Top 5 ASA Sailing Schools in the Dallas Region

ASA-certified schools in Dallas issue an internationally valuable certification for their learners. And that’s why you should choose them for a professional sailing future. Here’s a top-5 list to help you with that.

Sailing Schools in the Dallas, Texas – the Top 5 and All You Should Know About Them Before Signing Up

Is there a hidden sailor soul in your heart? Have you always been dreaming about becoming a seafarer? Well, it shouldn’t remain a dream forever. We, at Sailingyes, have a list of 5 best Sailing Schools in the Dallas, TX below. So, you can read on, sign up for a course, and turn the fantasy into reality!

Sailing Schools in the Dallas, Texas – the Top 5 and All You Should Know About Them Before Signing Up

We also have a list of the Top 5 ASA Sailing Schools in Galveston Area for those who are interested in learning seafaring near the Bay Area.

Before Getting into Details, Let’s See:

“Why ASA is the Best Bet?”

Okay, let me be frank. ASA is a well-known American association that certifies sailors. So, when a school or a trainer is certified by this organization, the learning quality process is guaranteed. In other words, this is a reason to trust in the school/trainer.

That’s why 4 schools out of 5 are ASA certified on the list below. So, in short, we’ve tried to find the most trustworthy institutes for you.

1.  Bay Area Sailing School in the Dallas– Joe Pool Lake

Grand Prairie, Dallas / Ft. Worth Area, Texas

(281) 334-4179

This one easily tops our list. That’s because they have certified more than 9000 sailors in time. Therefore, you can call them the No.1 among all sailing schools in Dallas, TX.

But that’s not all about this institute. Inversely, there’s much more to know. For instance, they have plenty of certified instructors. And all of them are ready to coach you through the hardships of becoming a sailor.

Most noteworthy, it’s a creative school. Due to their various combined courses, you get more while paying less. And this simple fact makes them a budget-friendly option.

You can save up to $80 by signing up for each combined course. So, if money is a concern, this one is the best option you have in D-Town.

Additional Programs/Services at Bay Area Sailing School – Joe Pool Lake

Signing up for a course is just the beginning. Soon, you’ll find this institute much more than a regular educational place. In fact, they are an all-in-one type of faculty.

For instance, you can rent a boat. Yes, that’s right. They have plenty of diverse options to offer you. And since they’ve been doing it since 1982, it’s so easy to trust them.

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They have a specific time schedule for rental boating. So, you can check their website to get more info about that. But keep in mind that the renting hours mentioned on the list can change due to weather conditions.

Expert tip: if money matter to you, join their club! This would give you the chance to rent boats for lower prices. Plus, you can sail for longer hours when a member of this club.

Head out to their website for more information – and quotes.

2. Island Bound Sailing Academy

Grapevine, Dallas / Ft. Worth Area, Texas

(817) 832-0615

located next to the lake Grapevine, this is a must-experience faculty among all sailing schools in Dallas, TX. They have all the ASA courses available for you. And it would not cost a fortune to sign up for them.

We recommend you to start with their basic training courses. That’s because they would prepare you for a real hands-on experience through this path.

The good news is that they have a fair pricing method. So, having a budget of $500 at most would be enough to start the adventure.

According to their website, “The staff teaches students how to sail keelboats, fare beats, and yachts.” And all these courses agree on the American Sailing Association rules.

Additional Programs/Services at Island Bound Sailing Academy

Well, they are top-notch in the realm of extra services. That’s because they have various options available for sea lovers – as well as marine lovers.

You can join their Discover Sail at Sunset program. And this would be one of the most remarkable experiences you’ve ever had. This charter would allow you to catch the sunset on the lake Grapevine. So, prepare yourself for a romantic evening!

But wait; that’s not it. Friday Night Fireworks is another program offered by this amazing institute. In fact, it’s a boating program that ends up leaving you with an astonishing firework show.

Additional Programs/Services at Island Bound Sailing Academy

Note: as the title reveals, this program is not available every day. So, book a place a couple of days earlier.

