Sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard in Texas

Is it possible to read one article and get to know every detail about a place? Well, we made it possible! Read on and find out everything about sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard, best eateries and restaurants in the district, fun places to visit, local codes & regulations, and beyond!

Sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard in Texas

Sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard in Texas

In this article of Sailingyes, we’ll let you know what are the codes and rules of sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard. Moreover, you’ll get some tips for navigating your vessel at this reservoir properly.

But first, let’s take a look at the general information about this Texan lake.

Geographical Information

Title: it’s named after Ray Hubbard, former president of the Dallas Parks and Recreation System. It was once known as Forney Reservoir.

Location: Rockwall / Dallas / Collin / Kaufman Counties, Texas

Current water level: 434.64 Feet MSL

The highest water level in this year: 435.96 Feet MSL (April 25)

The lowest water level in this year: 434.64 Feet MSL (July 31)

Coordinates: 32°47′58″N 96°29′42″W

Deepest part: 40 feet

Surface area: 22,745 acres

Sailing Codes in Lake Ray Hubbard, TX

Sailing Codes in Lake Ray Hubbard, TX

You as the overseer of a vessel must be aware of the navigating rule, regulations, and codes. That is, you should know what to have abroad, how to skipper the craft by the book, and what to avoid while on the water.

So, to help with that, we provided a guide on boating and sailing rules in Lake Ray Hubbard. Down below, you can find out about the necessities of navigating in this reservoir.

  1. Operator’s Age

Like any other lake in the Lone Star State, skippers can be of any age if:

  • There’s a TWPD-approved certified adult (18 or older) on the deck
  • The skipper is accompanied by an exempted adult
  • The overseer/captain is navigating on private waters

However, if the conditions above do not suit the situation, the following rules are applicable:

  • Any skipper 13 or younger cannot navigate a vessel solo
  • If the captain is 13-17 years old, solo navigation is possible only if they own a Boater Safety license.
  • There must be a certified adult with the skippers who’re 13 or younger
  • All the overseers who’re born on or after September 1, 1993, must own a TWPD-approved Boater Safety license.
  • Operators of kayaks, canoes, and other windblown crafts under 14 feet are exempted from having such a license.

Compulsory Equipment      2.Compulsory Equipment

According to local on-water codes in Texas, everyone sailing, boating, or just traveling as a passenger on the water must wear a PFD. The term ‘PFD’ stands for Personal Flotation Device and it is found in any boat supply store.

Not wearing a PFD is not acceptable in any way and the overseer of the craft will face penalties in case of abuse. Violating this rule will cost $25-$500 fine.

All the PWCs that are 16 feet or larger must have at least one throwable PFD (Type IV).

USCG officers can legally perform random inspections and ask for licenses and/or check for the equipment abroad.

  • Daytime: compulsory pieces of equipment for daytime sailing are PFDs (for everyone of any age), throwable devices, photographic identification, and the TWPD-approved license.
  • Nighttime: in addition to all the equipment mentioned above, boats that will navigate in the night must own 1) sidelights 2) stern lights 3) masthead light 4) all-round white light

    3.Navigation Rules

According to these rules, there are two types of crafts on the water, stand-on, and give-way. The former is a term used to indicate the vessel which doesn’t need to change its course and/or speed when encountering another craft. The latter, however, specifies the watercraft that must give way to the stand-on vessel. (This can be either through changing the course or speed).

While sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard, you may encounter 3 different situations. The following, therefore, is a list of what-to-dos on each specific occasion.

  • Meeting Head-On:

This is the situation where the bow of two boats is meeting each other. In this case, if both are powered vessels, neither is allowed to be the stand-on. By contrast, the two of them must give way to the other by keeping right.

However, if the situation includes one powered boat and one sailboat, the latter is the stand-on. So, if a sailboat is in the same course with a powered craft, it doesn’t need to change its speed or course as the powered craft is the give-way.

  • Crossing Situations:

It’s a condition where one watercraft is going to cross through the current path of another craft from left or right. If the two of them are powered crafts, the one on the left side of the skipper is the give-way. However, if one of the crafts is a sailboat, the give-way is always the powerboat, regardless of the direction and position.

  • Overtaking:

It’s a situation where one vessel wants to pass the other from behind. In this case, regardless of the boat type, the one trying to overtake is the give-way.

Vessel Length

  1. Vessel Length

Knowing your vessel’s length is a must. That’s because most of the boating and sailing codes consider the length as a distinguishing factor. In other words, the length indicates the necessary items and pieces of equipment each boat must carry. So, not knowing it will confuse you—as the overseer.

