Top 5 ASA Sailing Schools in Galveston Area

American Sailing Association is a well-known organization that certifies sailing schools as well as their instructors. Now, here’s a list of the top 5 ASA-approved Sailing Schools in Galveston Area.


Top 5 ASA Sailing Schools in Galveston Area And Every Piece of Information You Need

How are you going to handle a run-through when it comes to seafaring? Well, let Sailingyes lend a hand using its list of the top 5 ASA Sailing Schools in Galveston Area, Texas. Read on and get to know the most steadfast ones in the zone—now.

ASA Sailing Schools in Galveston Area, Texas – Top 5 and Things You Need to Know About Them Before Signing up

In this article, you’ll find out more about the valid institutes in the district. And the good news is that all of them are ASA-certified. Therefore, trusting them is a cakewalk—and the upshot is a valid certification.

Why ASA Certification Carries Some Weight?

Well, this association is a go-to in the field of sailing. So, nothing could be more acceptable than when it authorizes you.

It’s more like the oldest seadog in the town admires you. And that, my seafaring lover friend, is the finest feeling of all the lands and seas.

1. Bay Area Sailing School – Kemah

Kemah, Houston / Galveston Area, Texas

(281) 334-4179

Bay Area Sailing School – Kemah

Okay, let’s get down to the nautical stuff. Here’s an institute that tops our lists when it comes to teaching some marine stuff. These people know what they’re doing. And signing up in their courses would guarantee to be in the safe hands of sea experts. So, in case you’re a nitpicker, this is the best bet.

They have a unique way of mixing different courses, creating brand-new offers. That’s why you should check their website with no failure. If not, you may lose several cost-effective limited options by far.

Right now, they have 5 unlike bots available for students. But the best part is that they’ve limited the classes to 4 apprentices at most. Thus, the instructor would easily devote their full attention to you—with no doubt.

No need to mention they’re an ASA-certified faculty, right?

By the way, all their trainers are qualified for their job. And as stated earlier, you’ll be in the safe hands of specialists on the water.


Extra Information About this Institute

They are one of the most top-notch ASA Sailing Schools in the Galveston Area. That’s because they’ve issued more nearly a 1000 person since the start. But the most noteworthy is that they have an all-in-one type of offer sheet. So, finding something interesting is a cakewalk at this faulty.

For instance, you can rent one of their spectacular boats and start to the Clear Lake. Moreover, you would be able to become a member of their sailing club. And this would also guarantee some special members-only offers as well.


2. Let’s Go Sailing – Seabrook

Seabrook, Houston / Galveston Area, Texas

(713) 408-1318

 Let’s Go Sailing – Seabrook

1988 was a crucial year in the realm of seafaring. Let’s Go Sailing (Seabrook) was established at this time. And more local people got the chance to become a real-deal seadog. So, you can’t turn a blind eye on the importance of this institute through marine history.

Before I forget, they earned the 2018 ASA Teacher of the Year title. Thus, there’s no need to stick at the importance of their role in the teaching.

This faculty, as always, is offering normal ASA courses. But you can also opt to schedule a private lesson as well. So, no worries if you’re a bit shy. These people will lend a set-apart helping time as you wish.

The learning experience at this place would be gradual. Meaning that you’ll start as a beginner and then continue as an advanced pupil. The method they apply to get such an upshot is utilizing 3 unalike boats for educational purposes. (a sailboat, a sunfish, a catamaran).


Extra Information About this Institute

What’s interesting about this place is that you can schedule a charter and cruise privately. So, in case a party-time is ahead and you’re out of new ideas, here’s one. Rent a boat with a captain and hold a party on the water.

If, however, you’re more interested in romantic stuff, book a place for the Fireworks Charter. It’s a cruising program that would leave you alone with a breathtaking firework show. Plus, kissing would be unlimited throughout the night!