3.North Texas Sailing School

Heath, Dallas / Ft. Worth Area, Texas

(214) 354-3638

located next to Lake Ray Hubbard, this is one of the oldest institutes in Dallas. So, no doubt, the old sailors at this faculty are amongst the most trustworthy ones. And that’s why we recommend it to all the young out there.

This is a place that would turn you into a real sea dog. In fact, it would make you a professional seafarer by the end of the course. And this is just amazing.

Since they agree with the principles of ASA, trust in the quality of courses is not a concern. They have gathered a group of well-trained and certified trainers for the best upshot. And guess what? They’ve succeeded!

Nowadays, marine courses offered by this school are popular. And more people try to graduate from this faculty each ear. So, you better hurry up because the classes are limited.

Additional Programs/Services at North Texas Sailing School

They have all you could possibly wish to experience. In case you’re a bit shy, you can opt to schedule a private course. But if you’re the opposite type of person, group classes are always available. And don’t worry about overcrowding because the number of students on each boat has a certain limit.

Additional Programs/Services at North Texas Sailing School

Moreover, you can sign up for their special racing course. This is a progressive path that would guide you through the necessities for racing on the water. And since the trainers are all professional racers, you’ll be in the safe hands of several experts.

Is that it? No. they also offer a junior-friendly program. So, you can send your young children to start a real hands-on journey on the lake.

4.Sail Dallas

Dallas, Dallas / Ft. Worth Area, Texas

(214) 215-7245

This is a good choice for all marine lovers. Thanks to their full-of-option offer list, you’ll definitely find a proper course. Plus, regardless of what you sign up for, it won’t cost the earth.

The prices are fair. And you can end up having a valid certification for a price next to nothing.

However, plan for your budget wisely. And choose the right combination of courses to guarantee the best upshot.

We recommend you to start with the Basic Keelboat lesson. This is a course to help you set the ball rolling. And would help you to get a solid grasp of the further information.

You’ll be able to sail a keelboat after this course. However, bear in mind that it’s just a basic nautical passage. So, do not attempt to sail on your own right after the class!

Additional Programs/Services at Sail Dallas

This institute tops the list of additional services. They have up to 15 options available for all visitors and students. No matter what you’re looking for, the answer is on their website!

So, waste no more time and check out their offer list right now. I’m sure you’ll end up finding a couple of interesting stuff to try out.

However, I’m going to try to expand on their services. (but I’m not even sure if I could cover all of them).

Additional Programs/Services at Sail Dallas

Anyways; the most noteworthy service they have is the ‘Sailboat Consulting and Yacht Sales.’

This is a service that would help you buy the best boat/yacht possible. Their experts would guide you through the processes. And it would be the best thing you could wish for in the realm of purchasing a new watercraft.

They also have a specific course for racing lovers. Through this progress, you’ll get to know the basics of racing on the water. And you can continue learning as an advanced learner later.

Some of the other services offered by this institute are:

  • Certified Sailing Lessons
  • Basic/Beginning Sailing
  • Basic Cruising
  • Bareboat Certification
  • Coastal Navigation
  • Advanced Cruising
  • Celestial Navigation
  • Sailboat Rentals
  • Captained Charters
  • Performance Sailing
  • Certified Performance Sailing

5.Lone Star Sailing, LLC

Oak Point, Texas

(972) 920-6440

okay, this one is an exception. While all other institutes on the list are ASA-approved, Lone star Sailing is a law unto itself. However, you should not let this fact fool you. It’s a well-known faculty and all the people who’ve experienced their hands-on courses are professionals now.

If for any reason, you don’t like to be in such a facility, this one is the best bet. They have several different progressive methods and courses to ready you for a real seafaring adventure.

You can start with their ‘Introduction to Sailing’ course. And then you could go for a ‘First Mate Skill’ and ‘Basic Keelboat Sailing’ courses.

Additional Programs/Services at Lone Star Sailing, LLC

They have a bunch of extra services to offer at this faculty. However, ‘Technical Services and Consulting’ is the most remarkable one. Through this service, you can ask for all sorts of professional help. Whether it’s buying a boat or having some issues with the boat engine, you can rely on their expert


Additional Programs/Services at Lone Star Sailing, LLC

So, feel free to call them for more information as well.



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