Top 10 Boat Shows in Texas 2019-2020

Boating Shows in Texas cover all the specific needs of Texan watercraft lovers! But this top-10 Boat Shows in Texas list helps you find out where the finest deals are found at…

Must-Attend Boating & Sailing Expos

Top 10 Boat Shows in Texas 2019-2020 – Must-Attend Boating & Sailing Expos

Boat shows in Texas are where you can find the best bet. And, fortunately, the Lone Star State is home to dozens of them. However, Sailingyes has selected the top 10 boat shows and marine expos of 2019-2020 for you. So, if you want to be aware of ‘where’s what’ and ‘when’s what,’ read this article.

Texas has not many natural lakes. But Texans have made over a hundred artificial reservoirs. And now, we have the chance to cruise or sail everywhere. As a result, boat shows have become popular in Texas. After all, every Texan wants to sail/cruise their own boat—or even yacht, right?

Above all, no matter what your dreamy boat looks like, you can find it here. There are yachts, pontoons, family-fun boats, fishing boats, etc. available at Texas boat expos.

All you need to do is waiting for the right time to come. And we recommend being fast. Otherwise, you find your dreamy boat sold to the guy next door—one that you’ve always hated.

1.    San Antonio, TX, Boat Shows in Texas


(21-24 Mar 2019)

“We’ve got the boat, canoe, and kayak, and RV dealers under one roof with huge deals,” says the official website of San Antonio, TX, Boat Show. But that’s not even that. they have available offers for kayak, bay fishing, and wakesurfing lovers.

Most noteworthy, the entrance fee is just $10 for adults—and $6 for kids. So, it’s worth to stop by even though you don’t need a watercraft.

The good news is that all the top boat dealers will be there. Hence, you can find the deal you’ve always been looking for.

“Regardless of your budget, there are some options to catch your eyes.”

Okay, I don’t want to disappoint the RV lovers. So, guys, you can find RV dealer at this boat show as well. So, don’t let the ‘boat show’ part fool you. Almost all major RV dealers will be there—and offer their products at the most affordable prices.

San Antonio- TX- Boat Show THE FREEMAN COLISEUM EXPO HALL (21-24 Mar 2019)

Plus, you can bring the pets in. Yes, the “San Antonio Boat Show” is a pet-friendly expo.

Check out their website for more information:

Saboatan Dout Door Expo


2.    Houston, TX, Summer Boat Show

NRG Center

(JUN 12-16, 2019)

Boating experts and dealers all together here at Houston Summer Boat Show. And that’s so because they want to give you nothing but the best. Regardless of what you’re looking for, the answer is here. They have powerboats and personal watercraft, fishing gear, to fishing experts, wake and ski experts—all in one place.

Do you have a question about boating or sailing? Are you looking for a go-to in the realm of marine technology? Well, you can find an expert to help you out.

By the way, admission prices are next to nothing. Moreover, you won’t even have to pay the fee for kids under 5-years-old. They also have that BOGO thing available for adults. So, you can buy one ticket and get one for free!

So, head out to NRG Center and pay them a visit.

Need more info? Click on the link below and check out their website:

Houston Boat Shows


3.    Austin, TX, Boat Show

Emerald Point Marina

(MAY 3-5, 2019)


Hey, Here’s an in-water boat show for hands-on stuff lovers. The Lake Travis is home to Austin Boat Show. And you can see the boats on their natural environment at this expo. Therefore, finding watersports, fishing, or cruising boat is a cakewalk at this show. That’s because all the top dealers are present here.

Austin-TX- Boat Show Emerald Point Marina (MAY 3-5 2019)

Okay, for those Debbie Downers who don’t believe, here’s the list of the boat dealers:

  • Austin Boats and Motors
  • Boat Town
  • Sail and Ski Center
  • South Austin Marine
  • Texas Malibu
  • Texas Sailing
  • The Ski Dock

Uh—yeah about admission price… it’s FREE guys! I know, right? It’s awesome. You can check out the watercraft for free. And it’s even possible to experience a sunset cruise at the show—but I’m not sure if that’s free too.

So, to get directions and additional info check the website:

Austin Boat Show

4.    Central Texas Boat & Outdoor Show

Bell County Expo Center

(Jan 25-27, 2019)

Are you looking for a fun boat show? Central Texas Boat & Outdoor Show is the best bet. There’s fun mixed with knowledge, trade, and marine science. Additionally, you can find boats of all kinds at this show. (pontoons, fishing and watersports boats, luxury yachts just to name a few).

So, if you want to buy a boat in Texas, you must pay this show a visit.

It’s not just you who will like the show. In contrast, kids will fall in love with it in no time. Do you know why is that? well, thanks to their additional activities, kids can have fun-time throughout the show.

Some of the additional activities in Central Texas Boat & Outdoor Show are:

  • Teaching catfishing to kids
  • Teaching kids how to bow fish
  • Tuff man championship weigh-in
  • Tea Kwon Do match

The main exhibitors are:

  • Marine Outlet of Temple, Texas
  • Bingham Marine of Belton
  • Waco Motorsports
  • Tight lines Premium Fishing Tackle

Need more info? Here’s their official website:

Central Texas Boat Show



5.    East Texas Boat & RV Show

Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Complex

(Sunday, January 20, 2019)


Longview, TX, City Government claims that it’s a must-attend show. East Texas Boat & RV Show has all you need. They have campers and travel trailers for mother nature lovers. And powerboats, luxury cruisers, as well as fishing boats—for sailing lovers. So, it’s a must-attend boat show in Texas.

