairie restoration project), Creepy Crawlers (Halloween special), Martyn Farm Harvest Festival, Christmas Bird Count, and ABNC’s Fundraising Dinner and Auction are just a few examples of annual events.

Find them at 8500 Bay Area Blvd, Pasadena. And make sure to book your place before heading out to attend the events.

  1. Spend Some Quality Time at Clear Lake Park

They have a community center with classes. So, you can participate in yoga, Zumba and/or walking classes. The park outdoors has a playground, baseball area, outdoor fitness equipment, and a fishing pier. Also, there is a historic museum that has a very traditional, beautiful architecture.

This park offers amazing views of Nassau Bay. There are several places where you can camp out, namely a Spanish mission-like picnic shelter. They boast some new features like a suspended chain where you can pull yourself across, a pirate ship, very steep slides, to a seesaw raft. Some of the other things like the jeep or some of the seesaws are all metal but the playground nearest to the splash pad has some shading.

Dolphin Lagoon at the end of the park boasts dolphin slides, shooters, fountains and more. It also offers a patch of shade for the parents who are watching their kids playing.

Additionally, if you’re here for sailing in Seabrook, there’s a launch to help to send your craft on the water.

Find them at 5001 Nasa Pkwy, Seabrook.

  1. Become an Axe Master

Axe Masters Texas is the Bay Area of Houston’s only indoor ax-throwing arena! Located at 400 Hobbs Rd, Ste 209, League City, this place will give you the chance to wear yourself out by throwing axes for more than 2 hours!

The idea is simple, pass the tutorial phase, grab an ax, and throw it as hard as you can. It would rid you of anger and tension, allowing you to brush up on throwing skills at the same time.

  1. Go Hike and Bike!

According to the official Seabrook government website, this city has over 13 miles of hike and bike trails that connect many of the parks within the district. Since the lowest temperature in the area is 62°F and the highest is 92°F, hikers opt to utilize Seabrook trails all year round—especially during fall and spring.

There’s a system that interconnects Seabrook parks with just over ten miles of trails. So, you’ll get the chance to visit most must-see places throughout your one-day hiking or biking schedule!

Seabrook, TX Parks, and Facilities

Seabrook, TX Parks, and Facilities

There are 18 parks in Seabrook. So, visitors may find it confusing to choose among them—especially when they are first-timers. But here, we have a list of top 5 parks and their amenities to help you find the one that suits your needs and desires the best.

  1. Pine Gully Park

It’s a large park located at 605 Pine Gully Rd, with a fishing pier on Galveston Bay plus nature trails, playgrounds & picnic facilities. Several picnic tables have a shade structure and a charcoal grill.

Pine Gully is the best spot for hiking, walking dogs, and/or spending quality time with the loved ones.

  1. Clear Lake Park

Located at 5001 E NASA Pkwy, this one is the most known city park in Seabrook. Archaeological features are everywhere on 59 acres with fishing pier, boat launch, playground, and trails available for visitors.

There are so many places where kids can just blow off steam, and as many where you can relax by the coast. The breeze from the lake makes summer days there more bearable and there’s a long dock where you can walk out onto the lake and fish.

The park is entirely family- and pet-friendly, and your kids will also enjoy feeding the little ducks along the coastline.

  1. Bayside Park

In short, it’s a peaceful waterside community park with a gazebo, picnic tables & a walking trail. You can find it at 1000 2nd St, and opt to walk your dog, sit in the gazebo, and/or enjoy watching wildlife as the Seabirds and jumping fish are everywhere.

  1. Rex L Meador Park

Head out to 2400 Hammer St, for a very nice scenery! This park is ideal for taking pics and walking your dog. There’s also a small botanical garden at the end of one trail that will surprise you.

  1. Hester Garden Park

The park is beautiful, with lots of flowers and scenery. There are long trails for walking, some have no shade in summer. However, there are shaded forest paths. Two small fishing piers are on the opposite sides of the park, one of which has many fiddler crabs’ nests that are fun to watch.

Find the park at 3029 Todville Rd.

Seabrook Marinas and Public Access Facilities

Seabrook Marinas and Public Access Facilities

This city is a popular choice when it comes down to boating and sailing. That’s because you can dock your boat in Seabrook and have direct access to Galveston Bay without any sandbars to transverse.

Since sailing in Seabrook is a well-liked activity, there are four marinas ready to serve the navigators year-round. (Below you can see what each of them have to offer).

  1. Endeavour

It’s sited at 3101 NASA Road 1, ready to serve from 8:30 A.M. to 6 P.M. every day. They have a dry-stack boat storage facility. You can give them a call and they’ll have your boat in the water, waiting for you by the time you arrive. Plus, the ship store has snacks, drinks, ice, hats, sunscreen, clothing, GAS, and other supplies.

      2. Lakewood Yacht Club

Not only is this place a private club for yacht enthusiasts but it’s also one of the main marinas in Seabrook. You can utilize their boat storage or opt to launch your vessel using their slideway.

But that’s not even that; they have an annual boat & car show called Keels & Wheels. You can find the latest cars and PWCs in this event for a fair price, get quotes, or purchase a vessel/car right away.

The Lakewood Yacht Club is located at 2322, Seabrook, TX 77586

       3. Blue Dolphin

It’s the best place to set up a boat if you’re interested in sailing on Galveston Bay. That’s because it’s located at the east end of Clear Lake where it joins the Galveston Bay. An upside to docking at this marina is that they provide you with a washer and dryer for the liveaboard. Plus, you can use the piers for angling on Clean Lake.

Find them at 500 Blue Dolphin Dr, Seabrook

         4. Seabrook Marina & Shipyard

Another marina near the Galveston Bay—but still on Clear Lake. Seabrook Marina & Shipyard is the right spot to keep your boat or set it up for a sailing trip. It’s at 1900 Shipyard Dr, Seabrook, TX 77586 serving boaters every day from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. (except for Sundays).

Best Eateries and Restaurants in Seabrook, TX

Best Eateries and Restaurants in Seabrook, TX

  • Boondoggle’s

The owner believes that it’s a “roomy gathering spot for hearty pub grub & wood-fired pizzas, plus a large selection of craft beers.” But Boondoggle’s, located at 4106 E NASA Pkwy, El Lago, is a favorite in the Clear Lake area.

They have a fantastic brunch where you can sit on the patio and watch the boats go by. Not fancy, just a good old pub with an amazing beer list. The selection of draft beer is satisfying and you can find one to serve your desire for sure. Plus, the food tastes great!

  • Gabacho’s Mexican Grill

There are Mexican plates served in a laid-back setting with festive accents in this restaurant. But their covered patio is where most people opt to eat the meals. That’s because the view is great and you get to enjoy your food by the lake—in chilly weather.

Gabacho’s favorite meals are shrimp enchiladas, solid margarita, salsa, and beans. So, head out to 4449 NASA Road 1, El Lago, to taste their authentic cuisine.

  • Valdo’s Seafood House

Being an on-water seafood house, this Mexican-influenced eatery offers some huge portions to the customers. It’s located at 4106 E NASA Pkwy, El Lago, having several much-loved dishes such as shrimp scampi and shrimp scampi.

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