To find out the number, check the documents of your boat or try to measure it yourself. The correct way of measuring a boat’s length is to determine the extent between the bow and the stern.

Note: additional parts such as outboard motors, brackets, rudders, bow attachments, or swim platforms and ladders should not be measured.

     5.The capacity of the Craft

There’s a plate on each boat (usually on the transom) that points out the maximum carriable weight. Some of the capacity plates include the number of people who can be on the deck as well.

The skipper must be aware of these numbers and control the weight (or max. passenger number) before heading out on the water. Carrying excessive passengers or cargo will result in punishment.

      6.Texas Seagrasses

According to BoatED, “seagrasses are plants totally adapted to living underwater. Their canopy of leaves and net of roots create a stable and protected habitat for marine life. It is this habitat that helps make the fishing great.”

So, in order to preserve them from boat damage, a skipper must either 1) Lift: stop the vessel and tilt the motor out of the water 2) Drift: use the wind to drift to and through dense submerged vegetation 3) Pole or walk the vessel out of the shallow area or seagrass bed or 4) Troll: use a trolling motor to navigate the shallow waters.

Tips for Sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard

Tips for Sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard

Use a Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Check the weather forecast and utilize satellite weather (if possible) to get the most accurate prediction.
  • Inspect the lights, throttle, and the tiller/steering systems, making sure they all work by the book.
  • Inspect the tank and engine to see if there’s any water or oil leak.
  • Drain all water from the engine compartment, and be sure the bilge plug is replaced and secure.
  • Give the batteries the once-over and make sure they are fully charged.
  • Check the PFDs’ condition and see if there’s enough of them for everyone abroad.

Fill a Float Plan Before the Departure

This is a piece of paper including the name, size, and the registration number of a vessel. The overseer should write down the detailed route and include departure and return time in it.

Plus, the names of all passengers and their phone numbers must be on the form. This is a good way to make sure at least one person on the land can call for help in case of an emergency.

So, always leave a float plan behind before heading out on the water. Otherwise, no one may be there for you when facing a hazardous situation.

Best Sailing Season

Sailing and boating season usually starts from late-May to mid-September. That’s because the temperature during these months drops to 70-75 °F, allowing the visitors to enjoy summertime doings.

However, below you can find a detailed weather report based on factors that influence your sailing/boating or cruising experience.

  1. Temperature

The warmest month of the year is July, 90°F. The two upcoming months (Aug & Sep) are also among the hottest periods with an average temperature of 88°F and above.

The coolest months in this district are November, December, January, February. The lowest temperature during this cycle is 37°F (Jan 5) while the highest one being 64°F (Nov 25).

The average temperature should help you get your head around the idea of what to pack. However, if you are still confused, read our guide on Packing for a Sailing Trip on Hot and Cold Days.

  1. Wind

One of the reasons why sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard is popular is having 7 windy months each year. The cycle of blowy days starts from October and lasts until early June. The mid-core airstream speed during these days is approximately 10.0 miles per hour.

However, if you’re willing to operate a windblown craft on the lake, March, April, and May own the windiest days.

  1. Sun

Skippers usually prefer daytime navigating over nighttime activities. That’s because being able to observe the surrounding area is a primary success key in navigation. So, that’s why you might want to know which days of the year offer the longest sun presence in this district.

Thru June, you get to have the longest daytimes, 14h per day. So, planning a cruise or sail during this month is the ideal option for sun lovers. However, the shortest days are in November and December—9 hours (approximately).

  1. Humidity

According to Weather Spark, there are some cycles in which the humidity and temperature of this reservoir are very close to “comfortable.”

In the jargon of meteorology, humidity comfort level is a scale of 0-100% with the highest number being the most relaxing condition.

Lake Ray Hubbard’s humidity comfort level reaches 82% for 3 months starting from June and ending in August. So, opt to go to Texas in this cycle to avoid struggling with intolerable oppressive or muggy conditions.

  1. Cloud

Clouds are another reason why sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard is well-liked. There are almost 6 months with a clear sky each year. The clearest time is October; however, you can enjoy navigating underneath the perfect sky from late-May to early-November.

According to Weather Spark, the clearest day of the year is the 5th of October. On this day, the sky is clear 74% of the time.

  1. Precipitation

April through May is the rainiest phase of time each year. Thru these months the chance of having a rainy day is nearly 31%. May eventually tops the list of average rainfall with getting 4.2 inches of precipitation each year.

However, the driest month in Lake Ray Hubbard is June, July, August, and early-September. This is when the middling rainfall drops to 1.5 inches.