East Texas Boat & RV Show Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Complex

Moreover, all the well-known dealers are at this show. So, you’ll find it easy to find what you want. Outfits, boating accessories, gears, etc. all are available. And all you need to do is paying them a visit.

As the title reveals, RVs are available too. Thus, no need to look anywhere else. You can fill in the arsenal here—at East Texas Boat & RV Show.

check out the link below for exact time of the show:

Long View Texas

6.    DFW (Dallas & Fort Worth) Boat Expo

Amon G. Carter Exhibit Hall | Will Rogers Memorial Complex

(March 14 – 17, 2019)

There are 31 artificial lakes around Dallas. So, a boat is a must-have. However, DFW (Dallas & Fort Worth) Boat Show has much more to offer. In other words, you can get more than a boat at this show.

Luxury yachts and pontoons are waiting for you. But don’t forget to check out the fishing boats as well.

“we have a boat to fit anyone’s budget,” says Bron Beal, executive director of the show. And “we have a boat to fit anyone’s desire” he continues.

Most noteworthy, you can buy any kind of boat here – no matter what. There are hundreds of boats that cost more than $100,000. But you can have one of them paying only $500 or so each month.

So, yes. It’s a budget-friendly boat show.

By the way, they have some practical info on their website. Check it out:

Fort Worth Boat Expo


7.    DFW Summer Boat Expo

(January 31 – February 2, 2020)

(February 6 – February 9, 2020)

You need to wait until the summer of 2020. And that’s so because the next round of DFW Summer Boat Show will start then. But, you know, it’s worth to wait.

This expo is one of the biggest and largest. Additionally, you can find all kinds of marine & boat products here—in one place. Hence, no need to drive a hundred miles to visit other shows. DFW Summer Boat Expo has everything you need—and might need!

Watercrafts, outfits, and gears are available. And a piece of good news is that the prices are affordable.


 DFW Summer Boat Expo

You can also use it as a chance to consult experts. There are all kinds of boat and sailing experts around. So, it wouldn’t be hard to find one for a chit-chat. Just be polite and ask if they have some extra time for a little conversation. And I’m sure all of them will be willing to help you.

Check out the link blew for more info:

For Worth Boat Expo

8.    Rock the Dock Boat Show

Redfish Bay Boat House, Aransas Pass Texas

(Friday, May 3-5, 2019)


Rock the Dock will rock you. It’s an in-water show with all kinds of activities. So, pay them a visit. And get the chance to eat some delicious food. And find new friends who share the same interests with you. All in one place!

Aransas has been home to this boat show for 8 years. So, this year you’ll find yourself in the middle of the 8th annual party.

Be prepared for lots of ‘making-some-noise.’ And don’t forget to bring your friends too.

The best part about Rock the Dock Boat Show is being in-water. and as a result, you will give you the chance to check the boats on their real environment.

Therefore, this is what you need. But be patient while visiting the place. There might be lots of people trying to touch the boats—like you. For this reason, don’t rush. And let everyone have an equal chance to check the products out.

Besides that, we recommend watching your steps. Due to having all kinds of boats and watercraft, some of the products cost the earth. Hence, be careful of what you do and where you touch.

In contrast to in-water shows, you can’t see the products functioning. So, prepare for seeing stationary boats in a hall.

Above all, you can find some practical information on the link below:

Rock the Dock Boat Show

9.    Midessa Boat, RV, Sport & Gun Show

Ector County Coliseum

(February 8-10, 2019)

You may not get a surprised hearing about different boat shows in Texas. However, you might—when it comes to Midessa Boat, RV, Sport & Gun Show!

The name is self-explanatory, isn’t it? First of all, boats are everywhere at the show. So, you’ll find it a cakewalk to check out the newest products.

Above all, you can find all professional dealers at this place. Likewise, it’s possible to find the best deals. Therefore, plan to pay them a visit—unless you don’t want to buy things that cost next to nothing.

Midessa Boat- RV- Sport & Gun Show Ector County Coliseum

It seems like I got you interested. So, let me help you out for finding more info. Here’s a link that would take you their official website. And, consequently, it’ll help you get what you want—when it comes to one of the best boat shows in Texas.

Midessa Boat Show


10.South West International Boat Show, Marina Bay Area, Houston, TX

South Shore Harbor Marina, League City

(April 2019)


Last but not least is the South West International Boat Show. The officials had chosen Marine Bay Area, Houston, TX for the show. So, you’ll get the chance to enjoy the landscape as well.

Most noteworthy, the expo is full of 2019-2020 best selling watercraft. Hence, you’ll find it useful to pay them a visit—in case buying a popular boat is a concern.

Certainly, they have more practical info on their Facebook page. So, click on the link blew and head out to their page right now.

South West International Boat Show



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