Water sports in Austin Texas

Sailing, Boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding in Austin, Texas

All You Need to Know Before Heading Out on the Water

Austin is full of perky people who love watersports. And it wouldn’t be weird to say it runs in their blood. But now, and in this paper, you’ll learn what are the best places for sailing, boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, and beyond—no matter you’re an Austinite or just a curious tourist.

Sailing, Boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding in Austin, Texas

So, we recommend reading this article to all those who love watersports and Austin, Texas at the same time. That’s so because you can find all the necessary information you need about the places that could help you out with want-to-be-on-water desires.

We’ve included two ASA Sailing Schools in the list as well. And we recommend attending to their courses if you’re not confident about heading out on the water as a loner.

Okay, now, let’s start things off with a bang.

Become an ASA Sailor in Austin, Texas

The good news is that we have not just one but two ASA Sailing Schools in our River City. So, it’s not going to be a long drive to attend one of these two schools—no matter where you live.

Moreover, since they use ASA certified experts, you’ll find it quite fun to learn how to sail as well as informative.

Anyways… let’s see what these sailing schools have to offer in ATX.

  1. Austin Yacht Club

Regardless of your age, AYC always has something to offer. That said, no matter how old are you, there’s something fun and informative waiting here. You can opt to attend sailing courses designed for adults (if the case), or let your teenager kids become a beginner sailor through junior sailing courses.

But that’s not it. If your kids are willing to make the most of the summer, you can help them sign up for the summer sailing camp in Austin Yacht Club. That would a great experience for your kids and let them find out more about sailing through hands-on (but safe) practices.

Since the sailing experts will always be there for your kids, there’s no need to worry about their safety. Actually, they will be in the safe hands of the ASA certified teachers—which means no problem will pop up.

Austin Yacht Club

Uh—yeah, they have an annual racing calendar which is the best part for watersports lovers. AYC has been the host of many sailing and cruising races since the very first day. So, you can make sure that the events are held by the most professional organizer in the area.

Dirty-and-quick tip: if you want to pay less and/or use some services for free, become a member as soon as possible.

  1. Outbound Sailing (Lakeway)

Austin has lots of exotic locations that you would fall in love within a blink of an eye. And what Outbound Sailing has done is to combine the beauty of these unseen landscapes with the learning processes. Yes, you read it right. They have combined these two barely-combinable factors in ATX.

So, what you get here is a fun trip on the water while learning how to cruise a sailboat properly. An ASA expert will be with you throughout the trip to play the role of your go-to. And you can ask any questions about the courses being sure that they will provide you with the most practical answers.

One thing to note is that all the courses in Outbound Sailing are hands-on types. Meaning that you will set the ball rolling for becoming a professional sailor by actually doing stuff on the board. Just make sure to follow the guide properly—if you don’t want to mess up the sailboat.

But the best thing about this school is that they’ve limited the classes’ sizes. That means you’ll be in a two-student class and get the full attention of the teacher. Now, how great is that huh?

Enjoy Water sports in Austin, Texas – Top Six Places

Okay, sailing can be considered as a watersports field. But here we have more suggestions for you. Whether you’re a paddleboarding enthusiast or a kayak lover, Austin has something to offer you.

Enjoy Water sports in Austin, Texas – Top Six Places

There are lots of professional companies out there in our River City who would offer the most exotic on-water experience. However, since we all like best-in-town lists, here we have the 6 best watersports centers in Austin, Texas.

Read on if you want to find a place where watercraft are available for rental and boating tours are scheduled. (and you won’t regret it; trust me).

  1. Live Love Paddle

If you’ve been to this place during the Fourth of July event, you have already become a regular. But for any who may haven’t experience it, just wait for the next year and be there—if you don’t want to miss out a beautiful event in ATX. But that’s not where the story ends. They have a lot more to offer you.

A bat-watching tour, for instance, is a service that you have to experience—at least once. But if you want some hints, it’s a guided tour that with end up with one of the most unforgettable moments of your life. You’ll see a black river in the sky. Weird huh? Well, that’s what a group of bats look like when they’re flying over your head.

