Why Galveston Yacht Basin is a MUST-SEE?

Why Galveston Yacht Basin is a MUST-SEE?

Why Galveston Yacht Basin is a MUST-SEE

Galveston Yacht Basin(GYB)let’s have an astonishing boat riding yachting sightseeing fish catching and so on. Are you willing to create awesome new memories such as yachting and fishing or if you wish to experience fascinating and nice landscapes as well as lots of beauties and fine conveniences, then all you need to do is get on the stick and get a ticket! Well GYB (Galveston Yacht Basin) could be what you have been looking for. Just pack up and head to Galveston island’s east and there you are. The clean ocean will bring ease and comfort by washing away the stress and worries you have in mind with the blessing sound and the view it provides.

What’s there to go for?!

You might be asking yourself, of all the options on the table, why GYB?

Fishing charter service located at the Galveston Yacht Basin.

7 fishing charters are nearby to be chosen (Galveston Fishing Charters, Wave Dancer Charters, Galveston Bay Fishing Charters | Vitamin Sea, Galveston yacht club & Marina, Galveston Sea Ventures, Galveston Fishing Charter Company). So accessibility has nailed it. Not to mention that there is a fine Bar & Grill with Special features too. The thing is, not only will you find everything averagely priced but you will also not be disappointed. For what you are being provided, you’ll definitely find the cost worth it. On the basis of recent researches, I’ll give you some examples; Take fuel: diesel ($2.56/gal), gas ($3.51/gal), ethanol free ($4.80).

What if you don’t have a boat and you wish to rent one? it will cost: half day(4 hrs/$400) full day(8 hrs/$600) and let’s not forget to say these boats include Fishing poles and safety equipment.

You’ll find the ocean so clean that you will barely be able to stop yourself from diving into the water.


I’m not good at fishing or yachting; will that be a problem?

I'm not good at fishing or yachting; will that be a problem?

You don’t have to worry about that. Here in the basin, skilled and knowledgeable guides are ready to help you with sailing and fish catching. The ocean is gifted with lots of different species. You will find red and black drum, sheepshead, sand trout, tagged red and even sharks! You even get to watch dolphins wandering around. So If you are an adventurer, you are gonna absolutely enjoy yourself.


What services and amenities are available at this Marina?

Of all the people who took a tour to this very marina, most of them were dazzled by the responsible staff and the food it has to offer(fish and chips, various delicious shrimps dishes, beer, burgers, etc.).

Have a look at the available facilities you can use:

  • Restrooms
  • Service/Maintenance
  • Ship Store
  • Bathroom, Shower & Laundry facilities
  • Shuttle
  • Spa
  • Swimming Pool
  • Travel Lift
  • Watersports
  • Bait & Tackle
  • Diesel
  • Dry Storage
  • 370 Covered Slips
  • Wet Slips with Lifts that can accommodate up to 20,000 lbs.
  • 127 Uncovered slips
  • Floating Docks
  • Gasoline
  • Gated Security
  • Launch Ramp
  • Launch Service
  • Medical Facilities Nearby
  • Picnic/Grill Area
  • Pump Out
  • Restaurant Nearby
  • Watersports
  • WiFi


What would be the first impression when you step in Galveston yacht basin?

Flexibility is what matters a lot.

While I was busy surfing the internet gathering information about Galveston yacht basin, I found some cool stuff that makes this place a blessing one to take a trip to. It goes without saying, we all know nothing goes 100% perfect and that’s why I tried to look for disadvantages.

Let’s cut to the point: When we refer to something as “lame” or “dum” is mostly based on our believes, behaviors and characteristics. When I did read a negative review about GYB, simply, I couldn’t find a convincing reason in that review. That’s why people commented and rejected the issue as well. The key to take pleasures in is flexibility. I for one, as a tour leader, always try to bear these statements in my mind: “nothing is 100% perfect but that won’t prevent me from traveling. I WILL keep on wandering in the world. Challenge is what makes a trip sweet. It teaches you new lessons. BUT that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be playing it safe: Always check the weather, Make necessary reservations, Do your researches (google, ask for others’ experiences). Keep an open heart and an open mind then you’ll see how a trip can turn out to be both enjoyable and memorable.”


