Small and Large Sailing Yacht Costs 2019 Report

Are you a prospective yacht buyer? Do you want to know how much does a small and/or Sailing Yacht Costs? We will tell you all about that. Read on and see what are the actual pre- and after-purchase expenses + a formula to calculate the sailing yacht captain’s salary…

Small and Large Sailing Yacht Costs 2019 Report

Many believe that you should be a millionaire to buy a sailing yacht. But the truth is that the industry is offering all sorts of options to mid-class customers as well. So, if you’re wondering how much a sailing yacht costs, and who can afford it, you’re on the right page.

In this article of Sailingyes, we offer some insight into the topic of sailing yacht prices and will try to cover small- to large-sized watercraft.

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Small and Large Sailing Yacht Costs 2019 Report

Is $300,000 Enough to Buy a Small Sailing Yacht?

According to new information, in 2019, prospective yacht buyers with a budget of $300,000 can afford a small-sized sailing yacht for sure. So, you will need at least $300,000 to buy such a watercraft. But this number is not written in the stone and you can find even better deals when it comes to used vessels.

You can buy a used sailing yacht for $150,000-200,000 in the United States. So, we recommend you to consult a broker to see if there are any used crafts available.

Bear in mind that the sky’s the limit when it comes to sailing yacht costs. So, the more you pay, the more you get! There are extra expensive super-luxury vessels such as Azzam that is worth $600 million dollars as well as the cost-effective ones for normal customers with reasonable budgets. It’s just you and your green power who determines what you get.

Under-80-Feet Luxury Sailing Yacht Cost

An average under-80-feet luxury sailing yacht costs $1.5 million dollars. But there are some options with fewer amnesties that would charge you less. As a rule of thumb, the minimum budget required for buying a 150-feet luxury yacht in 2019 is $9-10 million dollars.

However, a sailing yacht larger than 160 feet costs $20-30 million dollars on average. The amenities and features of the vessel can change these numbers quickly. So, remember that the prices are given for normal (not-customized) yachts.

Can I Buy a Luxury Sailing Yacht for Under $1 Million Dollar?

Yes, you can. There are several affordable new and used luxury sailing yachts for customers who’re on a budget. Columbo Breezle, for instance, is a luxury 66-feet yacht by the famous manufacturer Oyster that costs only $795,000.

Under-80-Feet Luxury Sailing Yacht Cost

Operating Expenses of a Small and Large Sailing Yacht

Huge toys need extra running expenses, right? The most important parts of determining the average annual expenses are the crew salary and fuel fee. Assuming that you’ll sail with your yacht for several months per year, $400,000 will roughly be enough to fulfill the fuel needs. On the other hand, the crew must always be ready and maintain the vessel. So, for a 150-feet yacht with standard crew, you’ll have to pay approximately $800,000 as salary. Now, adding the supplemental costs would increase it to $900,000 dollars—which is only 40% of total running expenses. However, below you can find a list of estimated running expenses for a 150-feet sailing yacht with standard crew for 10 weeks:

  • Crew: $862,077
  • Administration (insurance, regulatory, etc.): $117,907
  • Dockage & Fuel: $466,594
  • Maintenance: $229,558

How to Predict Sailing Yacht Captain Salary?

There’s a simple formula for calculating the sailing yacht captain salary. You should multiply the length of your vessel to $1,000 to predict how much will it cost to hire a captain for one year. So, if your yacht, say, is 150-feet the average annual salary for the captain will be $150,000.

Note: some working conditions may change that number. So, prepare a contract that involves all the requirements and expectations prior to finalizing any decision.


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