Moreover, you can rent a raft, kayak, or paddleboard to start your own journey—in case you’re an anti-batman. The prices are extremely affordable and you would not face bankruptcy by the end of the month. However, they have special discounts, too, to make it even more affordable.

  1. Capital Cruises

The big question is that what services are missed on the list? And that’s so because Capital Cruises have almost everything possible on its service list. Believe it or not, they have Catering Services, Birthday Parties, Ceremonies, Corporate Events, Fundraising Events, and Concerts.

Water-sports-in-Austin-Places-Capital Cruises

Now, add boat tours and boat charters to the list too. See? They have everything—from stern to stem. So, if you’re looking for a place where you can relax, eat, and have fun, Capital Cruises is the best bet.

Want to catch the sunset? Again, this is the place to do so. They may not have the best view in their location, but don’t let it disappoint you. They’ll take you on a tour to the most exotic locations of the area, and hopefully, stop by a place where you can get the best view of the sunset in Austin, Texas.

If the bat-watching service sounds like a fun idea to you, no need to change your schedule. That’s because the boating tours in Capital Cruises involve the service too. That said, you can hit two birds (if not bats) with one stone: catch the sunset and watch the bats flying over your head.

  1. Rowing Dock

Another place in Austin where you can rent kayaks, paddleboards, and join boating tours is Rowing Dock. The best thing about this place is its location. You will need a 10-minute walk to reach a place full of food trucks. (another hit-one-get-two situation).

If you have an extended family with a typical image that includes a dog, it’s the best bet for you. Since the place is dog-friendly, you’ll get everything you need to secure your pet’s life while on the water. they’ll give you a special PFD for your dog enabling it to join you for a ride on the water. so, you don’t need to leave your best friend behind.

Moreover, since they have plenty of canoes and kayaks, it’ll take place in no time to rent one and get out on the water. and since the staff is so friendly, you’ll find it a quite interesting and overwhelming experience.

  1. Sail Austin

Captain Tim and his crew are waiting for you in Sail Austin year-round. They have some of the most amazing on-water services in town. And it’s really easy to make friends with their staff—because they are really nice. However, if you’re more of a business-guy, here’s the actual list of their services:  Romantic Cruises for Couples

  • Sunset Sails
  • Team Building & Sailing Lessons
  • Full, Half-day and Weekend Cruises
  • Birthday Parties & Celebrations
  • Marriage Proposals & Anniversaries
  • Family Outings & Retreats
  • Custom Charters for any Special Occasion

Sail Austin is a place to have fun, relax, and create unforgettable moments. You’ll soon become a fan of captain Tim and his crew. And that’s because they are professionals in the realm of sailing, boating, cruising, and… fun!

Water-sports-in-Austin-Places-Sail Austin.jpg

One thing to note is that you don’t need any specific sailing experience and/or certification to join the tours. You’ll only have to follow the safety requirements and have the PDF on—all the time.

It’s been 19 years since the first-day Sail Austin introduced to the Austinites. That means they are amongst the most experienced sailing experts in the River City. And that, eventually, means you’re in the safe hands of the professionals.

  1. Texas Sailing

Let the Texas Sailing create the best moments on the water for you. They are experts of boat tour and chartings in Austin—and you’ll never regret choosing them. If you’re a business owner in Texas looking to increase strengthen the team bound, just schedule a boating charter at this place.

However, team bound activities are not the only things you get here. They have amazing boats that will take you to a ride on the waters of our beloved River City. You can see the tour as a BYO-friendly occasion or use the drink services offered on board. But in my money, it’s wise to have your own beverage in the baggage. It’s going to be a long trip—so, being ready for sunset romanticism with a bottle of wine.

  1. Texas Rowing Center

Being one of the oldest in town, Texas Rowing Center is what you need when it comes to watersports. They have rowing, kayak, and stand up paddleboard options for all the enthusiasts. And all the services are affordable.

Water-sports-in-Austin-Places-Texas Rowing Center

What we loved about this place is the fact that it has evolved throughout time. Since a French lady established the place, more and more features have been added to their business. Now, you can enjoy rowing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding for a fair price—and more importantly, in a safe and sound environment.



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