3.    Sail Ventures USA

Clear Lake Shores, Houston / Galveston Area, Texas

(713) 819-7327

In case you’re a seafaring enthusiast, these people would feel you. They are one of the most well-known ASA Sailing Schools in the Galveston Area. So, the trust would not be a concern through the registration process.

The best approach, however, is to pay their website a visit. This could give you a birds-eye view of their offers, helping to find the proper course.

All the ASA courses are available at this faculty. Plus, some extra sequences are on hand from time to time. Therefore, you better keep up with their broadcasts with no failure. Otherwise, losing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would not be surprising.

I urge you to be smart while signing up for a course. That’s because there are some prerequisites-free tutorials that you could take for a fair price. And this means you could specialize at a part of the seafaring with no need to begin from nothing.

Note: this a good chance for semi-advanced learners. At this institute, you can take a course that you need—instead of those they force you to.

 Sail Ventures USA

Extra Information About this Institute

The main draw to their facilities is the fact that they’re member-friendly. So, getting several extra options would be a cakewalk when you pay the membership fee.

But hey, the best part is still yet to come. This seafaring teaching institute offers a free ASA certification to the members.

Therefore, there’s no need to worry about extra expenses. In fact, a membership fee is enough to cover the financial aspects of becoming a seadog.


4.  South Coast Sailing Adventures

Kemah, Houston / Galveston Area, Texas

(281) 334-4606

catching up with others may sound like a concern to you and it’s understandable. But so long as you’re in the safe hands of SCSA experts, there’s no need to worry about a thing. They can turn you into a professional cruiser in no time. And the finest part is that it won’t cost a fortune.

In fact, signing up for their ‘Introduction to Sailing Program’ would get you rid of all the extra expenses. That’s because it’s an all-in-one type of lesson, designed to help you keep up with advanced learners.

But wait; advanced learners are welcome as well. So, you don’t have to be an amateur to get the chance of learning. Inversely, at any level, there’s something new to acquire.

ASA 114, for instance, would prepare you for cursing a catamaran. Moreover, ASA 118 would help you to get a solid grasp of Docking Endorsement. However, you should bear in mind that these courses are not prerequisites-free. So, you may need to pass some other courses to become a valid candidate.

Note: they have only limited spaces left for new students. Therefore, you better hurry up. If not, you’ll have to wait for the next round of courses. And that would be the most time-consuming thing you’ve ever experienced.

Extra Information About this Institute

Racing lessons are a favorite at SCSA. This is a lesson that would help you get a solid grasp of the fundamentals of racing.

Indeed, it’s all going to be a hands-on type of process. So, you’ll actually get the chance to feel what it feels like to compete on the water.

Since the trainers are all professional racers, you’ll get on effortlessly. Plus, it would be a good way of setting the ball rolling. That’s because you get the opportunity to ask any questions about the racing.

Note: the number of students on each boat is restricted. Thus, it’s so easy to absorb knowledge and get along with others. Plus, you can always ask for a private lesson to assure getting the full attention of the instructor.

Hey, want to buy a new boat? Well, these folks can lend a helping hand with that. They have a specific boat trading section, available on their website. So, you can check the list of ready-to-sail boats waiting for new owners there.


5.Windward SeaVenture Charters

Kemah, Houston / Galveston Area, Texas

(281) 467-2279

last but not least, this a steadfast institute. In fact, taking seafaring courses at this place is all an easy-peasy thing. All you need to do is giving their webpage a virtual visit. That’s where you can find easy-to-follow instructions about registration. Plus, you could sign up for any lesson online.

That said, you can save some time and book a seat beforehand. Remember that the seats are not available 24/7. Thus, be quick and reserve a place before it’s too late.

Windward SeaVenture Charters

Extra Information About this Institute

The most known extra deal they offer is a yacht management service. Through this facility, you can get rid of the maintenance expenses effortlessly. That’s because Sea Venture would take care of your boat throughout the year.

Plus, you’ll be able to cruise with it all the time. in short, there’ll be no restrictions on your authorities.



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