Galveston Basin from a totally different angle

Galveston Basin from a totally different angle

let’s zoom out a bit and see what’s around to see:

I want to start by introducing Marina Bar & Grill since it could be the place that you are looking for!

On the west side of the basin, so close to the ocean, there is this “Marina bar & grill”. It’s so amazing that I don’t know how to put it into words! Now that in this bar you are not walled in, I highly recommend you be there in the afternoon to catch the sunset. While you are sitting at the table waiting for the food and beverage to come, the live music of nature is easing your soul and mind. Such an unforgettable moment it will be! The vista will be etched in your mind forever.

Let’s not forget to say the staffs here are known to be hospitable and prices are reasonable. The food, what can I say?! the food here is to die for!


Medical Services at Galveston Yacht Basin

What if I need medical services?

I hope you’ll have a safe and sound journey to Galveston yacht basin. To enjoy it all, Health plays a great role in traveling. However, In case you find yourself in need of medical treatments, you can visit the hospitals located not far away from GYB (nearly 900 meters far) so, no need to panic. UTMB Health Jennie Sealy Hospital and Texas Department Criminal Justice Hospital are open round the clock to provide any help and services they can. The staff, nurses, and doctors are known to be professional. Having such health centers around, lessen the worries. God bless them all!


Park in Galveston Yacht Basin

Lindale Park, a fine place for you and your dog to play around. On the southeast of Galveston yacht basin, there is this green land “Lindale Park” so close to you.

This very clean and well-maintained park also contains an agility course which is good for your animal sidekick. So that’s it? Just some bunch of grass and trees? Nope, there’s more to this park than meets the eye!

Grab your Tennis balls and rackets since you’ll find yourselves three tennis courts to play in. What great timing and place to have fun with friends and family! Go on, show your skills and shine like a star.


Boat Repair in Galveston Yacht Basin

Any repair shop I can use?

Yes, you can! Being in shape is vitally important. Whether it’s about our body or about our belongings. To carry on the journey, having a fine vehicle is as essential as having a healthy body right? That’s why R and S Mobile Marine Service, LLC is there to help you repair your boat and equipment. Remember Marina bar & grill? From there, just take some steps to the south and you’ll see the LLC. R and S Mobile Marine Service and Marina bar & grill are in line. In other words, from Galveston yacht basin you need to head southwest. Captain Russell and his staff are known to be experts. They’ll do whatever they can to take care of your problems. Prices are reasonable as well.

Galveston Islands

Love dolphins? Let’s check up on them.

Love dolphins? Let’s check up on them.

these smart and cute swimmers are so fun to watch. So all you need to do is hire a dolphin cruise. Where? At Extreme Island Adventures. A knowledgable captain will guide you to see dolphins. If you are into this field, then it definitely worth the price. 


Last but not least, What else there is to say?

I tried my best to provide everything as clear as Galveston’s water in order to find this article self-explanatory. I’m sure you are gonna have a blast staying in Galveston yacht basin. Bird-watching, sightseeing, yachting, fishing will bring your fun joy. The food will present you with new tastes of life. Go on and create delightful moments with your family and friends.

Now lemme tell you something: if your trip to Galveston yacht basin is not short term, there are tons of places to visit and lots of things to do in Galveston Island. Historical attractions of Galveston are less than an hour from Houston. Outstanding historic buildings, museums and beautiful mansions can be seen in the heart of downtown. Not into history? If you are looking for fun and adventure, you’ll fall for the Aquarium Pyramid and Moody Gardens. At the aquarium, you’ll find yourself in underwater tunnels viewing the marine life of the Antarctic, the Pacific, the Coral Sea and so on.

If you are in love with art, check up The Grand Opera House. fun shows for kids, theatrical and musical performances are presented here.

Galveston’s beaches are of the most romantic places you will ever find. The clear water, sounds of waves and birds coming through along with the sunset, will raise your love and romance again. This is what I want to be carved in my mind!





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