Fishing Codes and Regulations

Fishing Codes and Regulations

Statewide Regulation stops anglers from catching excessive amounts of fishes on Texas public waters. According to this law, each species living in public waters of The Lone Star State may only be angled for a specific amount each day.

The Freshwater Bag and Length Limits indicates how many fishes (of what size) a fisher can catch on a regular catch. Below you can find a table that shows the specific limitations for Lake Ray Hubbard fishes.

Species minimum length limit (inches) daily bag limit (fish)
Largemouth Bass two largemouth bass less than 18 inches per day
Blue Catfish 12 25
Channel Catfish 12 25
Crappie 10 25
Hybrid Striped Bass 18 5
White Bass 10 25


Most Common Fish Types

Right now, Catfish and Hybrid Striped Bass are the species that you can find effortlessly in the water. However, the TWPD has stocked other types of water creatures in this reservoir to make sure the angling opportunities are satisfying.

The table below shows what are the most common fish types in Lake Ray Hubbard. (All the information included in this table is according to the latest information provided by the TWPD).

Species Good Excellent
Largemouth Bass
White Bass
Hybrid Striped Bass


Angling Tips

Angling Tips

Fishes tend to utilize underwater covers to hide from the hunters. However, this gives the anglers a great chance to find a scholar of them effortlessly. The most popular cover for fishes in Lake Ray Hubbard is standing timber located in the spot above Interstate 30. This is the place that is usually home to scholars of fish.

Another sign indicating the presence of fishes is water thyme. It’s a is a submersed perennial herb that lives on the bottom of some reservoirs in Texas. Seeing them near the area means that the Largemouth Bass are there. That’s because this herb attracts them and they utilize it as a cover most of the time.

In case you don’t have a PWC to head out on the water, use ripraps as an angling spot. They are an ideal spot for catching Catfish or Largemouth Bass.

Go to the heated discharge area on the west side south of I30 to find all kinds of fish types altogether. For hybrids and white bass, use the humps that extend into the lake. These fishes love to gather in such areas.

Submerged brush piles in the lower lake are the finest spot to catch Crappie and White Bass. However, these two species tend to school in these locations mainly during summer.

Fun Stuff to Do on Lake Ray Hubbard Without a Boat

Fun Stuff to Do on Lake Ray Hubbard Without a Boat

Not everyone is willing to go sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard. But that shouldn’t mean there’s no entertainment for them in the district. By contrast, the area surrounding the reservoir is full of places that will definitely provide you with the ideal services to have the best time.

We have created a list of things to do while in Kaufman, TX.

  1. Eat at These Places

The following are the top seafood, fast food, and restaurants near the Lake Ray Hubbard.

  • Flying Saucer Draught Emporium:

It’s a chain taproom with more than 200 beer selections. The place is an American pub fare in tavern-like surroundings located at 4821 Bass Pro Dr, Garland. The most interesting thing about its spot is that you can have a great view of the lake sitting on their open seating section.

If you love pretzels and cheese, they have one of the best around. The German plate is also a favorite choice at this eatery.

  • Gloria’s Latin Cuisine

The name is self-explanatory. It’s a Latin eatery with a family-friendly atmosphere near the reservoir. They are located at 2079 Summer Lee Dr, Rockwall, serving brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Their best dish is the mix of Tex-Mex and Salvadorian food, but you can go for drinks as well. Mojitos and margaritas are a public choice at this Latin cuisine. However, they may get jam-packed during the lunchtime; so, be there first to get served first!

  • Chick-fil-A:

Fast-food fans love this place. It’s where you can find the finest chicken sandwiches, strip & nuggets as well as salads and sides. They are currently at 2835 Ridge Rd, Rockwall operating from 6 A.M to 10 P.M. every day—except for Sundays.

The menu is full of satisfying options, but the most important thing is to combine the with Chick fill-A sauce. Yes, they have their own special sauce!

  • Saltgrass Steak House

Positioned at 1649 Laguna Dr, Rockwall, this is an informal Texas-themed chain, offering meat-oriented cuisines. They also have a full bar with some of the most popular drinks in the district.

So, in case you want to get familiar with the Texan dishes, this is the best bet. They have specific interior design, making the customers feel The Lone Star State’s atmosphere.

Make sure to try the chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. These two have always topped the list of customers as the former is so huge and filling while the latter is extremely creamy.

  1. Visit These Locations

After a nice meal, you can head out on the road and get to see some of the main attractions in the area. Here’s a list to lend a helping hand with finding them.

  • Rowlett Nature Trail

This hiking path is located at 1610 Miller Rd, Rowlett, which is within the walking distance to the south end of the lake. However, you can either choose it as a place for walking, biking, picnicking, and/or fishing.

It’s 1.3 miles of space covered with native trees and accompanied by the creek. That’s why most of the hikers bring a rod to benefit from the calm waters and catch some fishes for lunch.

The trail starts accepting people from 6 A.M. to 11 P.M. So, plan your walk accordingly.

  • San Martino Winery & Vineyards

Take a minute to get off the highway to check this place out if you don’t know how great the Texan wine can be. All those thinking a wine from Texas couldn’t keep up with those in California, Oregon or even France, Portugal and Spain changed their mind after meeting this family-owned business.

You must go to 12512 State Hwy 205, Lavon, every Thursday to Sunday from 1-9 P.M. to get to test their second of none drinks.

They have hit the right mix of comfort laid-back Texas-style with spectacular, well-balanced, full-flavored red wines. So, don’t miss out on the chance to relax and drink in a cozy, friendly place.

  • Rockwall County Historical Foundation Museum

Head out to 901 E Washington St, Rockwall, to visit a Heritage museum in an 1850 house exhibiting historical objects & memorabilia from Rockwall County. This is a nice museum full of history about this little town. You can also see some of the original “Rockwall stones” that were excavated years ago.

They have a restricted schedule allowing them to be open three days per week. So, bear in mind that they are open every Saturday from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. and every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 5 P.M.

  • San Jacinto Plaza

Placed at 101-115 S San Jacinto St, it’s a nice public plaza in Old Downtown Rockwall, Texas south of Rusk Street. This former block of San Jacinto Street is now a red brick courtyard with some live music artists or groups performing on an open stage. Plenty of small tables & seats spread out in the courtyard to sit and chat.

Bonafide Betty’s Pie Company bakery and The Beer Geeks bottled beer to go shop are also located inside this plaza.

Play Games

  1. Play Games

Are you bored? Here are places to play games, have fun, and entertain yourself.

  • Rowlett Wet Zone

It’s a city-owned swim facility & water park offering a playground, slides, swim lessons & aerobics. Located at 7723, 5304 Main St, Rowlett, Wet Zone is a very nice water park for the kids. It’s not over- packed and the lines are not long at all.

There are plenty of lifeguards on duty in the area to guarantee everyone’s safety. Plus, fun music is always being played.

Lots of tables and chairs are available for the visitors and there are pavilions for private parties. The kitchen serves kid-friendly food, but you can bring in your own coolers and outside food and drinks.

  • Escapology Escape Rooms Dallas – Rockwall

Head out to 1290 E Interstate Hwy 30, to get involved in some of the most entertaining mystery-solving games in Texas. Escapology is an escape room with several challenging games for people of all ages.

No matter you want to solve the mysteries solo or within a group, they have something to offer. You just need to be at their place from 12 to 10 P.M. (Saturdays from 10:40 A.M. to 11:30 P.M.).

Some of the games you get to play in this escape room are:

  • ANTIDOTE: You are a team of scientists investigating Dr. Brandt’s abandoned laboratory. You’ve been tasked with finding the only known antidote to virus TS-51 before it gets passed into enemy hands.
  • BUDAPEST EXPRESS: When you arrive, you see a man slumped over a restaurant table. He was Sir Clarence Hayden and he has been murdered!
  • SHANGHAIED: You quickly realize that you have been fooled by the King of the Crimps, Joseph “Bunko” Kelly and forcefully drafted to work with the ship’s company of 12 British and 30 Cantonese sailors
  • TH3 C0D3: You are FBI Agent Alex Vargas, a fresh face in the Cyber Crime Unit. Fueled by optimism and a need for success, you determine that taking down Nitr0 would be the best way to climb the ladder to the top.
  • UNDER PRESSURE: The engines have died and pressure in the cabin is quickly increasing. The hull is cracking under the immense pressure of the seabed and, without power, only 60 minutes of reserve oxygen remains! You and the crew must act quickly so you can continue your mission.
  • SAVING SANTA: The Secret Elves will guide you throughout the game and let you know whether the adults may need to help the youngsters along or keep you informed that they’re doing just fine on their own! (This game is designed for children).


  • Magic Fun House Castle

At 4100 Rowlett Rd, there’s a magical place. Wizard Wayne is a craftsman of magic and anyone from 4 to 100 will love his show. The castle itself is an absolute work of art and once you step inside you are transported to another dimension of fun.

Wayne is fantastic with groups and even offers private tours if you don’t like the group thing. The services this place offers to the community are like none other. This is the best spot for kids as the Wizard will never let them down with his tricks.

You can also buy some magic crafts at this place to start becoming a wizard. Wayne probably will teach you some tricks as well.


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